Finding Winter Inspiration


January is often a major letdown after the holiday season ends, and it can be difficult to blog when you aren’t feeling very inspired.  I find it helpful to look outside the box when I’m stuck in a blogging rut, and here are a few suggestions to help you stay inspired this winter.

Get Outside

Sure, it might be freezing, but going outdoors, even for a few minutes, can be a major mood lifter and will clear your head.  Take a short walk and enjoy the scenery around you.  Don’t force yourself, but try to notice patterns and shapes that could become the catalyst for a new blog post on color or clothing patterns this season.  You might be surprised by what you find, and remember to bring your camera with you, too.


Books and magazines are always inspirational to me, and while you don’t want to steal others’ ideas, you can find inspiration in their words and photographs.  I’m often intrigued by ads in fashion magazines, and I like to use them as a jumping off point for my own posts.  I’m also a poetry fan, and sometimes a certain poem will remind me of a fashion style, or I’ll see a dress in a catalog and a favorite poem will pop into my head.  It’s fun to mix art and literature together in a new way, and you can inspire your readers, too.  Just remember to properly credit the works of others if you do include them in your posts.

People Watch

This one is a favorite of mine, and it’s fun and easy to notice fashion trends at work, on the bus, or while out running errands.  Winter is especially great for showcasing styles, because people get creative in their efforts to keep warm.  If you’re brave, ask for permission to take photos of people on the street, and then you’ve got the beginnings of a great street style post.


Museums and galleries are filled with inspiration, literally hanging on the walls, and it’s impossible to come away uninspired.  If you can’t visit an art space in person, try browsing through art books or websites for new ideas.  Perhaps a style of painting or a certain color will spark a fascination within you, and you can work to base a post from that piece.

Take a Break

If you aren’t feeling inspired and blogging becomes a chore, then it’s perfectly acceptable (and often recommended) to take a blogging break.  You want your readers to love your work, and if you aren’t excited about your material, then they won’t be, either.  Step away from the computer and clear your head for a few days (or even weeks), until you feel excited and inspired again.  I took a break over Christmas, and while I was nervous about leaving my blog behind, it was great for my creativity and my peace of mind.  Your readers will understand, and they’ll be waiting patiently for your return.

I hope these ideas will help if you find yourself in a post-holiday blogging rut, and I wish you a wonderful New Year!


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