#BlogTrends – Rules to live by – Oct 17

Thank you for joining us for our very first #BlogTrends chat! We are thrilled to be able to provide a place for bloggers with a love for fashion to network and grow. Here is a long form the transcript from Monday night’s chat. In the future these will be a bit more condensed but in honor of our first chat we wanted to make sure it was all here, enjoy!

Q1 In order to have a successful blog you MUST have high quality photography. Agree or disagree, why?

@Parmie: @BlogTrendsChat I think it can go either way, definitely need good quality photos to grab attention & make a gr8 layout… #Q1 #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @BlogTrendsChat Q1: I think high quality photos are important for sure. My traffic has spiked since I got a DSLR. #blogtrends

@Parmie: @BlogTrendsChat …but small/quick pics to illustrate a point/topic do not necessarily have to be high quality #Q1 #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: #q1 I think the photography makes the blog but it can be done with or with out an expensive cameras. #BlogTrends

@Fashionalities: @BlogTrendsChat Q1 I think it’s great if you have the cash for a nice camera and photo programs…#blogtrends

@Fashionalities: @BlogTrendsChat Q1 But, I also love how bloggers can use instagram on their phones now. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A1: I also believe good editing is just as important as the photo itself #blogtrends

@loomslidslayers: #blogtrends Q1: yes high quality photos are important to look more professional. I have got to do better!

@DIVASANDDORKS: Totally agree. Nowadays with smartphone apps & cameras that rival the professionals – having high quality pics are a MUST! #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A1 I just got a new iPhone with a better camera, I am excited to see the difference in quality and creativity #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: Q1: My measure is: would a glossy publish? It’s great to have a standard to look up to. #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: Q1 I try not to shop my pics bc I want to be as real as possible. Good lighting and great cropping can make a photo look great #BlogTrends

@dkny: Agree! RT @DigitalKaitlyn: A1 I think it is more important that the photography is interesting than just high quality #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: @blackblondeone you’d be amazed at how great my iPhone 4s photos come out. Great pixelation, zoom & totally blog worthy 🙂 #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: Checking out everyone’s non-camera of choice for blogging, it seems that the iPhone 4 or 4s wins… #blogtrends

Q2 It is important to have a set blogging schedule. Why or why not?

@blackblondeone: A2: I think it’s important to have consistency, whether daily, weekly, or monthly. Readers need to know what to expect. #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: A2 Life is hectic for everyone, while it would be nice to have 2 or more posts a week its impossible #blogtrends

@Fashionalities: Q2 I’ve always tried to set a blogging schedule, but it never stays the same. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A2: I think it’s ok to take breaks and vacations, but there should be a schedule of some sort #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: Q2: having a schedule is cool as a foundation, but when you’re passionate about blogging – you don’t schedule it, you live it! #blogtrends

@chocalamode: Yes, discipline, discipline, discipline! RT @blogtrendschat: Q2 It is important to have a set blogging schedule. Why or why not? #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: Sometimes it helps to stack up blog posts, They can be scheduled 2 post during the week w/Blogger #blogtrends

@Parmie: @DigitalKaitlyn @NYConmymind agree it definitely is hard to keep up esp with full time jobs, family commitments etc #Q2 #blogtrends

@Fashionalities: Q2 I do think that a blogging schedule is smart…I just seem to go with the what grabs my interest approach. #blogtrends

@loomslidslayers: @NYConmymind it’s hard to keep it daily especially if you have a career, family, and other things! #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A2: It’s hard to keep up w/ the schedule, but I look at it like it’s my job and I have a deadline. #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: I have noticed a trend that bloggers will do a shoot of 5 outfits in one day to have daily outfit posts. This isnt real life #BlogTrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: I do a lot of blogging and social media during the day so sometimes it’s hard for me to come home and do it on a schedule #blogtrends

@Fashionalities: #blogtrends Q2 I like how blogs like Cupcakes and Cashmere have the regular weekly posts that you can expect like, Five Things.

@DIVASANDDORKS: Q2: I keep my publishing schedule random. It keeps readers coming back more than once a day. @twanatells taught me that tip #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A2 I tried the regular weekly posts, but they seemed forced to write. Maybe they aren’t for every blog. #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: @blackblondeone I refuse to write posts that feel forced, that is why mine are totally random 🙂 #blogtrends

Q3 How opinionated it to opinionated? Should posts always be objective? #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A3: You should always be true to yourself. Not everyone will like you or your opinion. Just do you. #blogtrends

@stephkornblum: If its your blog why not? You have to do what’s best for you. #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: Q3: I think the voice of “the blogger” is valid for a reason, our opinion counts – not only to our readers, but to brands too. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: I will say you have to watch your language and writing if you’re trying to get sponsors though. It depends on your mission/goal. #blogtrends

@Fashionalities: A3 I want to say I’m always honest…but, I’ve never been able to give a negative review…my posts are mainly positive. #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: A3 when it comes to opinions everyone is diff. If i see a blogger I like has a different view on something it wont offend me #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: @blackblondeone I agree. Try to keep it rated PG #blogtrends

@OhCHICFancyHuh: Q3: Blogging is all about opinion so you can never be too opinionated just be you #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: I feel like the reason we blog is to have a voice, otherwise we would all be writing for a paper and not a blog #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: Unless its something that is racist, overly prejudice or trying to push an idea, Ill read and move on. #blogtrends

@Fashionalities: A3. But, I won’t lie-if I won’t use something I don’t share it on my blog-it’s all abt what I’m passionate abt & want 2 share.#blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @Fashionalities Good rule for that: 2 good points and 1 improvement point. You’re honest and it’s sincere. #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: I try to be as neutral as possible with my posts #blogtrends

Q4 How do I know what type of fashion blogger I am? Outfits, journalistic, or somewhere in between?

@DigitalKaitlyn: A4 I enjoy personal style but I also like solutions for dealing with my growing wardrobe and inspiration for new pieces #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A4: Completely disagree. I think you can make it as long as you have a mission with clear objectives. #blogtrends

@stephkornblum: I don’t think so. People like a good voice. And really, aren’t personal style blogs getting a little old? & FORCED #blogtrends

@Fashionalities: A4: I keep trying to incorporate personal style pics into my blog…but, I keep thinking is it who “I (fashionalities) am?” #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A4 Blogging is a business now and the blogger is a CEO. It needs to grow like a business with solid plans, a mission, and goal. #blogtrends

@OhCHICFancyHuh: Blogs make it big based on dedication and passion. When you truly love something it shows in your work no matter the topic #blogtrends

@loomslidslayers: #blogtrends all blogs can make it once you get an audience for what you’re giving. It’s hard though!! stick to it. That’s what I’m trying

@NYConmymind: The most successful bloggers in my book are all around crafters, desigers, artist, and those who make do with very little $$$ #blogtrends

@iamsheabutta: @BlogTrendsChat A4 Personal style blogs are awesome, but have a narrow view of style. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A4 Blogging should reinforce what you stand for and what your strengths are to grab your target audience #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: Artisty would include mixing patterns, putting together outfits with pieces that everyone has #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: Q4: personal style all about customization & uniqueness. Isn’t that what every single human on the planet desires? To be unique. #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: My hopes is to become that jack of all trades blogger #blogtrends

@BlogTrendsChat: Side question: If there was one area you could expand your blog into and know it would do well what would it be?

@NYConmymind: It would open me up to bloggers of all kinds and invite a wider audience. #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: I would probably expand into sewing, DIY stuff. I would of course have to get better at DIY stuff first lol #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: Personal style from fash to tech is what @DIVASANDDORKS is all about (plug)…. #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: …and I think that blogs that highlight unique style will be around for a long time. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @BlogTrendsChat I would love to do more home and DIY ventures. Right now my BK apt doesn’t have the room #blogtrends

@OhCHICFancyHuh: I would like to explore adding cooking to my blog I love food as much as I love fashion and style #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: I would also love to do more videos on makeup and beauty products! #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: I would love to expand into teaching other bloggers mechanical skills around the house and basic car maintence..ts in the works #blogtrends

@Fashionalities: I’ve tried adding vlogs…I think it would b fun 2 share my bargain finds & my inspiration for how I’ll put the looks together #blogtrends

@loomslidslayers: @OhCHICFancyHuh #blogtrends I love all things food fashion beauty love and entertainment

@DigitalKaitlyn: When I think of fashion video bloggers I think of @sammydavis22 #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: Changing tires in heels, fixing a faucet with diamonds… the possibilities #blogtrends

@Fashionalities: #blogtrends I’d also like to share more about curly hair…I’m very proud of my au’ natural locks and always get questions about them.

@DigitalKaitlyn: I would love to do video especially now that I have an iPhone 4S

@blackblondeone: I think a huge trend is being the jack of all trades like @nyconmymind mentioned. Look at Cupcakes & Cashmere #blogtrends

@OhCHICFancyHuh: Not gonna lie recording myself talking about fashion kinda freaks me out but I would love to try it! #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: I think everyone yearns to be a young Martha Stewart. #blogtrends

Q5 It seems many of the successful bloggers are personal style blogs, is this the only way your blog will make it big?

@DigitalKaitlyn: A5 I have spent some time trying them all out, I am slowly starting to learn what I enjoy posting about most and what I do best #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @BlogTrendsChat A5 It’s about focusing on what you present to your readers. #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: Since I do not claim to be a writer at all, my stuff is about what I wear around the city, running errands, hanging w/ friends #blogtrends

@Fashionalities: A5 I’ve always seen myself as some1 n between…I went 2 school 4 Journalism & started my blog since I wasn’t able 2 wrk @ a mag.#blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @DigitalKaitlyn I agree. I think it’s about finding what you’re best at doing. What do readers respond to most? #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: @Fashionalities Which is awesome because having a blog can be like being the editor of your own magazine #blogtrends

@OhCHICFancyHuh: Q5 you know what type of fashion blogger you are based on the content that makes you feel the happiest #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: I don’t think I’m a writer, but I won’t discredit my fashion education and background. We all have some sort of skill to share. #blogtrends

@Fashionalities: My blog allows me 2 share what I’m passionate abt,fashion.& if I want 2 interview,review, or style it can be like @ a Mag. #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: I learn from other bloggers what to do with the million items in my closet and I hope I can pass that info on #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: @Fashionalities its always been a dream of mine to own a magazine! Maybe thats why we blog #blogtrends

@Myssdee: My blog is not limited to one thing…that is why my tagline is “Covering Arts, Fashion, Entertainment, & Lifestyle” #blogtrends

@OhCHICFancyHuh: Q5 I consider myself in between because I like to add content and not just pictures #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: I am still learning, and taking chances every day! #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: @Myssdee mine is a mish mash of categories, similar to a magazine covering my interests #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: Bloggers are more than single-minded amplifiers. We share what we love (no matter if it’s on 2

opposite ends of the spectrum) #blogtrends

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