#BlogTrends – Blogger Gear – Aug 19

Blogging just like traditional forms of journalism covers a wide base of mediums. Not only do we research and write, we also take and edit photos and videos. During this #BlogTrends chat we discussed what equipment and programs are needed to be a successful blogger. What is your dream camera, what programs are a must, […]


#BlogTrends – Photography Tips – July 23

Photography is essential for any blog. Whether it captures your outfit, your latest meal, or the new color swatches of the season, it’s critical to present what you see. Chat about some of the basics and learn how to amp up your skills with just a few key tips! Q1 What type of camera do […]


BlogTrends – Freelancing 101 – May 21

One topic that comes up often on our forums and in chat is freelancing. What are the pros and cons? How do I get started? Many bloggers have a passion for writing and would love to be able to make some additional income doing what they love but don’t know where to start. Read our […]


What Really Makes a Great Photo?

As a fashion blogger photos can be the most important part of your post or really help you set a scene. As a photographer I have learned that there are a few basic concepts of photography that can be applied to every picture to really make a photo great no matter what kind of camera or equipment you have. Even […]


The ‘How to’ of Covering an Event Successfully

It’s about that time of year.  Your life will soon be filled with fashion shows, conferences,  after parties, and after after parties.  Within the week, this also means everyone will also try to be coercing you to visit their new showroom, check out their new line, or attend their special event.  It can be exhausting.  […]