#BlogTrends – Organizing Giveaways – Dec 10

We have special guest Christen Rochon of the popular tech and fashion blog, Divas and Dorks! She will be joining us to discuss some tips for organizing and executing exciting giveaways on our blogs. She is currently running her own giveaway, The Diva Days of Christmas, and will share some insight into the tools and methods used to keep things organized as well as how she brings us such awesome prizes!


Q1 How do I build strong relationships with PR or brands? Is working with one the only way to offer a good giveaway? #BlogTrends

prettyandfun A1: Working with PR teams is a great way to build a relationship but not necessary. You can be proactive & reach out to them! #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A1 Reach out and introduce yourself w/a brief intro. And I say create relationships w/many. Can’t hurt. #blogtrends
EternallyZobia A1. Sometimes brands need you as much as you need them and therefore many brands would be great to build relationships with. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A1 W/so many brands/agencies, and the # of bloggers out there, YOU have to make the effort to make yourself known. #blogtrends
BarelyPractical A1 build relationships online and offline. Go to events to meet people in person. #blogtrends
NatalieandErika A1: Just reach out to the brands you want to work with and see what happens! The worst they can say is no 🙂 #blogtrends
elembee_ A1 A great way to start is by tweeting links to brands you mention in your posts. #blogtrends
blackblondeone A1 Honestly, working with brands only helps me with stats on my blog. I get much better turnout. #blogtrends
DIVASANDDORKS A1: be strategic when working with brands..If you’re a fashion blogger, a fast food giveaway might now work well on your site #blogtrends
blackblondeone A1 When reaching out to PR, make sure to sell yourself/your blog. They need to see what you’re capable of. #blogtrends
blackblondeone A1 Also, be friendly! PR are people too. You’re more likely to get a partnership by being personable. #blogtrends


Q2 What are some other good ways to get great items to offer for giveaways? #BlogTrends @DIVASANDDORKS

prettyandfun A2: Reach out to Etsy sellers! Tell them about your audience, why you love their shop & why it would be a good fit #blogtrends
thecuriouspug A2 I’ve personally asked sellers I’ve bought from in the past if they’d be interested in contributing to a giveaway. #blogtrends
OneWomansStyle A2 Most of the products that I have received so far were directly as a result of being part of a blogging network. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A2 If a brand wants to do a giveaway w/me, I let them decide what they want to offer (and give input). #blogtrends
elembee_ A2 Offer your services! I once did a giveaway for credit towards a graphic design project with me. #blogtrends
EternallyZobia A2. Some good ways are to contact your favorite brands first. http://t.co/wRtw3utm is a great oppurtunity! #blogtrends
nicloemax A2 Try and get good deals on sponsor spots of people who’s shops you enjoy and then have a big giveaway with all your sponsors! #blogtrends
KpSittingPretty A2: Do a product swap w/other bloggers. @MelissaChanel2 & I hosted a box swap that this could’ve easily been down with. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A2 I dont ask for specific products for a giveaway. The brand is being generous, so if it matches my blog “image”, I’m thankful. #blogtrends
blackblondeone A2 I find items that I would love to receive. Choose items that get a lot of traction from your readers. #blogtrends
alexshook A2 I’ve connected with brands on Cision’s Seek or Shout– http://t.co/wIf8crob. Lots of publicists (including me) on there. #blogtrends
DIVASANDDORKS Quality promotions takes time & planning @OneWomansStyle – asking sponsors 30days in adv improves chances of getting results #blogtrends


Q3 What’s the best way to promote my new giveaway? #BlogTrends @DIVASANDDORKS

prettyandfun A3: Schedule tweets promoting the giveaway, use hashtags, have sharing via FB/Twitter as an entry option for readers #blogtrends
thecuriouspug A3 I mainly use twitter but am interested in hearing other suggestions. #blogtrends
elembee_ A3 Use Rafflecopter and add an entry for tweeting about the giveaway — it promotes itself! #blogtrends
EternallyZobia A3. Strangely even though I have more of a blog fan base on Twitter, Facebook seems to connect me with people interested. #blogtrends
discountthief A3: twitter & FB keep me up to date on the latest giveaways. #blogtrends
DIVASANDDORKS Q3: using twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even Facebook groups & email groups are great ways to promote your giveaway. #blogtrends
elembee_ A3 I also think it’s important to tell a story with a giveaway — offer content value beyond “come get free stuff!” #blogtrends
KinABoutiqueINC A3 all forms of social media should be used! get the word out there #blogtrends
DIVASANDDORKS I’m beginning to see a lot of major brands use Pinterest for giveaway promotions too #blogtrends
DIVASANDDORKS Twitter/FB is a great outlet for promoting giveaways however they’re always saturated w/ giveaways. #blogtrends


Q4 What are the best tools for organizing a giveaway? Do I need a special occasion for a giveaway? #BlogTrends @DIVASANDDORKS

thecuriouspug A4 favorite tool by far is rafflecopter 🙂 #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A4 Milestones and event giveaways are nice. I say do a giveaway anytime, as long as its the right one for your blog. #blogtrends
prettyandfun A4: I love Rafflecopter! Makes the process easy for readers & for me to track entries. #blogtrends
EternallyZobia A4. The best part of giveaways is that FREE stuff is always in season! My favorite giveaway tool is PunchTab! #blogtrends
elembee_ Q4 I like the giveaways that are incorporated into regular posts, no need for a special occasion! #blogtrends
elembee_ Q4 I think it can be a bit annoying when blogs host too many giveaways. Be choosy! #blogtrends
DIVASANDDORKS Dont need an occasion for giveaways… it feels professional/official if u create a campaign promotion vs “giving away freebies” #blogtrends
discountthief it’s also a turnoff when u go to a blog & the post w/the giveaway is full of comments but all others have none #blogtrends


Q5 How can I ensure I receive lots of entries for my giveaway? #BlogTrends @DIVASANDDORKS

EternallyZobia A5. Keep promoting! #blogtrends
OneWomansStyle A5 Making the entry easy (no hoops please) and letting people know that you have a #giveaway is also key. #blogtrends
DIVASANDDORKS @BlogTrends it must be attractive to readers & audiences in general #blogtrends
DIVASANDDORKS @BlogTrends hands down quality giveaways attract entries… #blogtrends
prettyandfun A5: Make entry easy, spread the word (& leverage your readers to do the same), make sure the giveaway is desirable #blogtrends
DIVASANDDORKS @BlogTrends sticking with high value giveaways and entries that require sharing the promotion via social media helps too #blogtrends
DIVASANDDORKS Bloggers should personally collect contact info & email the winner (and thank them for participating) @thecuriouspug #blogtrends







































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