IFABBO’s Sinead Norenius Talks About The Do’s and Don’ts When Dealing With Brands

Join us for another #BlogTrends chat Monday July 9th as we chat with iFabbo‘s Sinead Norenius about the do’s and don’ts when dealing with brands! Blog Trends has been working on some other special projects with the fantastic ladies at iFabbo, more will be announced shortly! For now, lets learn more about iFabbo and our special #BlogTrends guest Sinead Norenius!

Who is iFabbo?

iFabbo™ is the premiere education organization for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. It’s where brands, bloggers and technology meet! Our mission is to provide a platform for education, support and resources so all members remain informed and build their own credibility within the blogosphere.

iFabbo™ allows fashion and beauty brands to interact and work directly with bloggers within the industry that they ordinarily may not be able to reach. Brands are educated on “best practices” when dealing with bloggers and other on-line influencers as well as have the opportunity to participate in large and prestigious events.

iFabbo™ creates an environment where bloggers and organizations work together and provide a reliable and credible source of information for consumers so they can navigate through the blogosphere and get the most reliable and credible source of information on their favorite or newly discovered blogs and brands.

Sinead Norenius

As a 16-year skin care industry veteran and licensed aesthetician, Sinead Norenius has been at the helm of the beauty and fashion industry’s trends and newest developments. Sinead is a celebrity spray tan artist and educator who spends the majority of her time directly educating consumers. Because of those interactions, Sinead saw there was a missing link between the availability of product education in the sun care market and the end consumer.

Sinead started blogging as the “Self- Tanning Queen” at to help reach more people. Because of her blog, she knew there had to be a better way for consumers to interact with a brand. Her mission was to allow consumers to have a voice in a product, the messaging, the packaging and even the website. Thus, she founded Beautisol.

Sinead is also a contributor on Stylecaster.com, a leading platform that creates and curates the best content from across women’s lifestyle and has been featured in various magazines and TV segments. Because Sinead has so much time, she is also the founder of Couture Glow a luxury spray tanning boutique in San Francisco, CA!

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  1. Karminn
    July 11, 2012 at 1:23 am (6 years ago)

    This is the first time I have heard about iFabbo.. It actually looks interesting and I am sure a lot of people want to know more of this too.. Thanks!


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