Interesting Holiday Post Ideas from Your Own Backyard

With the Christmas holiday around the corner, you’re probably running low on post ideas. You’re not alone. You can only write so many gift guides! Here is a short list of blog post ideas to inspire you to end 2012 on a good note.

Holiday Window @ Anthropologie

1. Best Holiday Windows
This is great for fashion, photography and DIY centered blogs alike. You get a chance to explore your town or city and publish original content.

2. Holiday Beauty Recipes
Veer away from the typical “Holiday Make-up Look” with a beauty recipe post made from your favorite holiday ingredients. Instead, impress your readers with instructions on how to make a pomegranate scrub or a ginger bread face mask.

3. Holiday Flick List
Your readers will be appreciative of the fact that you’ve given the gift of not another holiday gift guide. Create a movie list that they’re sure to love and share with their friends. Ah, nothing better than the gift of a retweet.

A Christmas tree doesn't need to be big to be festive!

4. No Christmas Tree? No problem!
Some of your readers may live alone or in a home with limited space. They can still enjoy a splash of yuletide. Create a list of items that will brighten their abode with holiday cheer. Such as this candle set.

5. You’ve Unwrapped Your Presents, Now What?
If your readers’ parents live in the middle of nowhere like mine do then unwrapping presents will be the highlight of their trip home. We talk about Christmas morning, but what about the rest of the day? You can only drink so much eggnog before going REDRUM on your little sister. Offer up a list of events or activities that will be taking place in your area Christmas evening. They can range from family friendly to a girl’s night out! Little sisters everywhere will thank you.

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