#BlogTrends – Social Media For Fashion Bloggers – Oct 24


Social media has quickly become a large part of most people’s lives and has connected us in a way we could have only dreamed of. Each day something new and exciting shows up but as a fashion blogger it has started to get overwhelming. Here we chatted about what tools work for us, best practices, and whether or not tools like Klout really matter.

Social Media For Fashion Bloggers – Oct 24

Q1 As a fashion blogger, What social media tools do you find most useful? Most useless? #BlogTrends

@emilyanne227: Twittter for sure! it has helped me get guest blog posts on sites like @InternQueen #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A1 I love twitter, always my first choice to post. I also love @pose for fashion, it’s like instagram for fashion #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A1 For me, facebook is just redundant and so stick w/ Twitter which is real time. Great way to connect. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A1 Twitter is also more accessible. You can see the immediate effect. #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: A1 other than the basics of Face book and Twitter I am really loving Instagram and Pinterest! #BlogTrends

@novanights: @BlogTrendsChat twitter has helped me the most thus far it’s a great way to discover all the other fashion bloggers out there #BlogTrends

Q2 How do I edit the amount of social networks I am involved in? Should I be on every platform? #BlogTrends

@blackblondeone: A2 Like life in general, I try to excel on one area, like Twitter, and just learn the basics of the others. #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A2 the way I feel is that it’s best to pick 1-3 networks & build them up,then expand 2 others as needed.Don’t overwhelm yourself #blogtrends

@emilyanne227: A2 I think the more direct you can be the better. if that means picking and choosing what social networks to be apart of! #blogtrends

Q3 What are your thoughts on social media ranking tools, like Klout and peerindex? #BlogTrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: I like Klout but it can’t be taken to seriously. It’s a fun representation of recent engagement but not of overall popularity #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A3 I’ve personally never used Peerindex, although I probably should. #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: @blackblondeone peerindex is also fun and seems to give you a bit more insight than Klout. Another good 1 is twentyfeet #blogtrends

@novanights: @BlogTrendsChat Q3 I’m sad to say I’ve never used either but I’m definitely going to explore using them now! #BlogTrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: @NYConmymind I learned about Klout at ifb last February and peerindex has been more recent #blogtrends

Q4 If you had to pick 3 social networks or tools that a fashion blogger must use what would they be? Why? #BlogTrends

@blackblondeone: A4 I think my top three would have to be Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr. #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A4 I love twitter @pose and facebook for my top 3 but tumblr is huge for fashion #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: A4 Definitly Twitter, Blogger, Pinterest, and Instagram #BlogTrends

@blackblondeone: @DigitalKaitlyn I use tumblr a lot for inspiration, since I dont do inspirational posts #blogtrends

@emilyanne227: @BlogTrendsChat probs @polyvore @Pinterest @instagram for ideas and organizing your blogging life #ithelpsme #blogtrends

@thestylecircuit: @blackblondeone I agree. They’re the 3 with the most reach. Tumblr is all about reblogging and Twitter is a way to reach brands #blogtrends

@TheTinyTieRant: @thestylecircuit @blackblondeone i use tumblr as my main blogging platform as it is much simpler & easier for me to navigate #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: @TheTinyTieRant If you put your own link to the pinterest people will be led back to your blog #BlogTrends

@DigitalKaitlyn:i like @pose too because it’s focused on outfits & accessories while allowing you to follow those you enjoy the most #blogtrends

@TheTinyTieRant: @DigitalKaitlyn ohhh yes fashiolista is good and they have a widget u can put right into ur blog to display what u like #blogtrends

@thestylecircuit: @NYConmymind so true! I’ve gotten a lot of followers by posting to Chictopia. I’ve also started experimenting with Lookbook.nu #blogtrends

Q5 What are your Twitter best practices? How much tweeting, who to follow, what to tweet etc… #BlogTrends

@blackblondeone: A5 I usually follow back, unless it’s a spammer, creeper, or someone that just promotes themselves all the time. #blogtrends

@TheTinyTieRant: @BlogTrendsChat hashtag most everything! u will gain tons of followers #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: A5 I tweet about anything &everything, I tend to forget who follows me, but I am real on twitter as in person! (i curse a lot) #BlogTrends

@BlogTrendsChat: A5 My twitter best practices vary but mostly consist of a balance of give and take #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A5 I like to promote my followers with retweets and replies before I ever ask for help with anything #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A5 I also like to talk about my normal life and not just fashion, because I think it might get boring #blogtrends

@TheTinyTieRant: @BlogTrendsChat @DigitalKaitlyn twitter turn off: instant auto dms #blogtrends

@novanights: @BlogTrendsChat I try to follow everyone that’s a real person that follows me because we are all here to build a support system #blogtrends

@thestylecircuit: A5 I usually follow back fashion bloggers who follow me. I try to do #FF every so often to spotlight people I find interesting #BlogTrends

@NYConmymind: I only follow people who are significant2 me even if they dont follow back. Like music artists, bloggers, friends, brands #BlogTrends

@blackblondeone: A5: I also try to stay of Twitter more during weekends and after work. I do need some Lindsay time after all #blogtrends

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