Templates for Blogs on Blogger

One of the huge advantages of WordPress is the easily accessible and endless variety of themes. It’s such a great way to add both design elements and functionality to your blog even if you have minimal to no coding skills. But WordPress isn’t for every blogger, some people, myself included, still love the simplicity and […]

5 Free Fonts

As a graphic designer (and blogger), I’m a huge typography nerd. Huuuuge. I even have a Pinterest board for my font wishlist. And in my neverending quest for awesome new fonts, I’ve found some awesome ones that are available for free! Free is always nice. (However, if you do find a typeface you love that […]

Hiring a Blog Designer

One of my goals for this year is to improve my blog’s overall appearance and design.  After months of unsatisfying attempts to do it all myself, I finally took the plunge and hired graphic designer Kory Woodard, who is also a Blog Trends member.  We’re currently in the middle of my blog’s redesign, and it’s […]

#BlogTrends – Finding Inspiration – Oct 15

Regardless of how frequently or infrequently we post, even the best of us loose motivation with our blogs. So what should we do when we hit that seemingly inevitable wall? In this #BlogTrends chat we’ll discuss why we get to this point in the first place and how to overcome blogging obstacles and find new […]

How to Use Polyvore on your Blog

By Lindsay Carreiro One of the biggest things that as a fashion blogger I started having a problem with was creating outfits within my blog posts. I couldn’t figure out how to create seamless looks that didn’t look as if I just uploaded photos without a thought. Not to mention that taking the time to […]

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