Our Favorite Apps – April 2014


Check out the apps the Blog Trends team is going gaga for this month:


Flipboard is a social network and news aggregator that I use to keep up with popular tech, fashion and world news. I also use it to browse Instagram and read The New Yorker. Not interested in tech or fashion? You can choose from one of Flipboard’s many categories such as music, photography, travel, etc. The list of subscriptions you have have is comprehensive. My Flipboard includes TechCrunch, NBC News, Forbes and the Startups category just to name a few. I also have something called Dear Coffee, I Love You. It’s amazing. You should subscribe.

The best part about Flipboard is its high level of customization. The Read Later feature integrates with Instapaper, making it simple to read articles on the go. It’s good for anyone whose commute takes them underground. You can also set your browser to use Chrome instead of Safari while in the Flipboard app.

Flipboard is available on the App Store, Google Play, Windows Store and BlackBerry World.




Springpad is often compared with Pinterest, but don’t let the simple interface fool you, this app’s resume only starts with bookmarking!

Each account is broken up into “Notebooks” which then contain “Springs”. This is where Springpad shines, because unlike Pinterest, springs can be:

  • Text Entries (for blog post ideas)
  • Recipes
  • To-do lists
  • Products (because they track prices for you!)

As if those weren’t great features already, Springpad also supports file attachments, calendar synchronization, and (best of all) collaboration! Sharing settings are per notebook and you can switch between public and private as often as you want! Did I mention it will suggest wine pairings for your saved recipes?



Life is full of picture perfect moments, and chances are your phone is at least 50% full of them. Groovebook allows you to take these photos from the digital world into the physical one. Whether you’re snapping photos of amazingly stylish people on the street, unique pieces of furniture to blog about, or your adorable niece’s first birthday you’ll be able to do more with these photos than if they were left un-viewed on your phone.

Use these prints to create mood boards for upcoming blog posts, scrapbook pages, or simply keep them in the neatly bound book of prints that are complete with the date the photo was taken.

Each month you’ll be prompted to select the 100 photos you want in your monthly Groovebook which will be shipped to you’re door for only $2.99.

Enter NATURALLYGROOVE when you sign up and your first book is free. Groovebook is available in the iTunes store and Google Play store.



I use a lot of apps on the daily, but when deciding what to feature as my favorite app right now I realized that more than any other, Weather Kitty helped me get through this crazy winter with a smile on my face. The basic version is free and includes Outdoorsy kitties and Summer Fun kitties, but for $1.99 each you can upgrade to a variety of different kitties. I love lil’ bub so it was a no brainer for me, but there are several alternate themes: the Grumpy Cat theme, Cats & Dogs theme, or even upload pictures of your own kitty for a custom kitty theme.

Swiping left and right allows for several different cities, especially handy for a lady on the go like me. I have mine set for DC, Baltimore, Wilmington, Philadelphia, and New York. Swipe down for an hourly forecast of the next 12 hours. Tap the temperature or a day of the week for chance of precipitation, humidity, wind, sunrise and sunset, and more. Currently it is only available on the App Store, but if you hop over to the website below, you can sign up to be notified when it’s ready for Android.

If kitties aren’t your jam, there’s a Weather Puppy app too.


Do you have an app you can’t live without?

Let us know below in the comments!

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