#BlogTrends – Planning Your Blog’s Future – Oct 8

While we all started our blogs for different reasons albeit personal or professional, private or public, if you are a part of the Blog Trends community you most likely want to see your blog grow. But how do we prepare ourselves for that? During this #BlogTrends chat we will be discussing planning for the future. When exactly should you start planning for the future of your blog and how exactly should you go about it? Is there a financial aspect to planning for your blog’s future? Is there a right and a wrong way to model your blog for growth?


Q1 How to I plan for the future of my blog? When is the best time to start planning? #blogtrends

MissMegasaurus A1: I haven’t planned too far in the future. Try to take it week by week. I use Sundays to get posts ready for Mon-Fri. #blogtrends
MissMegasaurus A1: I just started planning for sponsorship on my blog. Thought it’d be fun to help other bloggers and grow my own too. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A1 Constantly. I like to make goals for the year. Gives me something to strive for and forces me to be inventive. #blogtrends
RhythmandRuffle A2 I started on day 1; I continue to update – add and take away from my original plan, as I go and I see a more clear future. #blogtrends
WowYouWoreThat Plan for your blog future by giving it a present. Set everything up in a way that allow it to evolve into what you want it to be #blogtrends
gritandglamour A1 Anytime is a good time to plan. Breaking planning into smaller goals/objectives makes it easier to accomplish blog dreams! #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm #A1 Simply put, start with the end in mind. Have weekly missions that will build a future vision of success for your blog #BlogTrends
blackblondeone A1 For me, I started planning after a year. I really wanted to carve out my mission and true voice. #blogtrends
pulpsushi A1 I don’t really, just do plan week by week. The furthest I’ve planned was for my current October blog party #blogtrends
blackblondeone A1 Planning for your future should entail figuring out what your blog represents, your content, and your goals. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A1 Planning centers around this question: What is your ultimate goal? Brand partnerships? Portfolio work? Social influence? #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm #A1 However make sure that the plan has room to change and grow as you change your vision and evolve #BlogTrends
covetedclassics A1: If you wait for the best time to start planning, you’ll put it off. The right time is now. Jump in and adjust as you go. #blogtrends
jstprfectbeauty a1: i guess it would be like writing a mission statement or a thesis statement for your blog–a guiding sentence/paragraph #blogtrends
rippednylon A1: I think it’s never too early or too late – once you decide to keep it going, test different plans like: daily/weekly/monthly #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A1 Taking inventory of what you’ve already done helps you find new ideas/goals for the future. #blogtrends
fivesixteenths A1 I have a blog planner & notebook for ideas. Even if a goal is a rough draft it’s good to keep working towards an idea 🙂 #blogtrends


Q2 If I plan on expanding my blog, how should I organize my ideas? #BlogTrends

BlueBowGrl A2: I just started using a planner and an online calender. It gets to that point sometimes #blogtrends #blogtrends
rippednylon A2: It depends on what kind of learner you are – if you’re visual, pinterest and tumblr are great places to store and explore… #blogtrends
Her_Castle A2 Writing down ideas & thoughts is a great way to keep things organized. We have mtgs w/ each other to discuss! #blogtrends
alexshook A2 I use Evernote to organize almost everything and have a note just for all my blog ideas. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A2 I like to work in quarters. Every 3 months I take a blog inventory of what I’ve achieved/what I haven’t and go from there. #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm #A2 Walk then run. With that mission statement, you have to start grouping ideas into long term and short term #BlogTrends
HouseOfJeffers A2 Physically mocking up a calendar helps me visualize blog planning and progression. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A2 Keep “ideas” to about 5-7 “buckets” or categories. You can have lots of tags, but categories should be more broad. #blogtrends
jstprfectbeauty a2: keep a notebook specifically for jotting notes/ideas for blog posts. organize an editorial calendar. #blogtrends
MissMegasaurus A2: I don’t really plan any posts. I have a folder on my flash drive with posts I’ve started but haven’t “perfected” yet. #blogtrends
rippednylon A2 (cont.): Springpad is my favorite tool, I jot down ideas all the time or ‘spring’ snapshots of sites to read later! #blogtrends
blackblondeone A2 Updating your media kit is also a good representation of where you’re at and what you’ve accomplished. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A2 Organizing a calendar is one thing…if you’re expanding, you need good information architecture. #blogtrends
ScottieKey #A2 I’m very organized. I created folders upon folders, gather images, and create rough rough drafts, rough drafts, and drafts. #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm #A2 Varying time blog schedules will help you to forecast the progress of the short term as opposed to the long term goals #BlogTrends
StreeterUltd A2: I use an online calendar, and then a 3 binder with ideas & schedules #blogtrends
ATLHappyHr A2 organize ideas based on industry trends, current events. I have it on a calendar and I have “just in case” topics. #blogtrends
RhythmandRuffle A2 Once everything is written down, don’t be afraid to change your mind on certain things. A happy blogger is a happy reader. #blogtrends


Q3 What are the key elements I should focus on when creating a model for blog growth? #BlogTrends

alexshook A3 if you’re interested in numbers, watch unique visitors, visitors, and pageviews. #blogtrends
blackblondeone A3 Make it personal. Figure out what works best for your blog, your readers, your schedule, your strengths. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A3 Key elements of growth: Staying on the cusp of technology and social media. And content and promotion, for sure! #blogtrends
MissMegasaurus A3: Something unique to your blog. I try to post “random ramblings.” 10 random thoughts that wouldn’t make a whole post. #blogtrends
rippednylon A3: Do your research (I’m doing this now) see what your reference blogs are doing and how it applies to yours! #blogtrends
Her_Castle A3 I would focus on the popularity of certain subjects u post. Your readers give u that info. Build on that & become an expert #blogtrends
ATLHappyHr A3 Your model should most importantly be realistic to the growth you wish to achieve. No celebrities over night here. #blogtrends
jstprfectbeauty a3: i would think one of the top things to concentrate on would be your audience demographics–what topics resonate w/them most #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm #A3 You also have to answer the question of how to stay true to your aesthetic while being on trend and relevant #BlogTrends
pulpsushi A3 Communicating with other bloggers, build relationships, and keep your own voice, don’t compare to others #blogtrends
RhythmandRuffle A3 Really consider how your life may look in 3, 5, 10 years. I think about everything, kids, etc. Time is big too. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A3 Everyone has what’s important to them & their blog. That personal passion you have for it will absolutely help you to go far.#blogtrends


Q4 Do I need to set aside money for my blog’s future? If so, how much and what for? #BlogTrends

MissMegasaurus I just started paying to sponsor other bloggers but limited myself at 3 sponsorships and not above $50 a month. #blogtrends
clarabellum Q4 you need to figure that out yourself. hosting money? hiring a graphic designer? travel for blog purposes? write it down! #blogtrends
GlitteryGlossy You need money for your domain, hosting, and to pay for conferences and travel. Depending upon how social you want to be #blogtrends
gritandglamour A4 If you’re saving, you need: $ for blog hosting, domain name reg + privacy, Internet service, hardware/software, tech support. #blogtrends
RhythmandRuffle A4 Yes I think so. The amount depends on what you want to do – how big a part of your life your blog will become. #blogtrends
Her_Castle A4 if you see ur blog as a Biz, money can help. Money is a good thing! Camera, hosting, tools, mobile #blogtrends
gritandglamour A4 Personally, I don’t put $ aside for my blog—I have a FT job. If you want to blog full time, you better crunch some #s! #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A4 Treat your blog like a business. Think of what you’ll need: i.e. business cards, pro website design, domain purchase, etc #blogtrends
MissMegasaurus A4: The only $ I regularly pay for is my $10 fee to blogger for a custom domain. The rest is icing on the cake. #blogtrends
ATLHappyHr A4 blogging is a business there should be a savings account for future investments such as new designs, promotion and marketing. #blogtrends
rippednylon A4: If you plan to expand, save for a domain name and hosting space, potential graphic design services, and blogger events! #blogtrends
pulpsushi A4 I actually pay for my blog host annually but I also set aside a monthly budget for advertising #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm #A4 Funding expansion projects like becoming a website, technology to enhance the blog aesthetic and networking #BlogTrends
gritandglamour A4 And as long as you’re saving, remember to take deductions you’re entitled to if you’re running your blog as a biz #blogtrends
iamthecoolnerd A4 marketing, hosting and outsourcing for admin and/or menial jobs you don’t want to do or don’t have time to do #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm #A4 It’s hard to put a price tag on an evolving vision that has multiple dimensions but be willing to invest! invest! invest! #BlogTrends


Q5 How far into the future should I plan? Is it ever a bad idea to plan to far into the future? Why? #BlogTrends

MissMegasaurus A5: I won’t plan further than 2 weeks for blog posts. As for things on the blog I’m changing, up to a month. #blogtrends
clarabellum Q5 you’ve got to be at least a little flexible. You never know what life is going to throw at you. #blogtrends

blackblondeone A5 Only constant in life is change. Don’t get too caught up in planning that you forget to live impulsively once in a while! #blogtrends
gritandglamour A5 I think planning too far ahead is unrealistic. Blogging/social media trends and technology are constantly changing… #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A5 Be realistic about what having a blog means. It’s a commitment. But it’s up to you to decide how long you’ll commit to it. #blogtrends
jstprfectbeauty a5: i would say plan as far ahead as you feel comfortable with, but be open to changes as then occur. #blogtrends

gritandglamour A5 And you don’t realize when you start what it takes to still be blogging 5 years later! #blogtrends
blackblondeone A5 Planning too far can cost $ and time you could’ve used for something more productive. #blogtrends
Her_Castle A5 Depends on the person, but we have a 5 year plan written down with paths to get there. #blogtrends
covetedclassics A5: It’s not a bad idea to plan ahead. Also plan for status checks. Make sure you set a time to stop and reevaluate your goals. #blogtrends
rippednylon A5: I think having an idea of the future is better than not, but you need to allow room for life’s little twists! #blogtrends
alexshook A5 I plan far in advance but very vaguely… commitment for domain and hosting is usually 1 or 2 years. #blogtrends
blackblondeone A5 If I start planning too much, I lose my spontaneity. I need to keep a lose plan in case of life happening. #blogtrends
jstprfectbeauty a5: have a general plan in place, but BE FLEXIBLE!!! nothing and i do mean nothing, is written in stone. #blogtrends
ATLHappyHr A5 because I post 1-3 times a week planning 1 month ahead is enough. Planning is blog dependent I say don’t plan too far ahead. #blogtrends
pulpsushi A5 I won’t go further than a month in advance, my blog is tied in to my Etsy shop so it’s based on what’s going on with that #blogtrends










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