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As bloggers we are all on a quest to share our stories and style with the world as well as grow our readership. Many of us spend lots of time networking (which is always beneficial) and connecting with other bloggers but we should take a minute to stop and think about who we really want reading our blogs.

Of course we want everyone to read what we take the time to post about each week but more specifically we should focus our efforts on growing a local readership of people that are not bloggers.

Think about a magazine, most of the people that read those magazines are not other magazine owners. They are people that are interested in reading about the niche of the magazine or find the information valuable because it is local and accessible.

As a blogger you are presenting yourself as the expert in your opinions and you can offer a lot of value to anyone interested in style or beauty in your home town. Instead of focusing on all of the big box stores and brands in NYC & LA you can focus on the things that are exciting and accessible to you and your local readers. If you do highlight a well known brand add a local twist to us by stopping into the store in your region.

Once you have grown a following within your own community you will find that you have more opportunities to get paying advertisers through the local businesses that also want to reach the audience you have built. Here are some ways to get started!

Get Out & Network

Take some time to find some local events. Introduce yourself as a local fashion/beauty/lifestyle blogger and consider interviewing store owners or simply offering a business card to them. By discovering the people in your region that have the same goals of expanding interest in fashion, beauty, or whatever your niche may be you can work together to host events and collaborate on ideas.

 Meet the Press

Do some research and build yourself a press list of contacts from local newspapers, magazines, and online publications. Send personalized emails to these people introducing yourself and ask if it is OK to send along press releases to them. This helps establish a relationship and prevent them from feeling spammed by anything you might send them. Then put together a short press release that highlights the resource your blog is in your community. In the email with the press release be sure to let them know you are available for interviews, to answer questions and to send photos. Chances are one or more of them will be happy to write a short piece about you.

 Host an Event

Once you have spent some time networking with the local business owners consider teaming up with them to host an event. If you are a fashion or beauty blogger, work with some local boutiques to put together a fashion show. This will give you the opportunity to promote aspiring models, makeup artists, hair stylists and the local boutiques all while giving you something fabulous to blog about! The more effort you put into the event the more visible your blog name will become as a sponsor. If you are more of a food or home decor blogger team up with a local cafe or home goods store to come up with some other great event ideas.

 Have you had any success reaching a local audience? If so, how did you do it?

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  1. Shanondoah
    May 2, 2014 at 4:03 pm (5 years ago)

    We’re lucky in Toronto to have a great blogging community, with people running events every couple of months. Also smaller networking events for young professionals is a great way to meet new people.


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