Blog Post Ideas for Spring Cleaning

We all struggle now and again with coming up with blog post ideas. Fear not! We at Blog Trends are here to help! It’s officially spring and I know I have a ton of spring cleaning to do in my life, why not help your audience by sharing your Spring Cleaning experiences? This topic is […]


Engaging Your Readers

For bloggers, reader comments are like gold, and one comment left on a post is enough to make our day.  But today’s world is incredibly fast-paced, and despite our best efforts, blog posts can become obsolete soon after they are read.  It can be discouraging when your comment section remains empty, but here are some […]


Blog Collaborations

I recently began a new collaboration with a fellow Blog Trends member, Shayla from, and we’re having a wonderful time answering a series of questions related to blogging.  “The View From Here” appears on our blogs each Monday, and though it’s just a few weeks in, we’re hoping our posts will evolve into a […]


Finding Winter Inspiration

January is often a major letdown after the holiday season ends, and it can be difficult to blog when you aren’t feeling very inspired.  I find it helpful to look outside the box when I’m stuck in a blogging rut, and here are a few suggestions to help you stay inspired this winter. Get Outside […]


Incorporating Travel into Your Editorial Calendar

A new year means a new schedule of trips and more opportunities to add interesting content to your blog visually and creatively. Here are a few tips to make blogging before, during and after traveling fun and stress-free. Before: Share your itinerary with your readers. Tell them why you picked your hotel over the others […]

Holiday Window @ Anthropologie

Interesting Holiday Post Ideas from Your Own Backyard

With the Christmas holiday around the corner, you’re probably running low on post ideas. You’re not alone. You can only write so many gift guides! Here is a short list of blog post ideas to inspire you to end 2012 on a good note. 1. Best Holiday Windows This is great for fashion, photography and […]


Writing What You Know

This article was contributed by Catherine Harper of Walking With Cake, image by Delphina Luxe Whether you’re a fashion, beauty, or lifestyle blogger, it’s important to maintain a sense of authority within your posts. Your readers follow you for fun, but also for information and inspiration, so you have to know what you’re talking about. […]


3 Ways To Write An Effective Blog Post Title

Written by: Rachel Maleady Photo Credit: Macaroons Titles are one of the most important (and also overlooked) aspects of a blog post. A great title can spark curiosity and draw readers in, while a bad title can cause readers to not take a post seriously. As a longtime reader of blogs and a newbie to blogging, […]

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