The ‘How to’ of Covering an Event Successfully

Whether you blog about fashion, technology, music, family, food, or any other specialty niche, events can be a fun way to mix up your content. Did you get invited to that new boutique’s grand opening? Going to any concerts this summer? Are you gonna check out your neighborhood’s family fun day? As bloggers and influencers, […]

A Stronger Blog from the Ground up: Schedule it Out Part I

Think about your three favorite blogs. I’ll bet they all have something in common: quality and consistency. To run a successful blog, you need to have consistent, high-quality content, and you need to share it effectively. If you’re anything like me, then you’ve spent way too many nights trying to do all that at 11:45 or in […]

#BlogTrends – Managing It All – Sept 17

Let’s be honest, blogging can take up vast amounts of time, which in turn takes time away from other important aspects of our life. From major life events such as having a baby and getting married to families and friends to jobs to quiet alone time, everything needs some attention. In this #BlogTrends chat we […]

#BlogTrends – Events, Events, Events – July 31

With a whirlwind of events coming up, including blogging conferences and fashion weeks, we’re all about events!  We want to hear what you think about the cost, which to attend, and if you should even go.  Join us to discuss some of these issues and more! Q1 There are so many events to attend! How […]

#BlogTrends – Blog Maintenance – July 16

We have chatted a lot about new designs, new pages, new categories, and well, new everything! This week we chat about maintaining all of those elements and keeping them up to date. Join us to learn how and when to update our media kits, policies, about pages and design! Q1 I want to update the […]

Keeping It Together

By Bobbie Jackson of Beyond the Vogue “Count to three and take a deep breath…” this is usually the first approach to recomposing yourself and getting your confidence back. Yet gaining confidence isn’t as simple as taking a deep breath or is it? Being confident as a blogger is just as important as having a […]

#BlogTrends – SEO with Sammy Davis Vintage – March 19

You probably recognize her from her fun thrifting adventures on YouTube or her bold and vintage style on her blog With a magazine journalism degree from Temple University Sammy Davis has created a successful blog full of amazing vintage inspired editorials. [Read more about our guest here…] Of course along with a successful blog comes some of the […]

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