Engaging Your Readers

For bloggers, reader comments are like gold, and one comment left on a post is enough to make our day.  But today’s world is incredibly fast-paced, and despite our best efforts, blog posts can become obsolete soon after they are read.  It can be discouraging when your comment section remains empty, but here are some […]

A Summer Road Trip with Blog Trends

  Blog Trends is going on summer road trip and we want you to come with us! Sadly, there’s not enough room in the car and truthfully, just one of us is going (semantics), but it’s the digital age! Come with us on a virtual road trip via Twitter and Instagram. We don’t want you to […]

#BlogTrends – Maintaining a Successful Blog – Jan 23

It’s difficult being a blogger!  You have to write posts, take photos, edit photos, respond to comments, engage your readers through social media, etc.  It’s pretty much a full-time job.  But behind all of the responsibilities, there are those details that you need to know like copywriting, watermarking, guest blogging, and credit sourcing.  Come join […]

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