Taking Outfit Photos in Public: How to Make it Empowering Instead of Awkward

Taking Outfit Photos in Public

You want to know what is more awkward than taking outfit photos for your blog? Not much… except of course doing it in public. My personal blog isn’t heavily focused on outfit posts but it is a series I add to from time to time and I’ve slowly become more comfortable with this concept.

Looking back I remember times when I had to squeeze a short outdoor photo shoot into a day spent visiting with friends and family, and being too embarrassed to admit out loud exactly why my husband and I were leaving to go for a walk. Even when not asked, I felt obligated to provide an explanation as to why we weren’t inviting others along (or when my son was too young to walk alongside, why we weren’t bringing him) but I still couldn’t bring myself to say “we’re really only going out to photograph my outfit”. It felt silly… frivolous and honestly a bit vain. I never think that of other women crafting together their own editorial like content for their blogs or what-have you… but I’ve always been afraid that someone would think that of me. “What is this crazy woman doing walking with her family down the sidewalk wearing 6.5 inch boots covered in spikes, striking poses instead of playing with her kid? How selfish!”

I’ve come to terms with this a bit more over time, and while I still feel a little self conscious when someone passes us on foot on the same side of the street, I am better able to shrug it off. The truth is, I spend the majority of my time being a pretty serious and intense person. I put a lot of thought into my parenting, my writing, my marriage, just about every aspect of my life. I think women, and bloggers in particular, are all multifaceted in this way. Fashion is an outlet that can feel expressive and somewhat artistic without the sometimes daunting side effect of having to over think things. If someone happens by and sees only the snapshot of my life in which my husband is taking snapshots of me like some crazies on the street, and they make a snap judgement? Well then that’s not really my problem is it? Refusing to be seen enjoying fashion in an attempt to be taken more seriously as a human being, as a woman, doesn’t really do anything to dispel the myth that all women with a love for clothes and makeup are inherently shallow, now does it? Hiding isn’t helping anyone!

So every time you’re out taking photos for your blog and you notice someone noticing you, remind yourself that you are giving something back to the world while you simultaneously indulge in something you enjoy, simply because you enjoy it (and what human being doesn’t deserve that from time to time). You my friend, are giving the world a broader view of what it means to be a woman (or man if you’re a male fashion blogger reading this)! Believe it or not, what seems like a silly and clichéd little mantra is oftentimes enough to give you that extra little bit of courage and confidence needed to turn what would have been an awkward experience into an awesome and uplifting one.

And remember, when you’re out there armed with your camera toting side-kick or tripod and timer, that direct eye contact and a warm wide smile will disarm most unsuspecting onlookers. Or at least shift that feeling of awkwardness in their direction long enough to inspire them to look just about anywhere else but at you!

2 Comments on Taking Outfit Photos in Public: How to Make it Empowering Instead of Awkward

  1. Lumulu
    April 24, 2013 at 4:33 am (6 years ago)

    Hello fellow blogger.
    Your topic is something I was thinking about today. I’m an online stylist (lumulu.com.au), and I notice the majority of people who dress so badly, obviously not giving very much thought to how they look, or even caring – so many not wanting to stand out, and I think it is so sad. We are all unique individuals with a body that does truly amazing things just in being alive. We are surrounded by creative and artistic people who make the most awesome things to put on our body to portray our uniqueness. I think it is so important that we clothe and decorate our body out of respect for ourselves and those around us instead of trying to hide and not be seen or even worse look as though we just stepped out of the trash can.
    Good on you for wanting to celebrate style and letting other people enjoy what you are doing.

  2. Antionette Blake
    April 14, 2014 at 10:16 pm (5 years ago)

    Having my son as my photographer makes it easier to take public pics, but these are great tips.


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