Best Blogging Resources Online

Blogging isn’t easy. Sometimes we all need a little help.  Sometimes it’s learning an entirely new skill set and sometimes it’s just fine-tuning or a refresher.  Either way, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite resources for learning abou blogging tools. Copyblogger: This is a free site for finding information on practically anything relating to […]

#BlogTrends – Maintaining a Successful Blog – Jan 23

It’s difficult being a blogger!  You have to write posts, take photos, edit photos, respond to comments, engage your readers through social media, etc.  It’s pretty much a full-time job.  But behind all of the responsibilities, there are those details that you need to know like copywriting, watermarking, guest blogging, and credit sourcing.  Come join […]

Not Attending an Event? You Can Still Cover it!

Last week, we discussed the ‘How to’ of Covering an Event Successfully.  This week we’re going discuss the other side of things; covering an event when you’re not there.  Let’s be real.  Sometimes we aren’t invited.  Sometimes we are sick or busy.  Sometimes we aren’t even in the same city!  Reporters on the national level […]

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