#BlogTrends – Organizing Giveaways – Dec 10

We have special guest Christen Rochon of the popular tech and fashion blog, Divas and Dorks! She will be joining us to discuss some tips for organizing and executing exciting giveaways on our blogs. She is currently running her own giveaway, The Diva Days of Christmas, and will share some insight into the tools and methods […]


#BlogTrends – Events, Events, Events – July 31

With a whirlwind of events coming up, including blogging conferences and fashion weeks, we’re all about events!  We want to hear what you think about the cost, which to attend, and if you should even go.  Join us to discuss some of these issues and more! Q1 There are so many events to attend! How […]


#BlogTrends – Blog Maintenance – July 16

We have chatted a lot about new designs, new pages, new categories, and well, new everything! This week we chat about maintaining all of those elements and keeping them up to date. Join us to learn how and when to update our media kits, policies, about pages and design! Q1 I want to update the […]


Making the Best of a Cliquey Situation

For too many bloggers these days, having to deal with blogging cliques is a common occurrence. A lot of the times, we tend to take it personally. We think we’re not good enough or we aren’t a proper blogger. Difficult experiences are a part of life, but it shouldn’t bring you down. Learn how to […]

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