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Volunteer Positions

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Photo Editor

We are looking for someone with a good eye and lots of resources or the ability to shoot photos to work with our editor Stephanie on a weekly basis. You will be responsible for creating or finding appropriate photos for use in all posts on Blog-Trends.com and our newsletter. Photo editing & graphic design skills a plus. We try to post 3 times a week so you will need to be able to commit to assisting our editor for all of these posts.


We are looking for a few people that commit to writing for Blog Trends weekly or Monthly. Our goal is to provide the Blog Trends members with some articles more specific to their niche whether it be fashion, beauty, or lifestyle. We would like a good mix of posts focused on trends and tips for these specific areas. We are always happy to offer feedback on your topic ideas to help you prepare some topics in advance. If you are interested in creating these kinds of posts to be published on Blog Trends please fill out the form to the right and include samples of some of your recent related posts.

PR and Outreach Coordinator

Over the past few months Blog Trends has had the pleasure of working with some great partners. We are looking for someone that will work directly with current and new partners to coordinate new events, offer ideas, and keep our partnerships active and helpful for the Blog Trends community. This person will also be responsible for all of Blog Trends PR. This will require the writing and pitching of press releases and the creation and management of our press list. You will also work directly with the rest of the Blog Trends team to offer new ideas for reaching out to the community and new members.

Weekly Chat Assistant

Each week we work on topics, questions, and transcripts for our #BlogTrends Twitter chat. If you are interested in assisting with some of these duties please apply!

Must Read Mondays Manager

We had started the concept called Must Read Mondays and have not had the actual time to manage it. This is a bi-weekly round up of the best blog posts online. Each week our members have the opportunity to submit their favorite posts based on the category for the week. This is a fantastic opportunity for the entire community to discover new bloggers and explore new categories of blogs as well. We need someone to help keep this section updated and put together the bi-weekly round up to be published on our website.

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Magazine Volunteer Positions

We have gotten so much great feedback on our sample issue which launched in September! (click here to see the issue) We are currently working on the details for the first official issue. As you probably know, Blog Trends is run totally by a couple of us doing it all after working full time and a multitude of other projects and life events. We are very open to taking on some volunteers to help keep us moving and make this a great success! We are really only looking for people that are serious about this and are willing to take some initiative to get things done. It is a great way to get some experience as well as help launch the next big magazine!

What We Need

Photographers: Every great magazine is full of fantastic visuals. We need some photographers willing to donate some images and also work with some writers to develop and deliver images specific to their articles.

Writers: We need some dedicated writers that have lots of ideas. While we will be putting together a lot of the articles and assigning them to you, we are really looking for writers that can bring unique ideas for stories to the table as well.

Editors: We will need some talented writers with some serious proof reading skills and creativity to help us with our different sections of the website. You will be in charge of working with your assigned writers to get all of the requested articles edited and submitted by the deadline. You will be a vital part of the magazine’s success!

Advertising: In order to make the magazine generate some profit to eventually pay all of the incredibly talented people that we hope will volunteer, we need to get some fantastic partners and advertisers. Your job will be to use our sample issue to connect with brands and bloggers that would have an interest in advertising in our magazine. Once you have formed a relationship with these advertisers you will be their go-to person for all of their questions and needs. This is a great way to gain experience, build relationships, and help launch a fantastic new publication!


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Why we need your help….

As you know, Blog Trends is currently run & maintained by fellow bloggers doing it all after a full 40 hour work week. As we work on turning Blog Trends into a place we can all devote more time & still make a living it is vital that we have the help of our community. We are so excited by the warm reception Blog Trends has received since October 2011 and the amazing growth the community has seen in that short time. With your help we have the potential to grow Blog Trends even more and provide bloggers around the world with even more networking, articles, and resources.

Why become a volunteer?

As a Blog Trends volunteer you not only get the opportunity to help the community grow you will also be gaining valuable experience in a field that interests you. You will gain exposure for yourself and your blog by doing something positive for others. You will of course be credited for anything you contribute to the website or community. We are all learning as we go so it is important for us to have volunteers that will encourage and support each other continuously.


We ask that you be able to commit to a minimum of 1-3 hours a week on the task you are volunteering for. We understand that you are likely a busy person but it is important that we can rely on our volunteers to help us continue to keep everything interactive and helpful for everyone. To apply for any of the volunteer positions below please fill out the contact form. Due to the fact that the Blog Trends team all work their own full time jobs and work on Blog Trends after hours we will do our best to reply to everyone in a reasonable amount of time but we can’t make any promises. We will select those that seem to be the best fit for what we are looking for but we cannot express how truly grateful we are to you for taking the time to show your support for what we do!

Thank you from the bottom of our blogger hearts