#BlogTrends – SEO with Sammy Davis Vintage – March 19

You probably recognize her from her fun thrifting adventures on YouTube or her bold and vintage style on her blog SammyDavisVintage.com. With a magazine journalism degree from Temple University Sammy Davis has created a successful blog full of amazing vintage inspired editorials.
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Of course along with a successful blog comes some of the behind the scenes work to make sure your posts are being found by all of your potential visitors! You’ll find all of the tips you wish you had known about SEO rankings, how to improve searches, and how to accurately use keywords.

Q1What is SEO? Why is it important & where do I begin? #BlogTrends Cc @sammydavis22

@sammydavis22: A1: SEO seems like a mouthful which is why it’s an acronym. It means search engine optimization and is how internet users land #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A1: on your site thanks to search via Google, Bing, Yahoo. I stick to Google for the conversation of SEO b/c most used#blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A1 Search Engine Optimization involves some techniques and good habits to make your website & posts very search friendly #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A1 SEO is the digital keyword road to your blog. It’s ranking system that helps people find you! #blogtrends

@webfloss: A1 SEO is a combination of many factors that determine your results in search engines #blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: A1 SEO is the way that way that bloggers can increase their ranking by making their content more relevant and accessible. #blogtrends

@TheRetailLife: SEO is optimizeed each time content on your blog or web page is updated or changed. So it’s important to stay active#blogtrends

@bagaddictsanon: A1 while it’s interesting to have creative post titles, u need keywords so that you show up on searches! No keywords = no show #blogtrends

@MegExpressions: A1: SEO is important so that the people who are looking for the topics that you’re writing about can find you#blogtrends

@styledelights: think of a reader who’ is looking for the content you just posted. How would he search something on google? Use those SEO words #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A1: I wanted to explain SEO jargon if you hadn’t heard. Keywords are are the words that we use to search for topics.#blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A1: I would advise that all bloggers begin by deciding what their site is going to be about — not just “fashion” but focused#blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A1: From that focus, you can determine the most searched keywords to inspire content that will help build your site’s ranking #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A1: A few other words when talking about SEO are “optimize” <– how to take advantage of keywords to drive traffic#blogtrends

@lindseywolff: @Blog_Trends A1: SEO is critical in getting your blog in front of readers! We started with keywords and SEO plugins#blogtrends

Q2 What are the top 3 SEO tools? How do I measure my SEO? #BlogTrends Cc @sammydavis22

@rachelmaleady: A2: I work at a small SEO agency as a copywriter, and I use Google Keyword Tool very often. It’s free and easy to use.#blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A2: 2.) I love Google Analytics. You can see how ur site is being found by what keywords. Look at traffic sources, SEO, Queries #blogtrends

@webfloss: @OneWomansStyleE Anchor text is another aspect of SEO, search engines use those words to help determine what ur site is about #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A2 the “queries” in Google analytics are the keywords that are giving people YOUR site in their search results.#blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: @sammydavis22 I have a slight addiction to google analytics, I love the in depth reports! #blogtrends

@AtomicBeaute: A2 I use Google keywords mostly, but i am always looking for new ways! #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: RT @TheRachelG: @sammydavis22 do you want high or low in results? #blogtrends <– you want to rank as close to 1st pg as possible

@sammydavis22: I have Yoast as a plug-in, but can’t speak to what it does as I prefer to manually craft my title, URL, tags, etc.#blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A2: 3.) Does anyone use Alexa to see their rank and the keywords for their site? Here is my profile: http://t.co/2jZnfxpu#blogtrends

@AtomicBeaute: @bagaddictsanon it’s called adwords! Type in a word and see how competitive it is. https://t.co/lEHRTawf <– is the link#blogtrends

Q3 How does my content affect my SEO ranking? Do my post titles affect my SEO ranking? #BlogTrends Cc@sammydavis22

@rachelmaleady: A3: Post titles are one of the most important parts of your SEO. So are keywords, descriptions, and image alt tags.#blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A3: The phrase “content is king” is spoken for a reason. Make great content that’s accurate & focused — SEO shows Google that #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A3: You are worth pushing to the top of search results. 95% of clicks happen on the first page! #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A3 Keywords, post titles are important. People search for these terms and need to find you. #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A3 I findmaking sure your permalinks are set to display your post name in wordpress is HUGE, those keywords are vital to SEO #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: RT @AtomicBeaute: Google is a blogger’s best friend, I swear lol #blogtrends they own the internet

@RobLayer: @Blog_Trends A3: yes, anything that acts as nav is very important for organic search, use top keywords in titles #blogtrends

@styledelights: A3 Adding keywords like ‘how to” What to” Where to” before tutorial/tips post optimizes your ‘searhability’ #blogtrends@blog_trends

@lindseywolff: @KatiePetix @blog_trends yes, yes, and yes! Content is critical but it’s a balance between keyword-dense writing and tackiness #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A3: I agree with @DigitalKaitlyn align your Post Title to your URL for high optimization, and put those keywords in first graph #blogtrends

@ashia: A3 When I create my titles, I try to consider what someone may be searching for. They’re very important for organic traffic.#blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: A3: Titles definitely affect SEO. I have to admit, I’ve very bad at picking effective titles. #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: @PromiscuousLola good point. A lot of bloggers like to be witty … Google doesn’t understand wit!!! #blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: A3: If you’re really in love with an ineffective title, making your post SEO dense can help boost your ranking.#blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A3: related to permalink, I changed my entire site structure to reflect eras. Each post is either 20s -80s / rest of URL I write #blogtrends

Q4 Are there any plugins or widgets to help me with SEO? Any other special tools? #BlogTrends Cc: @sammydavis22

@sammydavis22: A4: A great plug in is the WP Super Cache to make your WordPress site FASTER. Google likes faster sites #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A4 All in one seo for me #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A4: I hired SEO consultant and he said that site speed is more important than you think, Google doesn’t want ppl frustrated #blogtrends

@HerSparkle: Q4:I use the ‘All in One SEO Pack” for WP. Allows you to use a custom title tag separate from your title. Anyone else use this?#blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A4: ALSO don’t keep your dashboard open. It slows down your site speed. I do this by accident all the time! #woops#Blogtrends

@sammydavis22: just now noticing a rise in search traffic for particular keywords I have captured. I focus on DECADES i.e. 1960s fashion#blogtrends

Q5 What are the best SEO tips you have ever gotten? Where can I learn more about SEO? #BlogTrends Cc@sammydavis22

@DigitalKaitlyn: A5 I think the best tips I got were from @sammydavis22 about making sure my site loads quickly & not leaving dashboard open! #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A5 Write titles like how people search. And everything @sammydavis22 said tonight! #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A5 First, LINKS ARE SO IMPORTANT!!!! Join a link sharing list, like Links a La Mode with @_heartifb. The more links pointing #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A5 And just research, do some google search action. You can easily find tips and tools! #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A5 to your content, the more that content will rise to the top in search because Google sees people linking to it and approves #blogtrends

@lisa_vogel: RT @blackblondeone: A5 Write titles like how people search. And everything @sammydavis22 said tonight! #BlogTrends

@ashia: A5 Use popular keywords to write additional posts. Great tip from @lindseywolff #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A5: Also, if you can have friends link to your content on the keywords that is optimal. Some look down on this because#blogtrends

@AtomicBeaute: A5: Write SEO-worthy titles and try to get as many back links to your site as possible. That helps a lot! #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A5 You are asking people to link where you want them too (i.e. link your post to “spring trends” instead of your blog name) but #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A5 it truly works when it comes to improving your rank for those keywords, because it is another way of telling Google info. #blogtrends

@RobLayer: @Blog_Trends A5: powerful search terms built into the nav, external links pointing to your site, lots of fresh content#blogtrends

@AtomicBeaute: Also, linking within your own posts help your SEO too, don’t forget 😉 #blogtrends

@ashia: I like this tip! RT @lindseywolff: @Blog_Trends A5: Post when the web is busy, particularly weekday evenings #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A5 Also, linking to others who have similar content is a plus! Be a friend to other bloggers! If your friend blogs spring trends #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A5: Link to her post in your post on spring trends. Google loves this and approves. Share the love! #blogtrends

@sammydavis22: A5 also, create SPIDERWEBS of content. This is where you create part 1, part 2, part 3 and link between. I just wrote part 3 #blogtrends


2 Comments on #BlogTrends – SEO with Sammy Davis Vintage – March 19

  1. Katie P
    March 29, 2012 at 5:22 pm (7 years ago)

    This was such a helpful chat! Big thanks to both BlogTrends and Sammy for sharing the info. Now I don’t feel quite so lost in the SEO woods!

  2. RWS
    May 1, 2012 at 8:36 am (7 years ago)

    These are all fantastic SEO tips. My blog just turned 1 year old, so I am still learning everyday about SEO and all he other fun tech stuff to go along with making my blog more interactive and quality based. Thanks for the info.


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