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While it’s fun to write a blog, most bloggers soon discover that the real joy comes in the connections that are made, both online and in real life, with fellow bloggers.  If you’re new to the world of blogging, it can be a bit daunting to find your own group of blogging friends, but here are a few tips that will inspire you.

Leave thoughtful comments:  Chances are, if you’re writing a blog, you’re reading tons of them, too.  Find that blogger who truly speaks to you and begin leaving thoughtful comments on the posts you love.  It’s important to be polite and engaging without sounding self-promoting, and soon enough, she’ll begin to notice your presence.  My best friendships with fellow bloggers began through the comments on both their blogs and mine, and have led to guest posts and collaborations.

Join blogging groups: Find an online group for beauty bloggers and participate in their chats, or take the next step and attend real-life events with a local blogging group.  While you might be nervous the first time you interact or meet, remember the things you’ve got in common, and take it from there.  Blogging groups are a great resource for growing your blog, finding new blogs to read, and becoming familiar with issues and events where you live.  Plus, it’s much more fun to go out and about with a group of like-minded friends.

Birds of a feather: A great way to connect with fellow bloggers is by finding bloggers similar to you.  If you’ve got a wonderful fashion blog with a small following, find other blogs in your niche with similar readerships.  By leaving comments and interacting, you may begin to share readers and develop a relationship based on your shared interests.

Follow on social media:  Don’t forget the power of social media!  I’m a huge fan of Twitter, and I’m constantly amazed at the connections and friends I’ve made there.  When you find a new blog to read, be sure to follow it on your preferred platforms, and don’t hesitate to share a post that really touches you.  Your kindness will be returned, and new followers can become your readers and your friends. As bloggers, our goal is to share our thoughts with the world in some small way, and by making connections with readers and fellow bloggers, we’re building friendships across the blogosphere. How do you connect with other bloggers?

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  1. Lindsay
    June 11, 2014 at 12:14 pm (5 years ago)

    Great tips! I run a new little fashion/lifestyle blog and I’m doing my best to hit the ground running. Does anyone have any recommendations for blogger groups or forums I should check out?

    -Lindsay from Dearest Darling


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