#BlogTrends – Increasing Reader Engagement – Mar 24

Increasing reader engagement is a big priority for many bloggers. Just like any aspect of life, we need feedback to know how we’re doing and if people are listening to what we have to say at all! This #BlogTrends chat was all about the importance of reader engagement and how to increase it. We started […]

#BlogTrends – Your Biggest Blogging Challenges – 3/17/14

Not everyone blogs for the same reason. Some blog to connect with like-minded people, others to share knowledge, some for pure hobby, career aspirations, or even a combination of all of the above! This #BlogTrends chat we wanted to touch on the common ground for all of us, and we asked what your biggest blogging […]

#BlogTrends – Blogging Etiquette – 3/10/14

Etiquette: the customary code of polite behavior among members of a particular profession or group. Since we don’t all attend blogger finishing schools (how cool would that be!?) to show us the rules of the road, it’s important for us to talk about it as a community. As bloggers, we inevitably have to deal with a […]

#BlogTrends – Don’t be Afraid to Ask – 3/3/14

Let’s be totally honest. We don’t have all the answers to everything. It’s one of the main reasons why we started Blog Trends in the first place, to learn, share, and grow together as a community. So why is it that sometimes we are still afraid to just ask? This chat, we shared experiences, both […]

#BlogTrends – Advertising & Agencies – 2/3/14

Do you know any bloggers who have signed up with agencies? While it may or may not be right for every blogger, it’s certainly worth talking about. During this #BlogTrends chat we asked: What are the pros & cons of signing with an agency? What is required to sign with an agency? What are the […]

#BlogTrends – Industry Events – 1/20/14

With fashion week right around the corner, we thought now would be a great time to talk about industry events. During this #BlogTrends chat we asked which events are important to your industry and how to cover them, as well as: Will you be attending any events this year? Is event coverage popular within your […]

#BlogTrends – Growing Your Readership – 1/13/14

We blog to share, but what good is sharing if no one is reading? During this #BlogTrends chat we discussed: – How to find out what your readership is & track your data – Techniques you’ve tried in the past & what you plan to try in the future – What a blog hop is […]

#BlogTrends – Important Blog Elements – 1/6/14

Have you ever been on a website looking for a simple piece of information and it’s nowhere to be found? Or conversely, have you ever been on a website that was so jam packed with page elements that it was distracting? How frustrating! During this #BlogTrends chat we discussed some important considerations and elements for […]

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