Keeping It Together

By Bobbie Jackson of Beyond the Vogue “Count to three and take a deep breath…” this is usually the first approach to recomposing yourself and getting your confidence back. Yet gaining confidence isn’t as simple as taking a deep breath or is it? Being confident as a blogger is just as important as having a […]

The Role of a Fashion Blogger

By: Arathi Devandran from Love, Miffalicious. Source As an avid reader, blogger, writer, and aspiring fashion aficionado, I spend more hours than I should reading fashion blogs from all over the world. In the past 3-4 years, it seems like there has been a significant rise in the number of fashion blogs sprouting up on […]

Making the Best of a Cliquey Situation

For too many bloggers these days, having to deal with blogging cliques is a common occurrence. A lot of the times, we tend to take it personally. We think we’re not good enough or we aren’t a proper blogger. Difficult experiences are a part of life, but it shouldn’t bring you down. Learn how to […]

Girl on Top: Your Guide to Turning Dating Rules Into Career Success

What’s the difference between your career and your dating life? According to LinkedIn’s Connection Director, Nicole Williams, not much! In her book, “Girl on Top,” she focuses on explaining how traditional dating tips and techniques work really well in the office. See what you can learn and easily translate from date night to boardroom. 1. […]

I’ve Been Plagiarized: How to Fight It

I can’t say it enough: I am so happy I moved to WordPress. Thank goodness for the power of pingback.  If you’re not familiar, a pingback is an alert that someone has linked to your site or post.  Usually I love pingbacks, but not this time. I was alerted that my post on a NYC […]

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