Incorporating Your Blog Into Your Resume


So maybe your blog isn’t making you enough to pay the bills (yet), but it can still have value in that department. Many people just getting started in their careers run into the age old problem of needing experience for a position, which unfortunately requires you to have a job to gain. So where do you begin, with your blog of course.


How you incorporate your blog into your resume will depend on the field you are in, however the best way to integrate your blog is simply to create an entry with your other previous jobs listing your position as a blogger. Include the dates your began and use a title that describes your area of expertise. For example, if you’re writing exclusively about fashion, your title may be “Fashion Editor” at “Your Blog Name”.

What to Include

Now you may not want to all three of these because we want to keep the description informative but concise. Decide which elements are most important and can be incorporated easily.

  • Link – When writing the description of your blog and position be sure to include a link to your blog. Avoid URL shortened versions if possible, but if you have an extremely long blog title you might want to think of some alternatives.
  • Metrics – Briefly include some of your performance numbers such a monthly traffic, demographics, and followers.
  • Awards/Press – Share if you have won any awards, been acknowledged as part of a well known community, or have been featured in any press.


You can list many of your skills right in the description of your position with your blog, however you might want to include some of them under a “Skills” section. Be aware that your blog holds more weight than just making you a better writer. Being a blogger requires you to:

  • Create and execute an editorial calendar
  • Work with brands and bloggers on special features
  • Web design and maintenance
  • Branding
  • Create and execute a social media editorial calendar
  • Marketing

These are just a few of the skills your blog has taught you and will continue to help you grow. Good luck with those resumes and be sure to share any additional skills or ways you’ve incorporated your blog into your resume in the comments below!


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