Best Blogging Resources Online

Blogging isn’t easy. Sometimes we all need a little help.  Sometimes it’s learning an entirely new skill set and sometimes it’s just fine-tuning or a refresher.  Either way, I’ve compiled a list of my favorite resources for learning abou blogging tools. Copyblogger: This is a free site for finding information on practically anything relating to […]

#BlogTrends – Tips and Tools for Building Your Blog’s Community – Dec 19

Q1 Why is it important to build a community around my blog? How important is social media in this process? #BlogTrends @DigitalKaitlyn: A1 If your goal is to have a blog with lots of people commenting and engaging you then it is very important to network & build #blogtrends @nouvelle: A1 positive community engagement is really where it’s […]

How Often Should I Post?

Everyone has a different posting schedule.  For some, it’s daily and for others, it’s weekly.  How often should you post though?  It’s a tough question and really differs for everyone.  Read below to find out the best frequency for you. What are your expectations?  Are you doing this as a hobby or do you have […]

Finding Your Blog Brand

One of the most important tools in starting a blog is identifying, elaborating, and marketing your brand.  It helps you approach companies, post more relevant content, and reach your optimum readership.  It sounds easy, but how do you go about finding your brand? In finding your brand, you must realize who you are, what you […]

Which Blog Platform Should I Use?

Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr.  We all know the names, but which blog platform should you choose?  This post will give you the pros and cons of each platform.  We would love your feedback on which platform you use, as well as how it’s worked for you! Blogger is best for bloggers with limited experience. Its layout […]

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