#BlogTrends – Google Authorship – 6/16/14

Recently, Google Authorship has become a big topic on Twitter, but to be honest, we’re a bit naive on the subject. So we decided to learn from the best – you! This #BlogTrends chat, we asked what Google Authorship is, how it affects a blog, and if it’s really that important. We received some great […]


#BlogTrends – Going Mobile – 6/9/14

Are you a desktop or a mobile content consumer? Maybe you’re like us, a little bit of both, reading blogs online at work (in my downtime of course!) and on your cell phone or tablet the rest of the time. In this chat, we talked about optimization – how important is it anyway? We asked […]


#BlogTrends – Google+ – 6/2/14

Google+ – you either love it, hate it, or are totally confused by it. This chat, we asked our #blogtrends chat what they love, hate, or don’t understand about the search-boosting network! Check out our chat below and if you’re interested in taking the plunge, we’ve got a few helpful links to get you started: […]


#BlogTrends – Blogging Expectations Versus Reality – 5/19/14

To the outside world, blogging seems pretty glamorous. Corporate sponsorships, fabulous events, millions of fans. But as bloggers, you and I know exactly how rare that reality is. This week, we got personal and asked our #blogtrend-ers to tell us about their expectations when they started blogging. Next, we tackled what disappointments you’ve come across, […]


#BLOGTRENDS – Remembering Why We Blog – 5/5/14

In this #BlogTrends chat, a few of us revealed our ages when we admitted that some of us have been blogging (or at least reading them) since back in LiveJournal’s heyday! More importantly, we got to the reasons why we’ve kept going and what our plans are for the future. Read on to see what […]


#BlogTrends – Blog Post Ideas – 4/14/14

Whether it’s travel plans, a busy schedule, or simply writer’s block, we’ve all hit tough points in our posting flow! During this #blogtrends chat we discuss blog post brainstorming tips, inspiration sources, and how to track post ideas. As always, our #blogtrend-ers brought their best ideas and tips to make this another successful and helpful […]


#BlogTrends – Best Niche Blogging Resources – 4/7/14

We took a different approach to this discussion and asked our chatters to bring their knowledge to a free conversation about everything! See what our #blogtrend-ers covered, from hosting plans to spring trends and social media scheduling to blogging culture! [View the story “#BlogTrends – Best Online Niche Resources – 4/7/14″ on Storify]


#BlogTrends – Increasing Reader Engagement – Mar 24

Increasing reader engagement is a big priority for many bloggers. Just like any aspect of life, we need feedback to know how we’re doing and if people are listening to what we have to say at all! This #BlogTrends chat was all about the importance of reader engagement and how to increase it. We started […]

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