Krystal’s Kitsch & Sunny Soirees

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About Krystal of Krystal’s Kitsch & Sunny Soirees


I’m a Florida wife + mom who loves beach days, shopping for bargains, and trying new wines. I have been blogging for over five years (ten years if you count my Livejournal…heh heh), and I love watching the blog community grow. There is always so much to learn, and I love networking online to better my website and my writing.

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

I love sharing my story. It’s not always interesting, it’s not always popular… but it’s always me. I started blogging to document my life, but I soon discovered people would be interested in reading along. I’ve since changed the tone of my blog, but I still always write because I want to (and never because I have to).

What inspires you and what you post about on your blog?

I still read magazines and rip out inspirational pages to save to my blog binder (an old school version of Pinterest perhaps). I also get inspiration from Pinterest (of course), but I also draw a lot of ideas from other people’s stories. Something they will share or discover gives me an idea to take theirs even further.

What is one tool or trick that has helped you as a blogger?

I’m still learning how to manage my time, but a blog planner (complete with an editorial calendar) is crucial. Tools like WorkFlowy, Instagram, Twitter, and Pocket make blogging manageable and fun. I love being social with other bloggers, and WorkFlowy and Pocket help me stay organized. If it wasn’t for Blog Lovin’, I would never be able to read anyone’s blogs! Blog Lovin’s daily emails help me stay connected to the blogs I like to read.

How has the Blog Trends community helped you?

I’m fairly new to Blog Trends but have already made so many connections from the weekly chats. It is nice to be able to have a dedicated time once a week to discuss the latest in the blog world.

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