#BlogTrends – The Technical Side of Blogging Part 2 – June 18

As much as we love to produce great content and interact with our readers we also want our blogs to represent our own personal style. Having the will to blog doesn’t always mean we have the web design skills to match but do we really need them? Join us tonight to chat about the technical side of blogging and where to find resources to design the blog of your dreams!

Q1 Can I have a well designed blog without any web design experience? How? #BlogTrends

@prettyandfun: A1: Just keep it simple! Don’t stress yourself w/ going overboard, stick to a clean design and you can DIY #blogtrends
@AmberlyDAnna: Q1 it’s fairly easy to create a blog header in Adobe Photoshop… #blogtrends
@Her_Castle: A1. Yes! I am one of these types & some templates are great for newbies or non-tech people :)n #blogtrends
@theblogstylist: A1: Yes, but start with a clear idea of what you want. Create a blog-design vision board, make it your first priority#blogtrends
@HouseOfJeffers: A1 Even if your not tech savvy, you can add elements to dress it up. Create a banner, & reconfigure your layout for quick fixes #blogtrends
@prettyandfun: A1: Also, Google is your best friend. It’s amazing what you can learn through some research & elbow grease! #blogtrends
@berrytravels: @Blog_Trends I think a lot of web design can be self-taught. I taught myself HTML and CSS and photoshop. That’s all u need! #blogtrends
@OneWomansStyleE: A1 Yes, if you choose a kick ass theme. And there is a difference between a theme and a “framework”. i.e.thesis is a framework. #blogtrends
@DigitalKaitlyn: A1 yes, your color choices, fonts, and having consistent image sizes in sidebar & blog go a long way #blogtrends
@smalltwnfashion: A1 Absolutely – stick with a simple free template while educating yourself on web design. Start reading blogs w/ design you love #blogtrends
@SheLikesRuffles: A1: For my own, I worked with a friend who knew what she was doing and created the pretty design. I manipulate everything else #blogtrends
@jomariemalcolm: Q1 Definitely! It’s all about choosing a blog platform that offers ease of customisation and spending time on the aesthetics #blogtrends
@CustomizedWalls: A1 Yes. However, if you have graphic arts friends, a little design can go a long way. Lots of DIY tools available.#blogtrends
@KatiePetix: A1 If you decide to fuss around with HTML make sure to save your code before you start, I always save is a word doc just in case #blogtrends
@justsitpretty: A1: It’s a good idea to create a test blog, make it private, and practice on it before doing it on your real blog. #blogtrends

Q2 Which blogging platform do you find is the easiest to customize? Why? #BlogTrends

@theblogstylist: A2: WordPress, without a doubt. May seem daunting, but sticking with it and learning the basics is SO WORTH IT!#blogtrends
@SheLikesRuffles: A2: that’s a no-brainer! WordPress (self hosted)! I can’t fathom using anything else right now… #blogtrends
@nouvelle: A2 I think WordPress & Tumblr are the easiest to customize. You can go to town on those platforms.
@OneWomansStyleE: Q2 I experimented with blogger before going WP. WP was more difficult for me, but it was worth it. #blogtrends
@theblogstylist: A2: The WP plugin options never cease to amaze me. #blogtrends
@thecuriouspug: A2: For me, blogger. Only because I’ve been on it for a few years and figured out the way it works. #blogtrends#blogtrends
@OneWomansStyleE: A2 – WordPress also complements Google and all her SEO goodness. #blogtrends
@gritandglamour: A2 http://t.co/LVT11nzW (self-hosted) offers greatest customization options. After that, I prefer http://t.co/eEW4AKcc.#blogtrends
@justsitpretty: @Blog_Trends A2: WordPress is has more plug ins & is easier at the end of the day, but I’ve grown more accustomed to Blogger. #blogtrends
@theblogstylist: A2: If you’re new to WP, don’t be afraid to ask for help – that’s what the WP community is there for. Oh, and BACK UP! 🙂#blogtrends
@gritandglamour: Blogger may be easier than WP for newbies, but the commenting and spam management systems will eventually grate you. #blogtrends

Q3 What are the best ways to customize my blog on Blogger? What about WordPress? #BlogTrends

@smalltwnfashion: A3 As a reader of many Blogger blogs, I vastly prefer Disqus. I hate it when I have to go to another window to comment! #blogtrends
@KatiePetix: A3 I’ve been very happy with Blogger’s new commenting system so I’ve stuck with that. #blogtrends
@theblogstylist: A3: Customise your blog by Keeping It Simple. Plugins, widgets etc are great – if they’re useful. Focus on content + ease of use #blogtrends
@CustomizedWalls: A3 commentluv for me. #blogtrends
@gritandglamour: A3 I’ve always used the commenting system inherent in WP, with CommentLuv and a Twitter name plugin.#blogtrends
@SheLikesRuffles: A3: for WP, I love the Comment Reply Notification plugin! Emails a commenter when you respond to them!#blogtrends
@ashia: A3 I use themes to make my blog look more polished. I use @commentluv for my comment system. #blogtrends
@PetitDelights: A3 for comments on WordPress I use IntenseDebate @Blog_Trends #blogtrends
@prettyandfun: A3: Disqus for comments, @Passionfruitads for advertising (love love love it) #blogtrends
@DigitalKaitlyn: A3 I HATE blogger comments, I don’t want to use my gmail account, I don’t have a blogger, or any of those other accounts#blogtrends
@SheLikesRuffles: A3: Whatever you do, disable the captcha, please!!! I never fill those in right and it makes me not want to comment#blogtrends
@FIVEFOOT9: I use SquareSpace as my blogging platform. Not many people use it. I like the customization but there is a lack of community. #blogtrends
@ashia: CommentLuv also kind of helps with spammers. Real comments have real last blog posts, spammers often do not. #blogtrends

Q4 Is it important to use custom graphics or a unique logo? Where can I get help with these things? #BlogTrends

@DelectablyChic: A4: Get your own logo! Totally helps you brand yourself #blogtrends @Blog_Trends
@PrttyShnySprkly: A4: Find out who designed the logo you love on another site, pay for them to make you one that’s your own.#blogtrends
@ashia: A4 If you want your blog to be a brand, it is important to at least have a logo. I used a free commercial font to create mine.#blogtrends
@DigitalKaitlyn: A4 I have used paint shop pro and photoshop since I was a teenager so I’ve always been a big fan of logos & custom graphics #blogtrends
@smalltwnfashion: A4 Yes it establishes your blog as a brand! Find a friend who has design experience – everyone knows someone who does. #blogtrends
@clarabellum: A4 I use pixelmator to make my graphics – almost exactly like photoshop, for something like $20#blogtrends
@theblogstylist: A4: Sometimes a basic logo made with a simple font works best (and DIY = free). Try Google Web Fonts#blogtrends
@prettyandfun: A4: You can do a lot with just some great fonts & a set color scheme. Don’t have to go crazy w/ logos if you don’t want to#blogtrends
@gritandglamour: A4 I’m all for farming the logo out to a pro. It’s not that much to have a banner and logo made. #blogtrends
@PetitDelights: A4 I found my logo designer on @etsy there are a lot of talented designers there #blogtrends
@DigitalKaitlyn: I made the logos for #blogtrends and for http://t.co/ZJT683CU – not the best but they are recognizable and work
@HouseOfJeffers: A4 A logo made my a designer is money well spent. I use it in everything related to my blog, esp my business cards.#blogtrends
@LisaMackay: I think having your own consistent look on blog, twitter, facebook, etc is KEY if you mean business #BlogTrends#blogtrends
@fortheloveofme: A4: Yes. Important as it builds your brand. Don’t change it every few months as it confuses your brand #BlogTrends

Q5 What are your favorite resources for learning more about web design or finding great freebies? #BlogTrends

@SheLikesRuffles: A5: Pugly Pixel is a lot of fun! http://t.co/8isjRUtk #blogtrends

@theblogstylist: A5: *Cough* http://t.co/suxRg5bP *cough* #blogtrends

@prettyandfun: A5: Good old Google. I also love Pugly Pixel and @hernewleaf #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A5 for wordpress beginners I always send my clients here – http://t.co/bQm0WMPM – wordpress 101 training VIDEOS!#blogtrends

@OneWomansStyleE: A5 I use a lot of resources. (i.e. @gritandglamour @blogstylist @_IFB #WCNYC Lynda, @blog_trends, Youtube, etc.#blogtrends

@ClosetFix: A5: I’m a visual learner and Youtube actually has been tremendously helpful. Has a lot of step by step that you can do in tandem #blogtrends

@QueeninHeels: Lastly, your local community college. Inexpensive and hand-on. #blogtrends


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