5 Free Fonts

As a graphic designer (and blogger), I’m a huge typography nerd. Huuuuge. I even have a Pinterest board for my font wishlist. And in my neverending quest for awesome new fonts, I’ve found some awesome ones that are available for free! Free is always nice. (However, if you do find a typeface you love that […]

Getty Images for FREE!? Sort of…

So, yes. Getty Images has done something pretty EPIC. You can now use their stock images for FREE. Well, sort of… Getty Images is offering a new way to share images on blogs and social media platforms called Embedded Images. They don’t cost you anything, but like all things in life, you don’t get anything […]

4 Best Apps for Productivity

In the spirit of new years resolutions, and since one of the biggest thing I use my phone for is to do lists, file organization, etc. (along with texting of course), I figured I would make a list of my favorite apps for productivity, and how you can use them to improve your blogging process. […]

4 Ways to Blog About the Holidays

I absolutely love the holiday season. In fact, I usually have to restrain myself because I know that not everyone is ready to hear Christmas music in September (I try to hold out until the day after Thanksgiving!). As the holidays quickly approach, you might be wondering how you can incorporate holiday-related posts into your […]

3 Ways To Write An Effective Blog Post Title

Written by: Rachel Maleady Photo Credit: Macaroons Titles are one of the most important (and also overlooked) aspects of a blog post. A great title can spark curiosity and draw readers in, while a bad title can cause readers to not take a post seriously. As a longtime reader of blogs and a newbie to blogging, […]

Making the Best of a Cliquey Situation

For too many bloggers these days, having to deal with blogging cliques is a common occurrence. A lot of the times, we tend to take it personally. We think we’re not good enough or we aren’t a proper blogger. Difficult experiences are a part of life, but it shouldn’t bring you down. Learn how to […]

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