Our Favorite Apps – May 2014


Check out the apps the Blog Trends team is going gaga for this month:


Making a collage of photos can be useful for sharing a great outfit, meal, or favorite location with your social media following or for that blog post on the go. Moldiv is a free app for iPhone, iPad, and Android that allows you to use one of many customizable frames as well as the option to create a collage the traditional way, with overlapping photos. It has a variety of fonts and effects as well as clip art to add some flair to your creation. For a small fee you can also tap into their premium select of goodies!

Moldiv on the App Store and Moldiv on Google Play


A Beautiful Mess is one of the most fun mobile photography apps available. It costs $.99 and is definitely worth the price plus a few extra dollars for an add-on pack or two.

When you start, you select a photo or background color, then choose the styling. I’m a huge fan of the photo filters because you can set the filter opacity level. The shapes and text are pre-made elements, so this app is great for creatives who are visual yet have a hard time doing graphics work. Resizing elements is easy – just pinch the screen to make it bigger or smaller.

I also like the collage aspect. In addition to the classic two or three-part split, A Beautiful Mess has great collage templates with heart and triangle shapes. The only problem with the app is an occasional bug- sometimes the app crashes on a new feature.



I see lots of text thrown around on Instagram, and frankly, it annoys me when it’s a screenshot of a notepad. Instagram is a visual community, so I wanted a way to present pretty text! People are also just scrolling through, so they might not even read your crafted, hashtagged caption. This means the image itself becomes valuable real estate.

That’s where Over comes in. Once you select a photo, you’re greeted by the simple instruction to double tap and begin typing. In the text tool, you can select a color, then pinch to grow/shrink your text. It’s got a good selection of fonts and artwork with the option to buy more. There is also opacity control, so it’s a great tool for on-the-fly watermarking.


As of now, there is no way to rotate text (the support team may add it in the future). There are also no full-fledged photo editing capabilities in the app, just the option to tint the photo so it fades behind the text. Overall, it’s a fun and easy app to give your images that extra little personal touch.



Continuing with the photo app theme, my fave is Studio. You can either add to a photo from your phone, or you can just use a blank canvas. I like that flexibility. Also, Studio is chock full of overlays, graphics and fonts. Some of the overlay design packs have a $0.99 fee, but most are free either all the time or featured for free for a limited time. Every time one pops up I grab it. You never know when you’ll want to use that beard overlay, amiright? Once your design is complete you can save it to your phone and/or share it across all your social platforms.

The real reason I LOVE Studio is it’s not just a design tool, it’s a community. Images scroll in a feed not un-similar to that of Instagram. You can “heart” your friends images and you can also leave “notes”. Best of all is the “remix” feature. I’m always inspired by my friends, when I come across a design I love, I just tap the remix button and Studio replicates all the elements for me to edit and add to.


Do you have an app you can’t live without?

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