#BlogTrends – Gift Guides – Nov 18

With the holidays coming up, are you putting together gift guides for your readers? In this chat, we discussed what gifts you put in your guides, whether you feature sponsored products, and how you put it all together, with special guest, iFabbo! Make sure to check out our own guide to gift guides while you’re […]

#BlogTrends – Knowing Your Value – Nov 4

The word “monetize” has been thrown around much more lately, but what does that mean for a blogger’s integrity? Here, we discussed what motivates us to blog, how to communicate with brands, and most importantly, how to keep your voice while building your blog business. [View the story “#BlogTrends – Knowing Your Value -Nov 4” […]

#BlogTrends – The Editorial Calendar – Oct 14

The key to blogging (and the hardest part) is consistency, and the cornerstone of that is keeping an editorial calendar! On this week’s chat, we discussed the pros and cons of keeping a schedule, the steps to creating one, and the tools we can’t live without – from physical planners, to plug-ins and apps! Read […]

#BlogTrends – Collaborations – Oct 7

Collaborations: you either love them or hate them, but you can’t argue that they present an opportunity for networking and exposure. This night, we discussed lessons learned from past experiences, how to choose who to work with, strategies to approach tension and how working with other bloggers can ultimately be rewarding: [View the story “#BlogTrends […]

#BlogTrends – Life & Blog Transitions – Sept 16

We all know that a lot can happen in a year, or even a month, so what happens to your blog while your life is changing? In this chat, we discuss the different ways to approach your readership when your life or interests change! [View the story “#BlogTrends – Transitions & Life Changes – Sept […]

#BlogTrends – Blogging Fall Trends – Sept 9

When the seasons change, does your content go with it? Find out what our #blogtrends bloggers had to say about tackling trends, how to incorporate them, and how to pull it off without losing your voice. [View the story “#BlogTrends – Blogging Fall Trends – Sept 9” on Storify]

#BlogTrends – Blogger Gear – Aug 19

Blogging just like traditional forms of journalism covers a wide base of mediums. Not only do we research and write, we also take and edit photos and videos. During this #BlogTrends chat we discussed what equipment and programs are needed to be a successful blogger. What is your dream camera, what programs are a must, […]

#BlogTrends – Maintaining Authenticity – Aug 12

Authenticity is truly at the core of blogging. Sharing your opinions, your insights, your perspective in a genuine original voice is essential for a successful blog. During this #BlogTrends chat we discussed what it takes to maintain authenticity in the fast paced field of blogging. What exactly does it mean to write authentically, should you […]

#BlogTrends – Blogging Conferences – Aug 5

Blogging conferences are a great way to learn new skills and make some friends, that being said they can be intimidating and quite frankly expensive for novice and experienced bloggers alike. During this #BlogTrends chat we addressed which conferences we’ve attended, what was good and/or bad about them, attending online vs in person, tips on […]

SEO for Bloggers

#BlogTrends – SEO for Bloggers – July 22nd

The concept of SEO can be very overwhelming not only to blogging novices but also veterans! Luckily, with a community like ours we can all come together to share basic tips and tricks on how to boost SEO for our blogs. During this #BlogTrends chat we discussed what SEO is and why it is important, […]

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