Creating a Holiday Gift Guide

Kimberlee Van Der Wall is the writer behind popular lifestyle blog I Have A Degree In This!. Known for her creative manicures and honest reviews, Kimberlee is a 20-something fashion lover and tweetaholic who lives in New York City. A former Condé Nast intern, she now works in social media. During the 2012 holiday season, […]

Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules Into Career Success

What’s the difference between your career and your dating life? According to LinkedIn’s Connection Director, Nicole Williams, not much! In her book, “Girl on Top,” she focuses on explaining how traditional dating tips and techniques work really well in the office. See what you can learn and easily translate from date night to boardroom. 1. […]

Guest: Krista Canfield, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at LinkedIn

Join us for our April 30th chat featuring LinkedIn! Today we want to introduce you to someone very special.  Meet Krista Canfield, Senior Manager of Corporate Communications at LinkedIn.  On April 30th, Krista will be joining us to participate in a #BlogTrends chat on how to promote your blog, find freelance opportunities, and network with other […]

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