#BlogTrends – Optimizing Your Blog – Feb 6

We all have our posts, followers, and social media.  Whether or not blogging is our full-time job or simply a hobby, we all put a lot of work into it.  Is all of the work actually yielding results?  Are we really optimizing our writing and networking?  Join us to chat about some of these things with other bloggers of all experience levels.

Q1 How do you choose to optimize your blog? #blogtrends

@TheModSocial: I use wordpress SEO plugins, and do keyword research when writing my posts. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @BlogTrendsChat A1 I work on my blog through networking mostly. I treat it like a channel to work w/ other passionate ppl. #blogtrends

@HerSparkle: I love the All in one SEO pack RT @TheModSocial nI use wordpress SEO plugins, and do keyword research when writing my posts. #blogtrends

@Her_Castle: RT @TheModSocial: I use wordpress SEO plugins, and do keyword research when writing my posts. #blogtrends

@SmartSavvyStyle: I use social media. I am excited to incorporate Pinterest into my posts this week. #blogtrends

@lindseywolff: @BlogTrendsChat A1: Key words! They are essential. I always think of keywords when tagging a writing. #BlogTrends

@SoDreWrites: I need to work on researching keywords to optimize my blog. #blogtrends

@VMDiaries: @BlogTrendsChat I’m so bad at this but try to use key words and descriptive blog titles. #blogtrends

@TheModSocial: @lindseywolff you can also use google’s free keyword search tools as a way to find keywords #blogtrends

@blondegotblues: @BlogTrendsChat A1-I think a clean & fresh layout is so important. also high-res images are a must. #blogtrends

@Glam__Slam: The keywords idea is great!never used that one before.currently use the All in One SEO plug-in. I ALWAYS put in key tags though #blogtrends

@StyleOnTheCouch: @BlogTrendsChat tag your posts! Look at magazines & fashion communities, see what they are writing & tune in…#blogtrends

@TheModSocial: @lindseywolff I’m not an SEO expert at all. I’m still a novice but http://t.co/MIajzBkF is an amazing resource. I read it daily#blogtrends

@Fashionalities: I like to have fun with title for my blog and then realize I won’t get any hits that way from searches sadly… #blogtrends

@backngroovemom: @BlogTrendsChat it is helpful to pay attn to the top keywords that are directing to ur site to see if u are on ur mark#blogtrends

Q2 Do you offer subscription by email for your posts? Is it successful? #blogtrends

@mbhahn: @BlogTrendsChat i offer rss feed subscriptions by giving a rss link, it works for me #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @BlogTrendsChat A2 I currently don’t but would be interested in what everyone thinks! #blogtrends

@styleblacklabel: A2 I think I do but not sure how to check subscribers/bouncebacks etc. #blogtrends

@SmartSavvyStyle: I offer subscriptions via e-mail and have several who follow that way. #blogtrends

@Naturalistaglam: A2: I offer email subscriptions but I don’t think anyone has subscribed #blogtrends

@RobLayer: @BlogTrendsChat I feel like less and less people are signing up for newsletters, all about social media traffic #blogtrends

@HerSparkle: Q2 #blogtrends. I offer subscription, but I find that most people tend to view in a reader or via bloglovin (which is what I use for ease)

@Glam__Slam: @BlogTrendsChat Q2: I do. So far it hasn’t been that successful for. Not many subscribers that way. #blogtrends

@TheModSocial: A2 I would always give the option of having a subscribe by email for those who want it. #blogtrends

@Her_Castle: A2 We offer subscription, ppl sign up. Too soon to tell if it majorly successful, but ppl use it #blogtrends

@SoDreWrites: A2: My site does have subscription by email but I am not able to see how effective this is yet. #blogtrends

@discountthief: a2: yes, you can subscribe via email to my blog. you can’t allow yourself 2 get caught up in the numbers though#blogtrends

@theowlgurl: @BlogTrendsChat still learning how things work for a blog to be succesful, but unfortunatly not offering subscription yet#blogtrends

@TheModSocial: Email subscription tells you more about HOW ppl are reading your blog than IF they’re reading it. social media is big now#blogtrends

Q3 How do you optimize SEO for your blog? Do you use plugins? #blogtrends

@TheModSocial: A3 http://t.co/8rikpvhz All-In-One SEO tool #blogtrends

@julieedmonson: @BlogTrendsChat18 I use Blogger, so it’s more difficult. Just added meta description and keyword html last week.#blogtrends

@SmartSavvyStyle: I’ve done some research on keywords and search engines, but I do not currently use a plug-in. #blogtrends

@RobLayer: @BlogTrendsChat you also have to be careful with how many options you offer, clutter deter’s me, pick the 2-3, keep it clean#blogtrends

@discountthief: @julieedmonson meta description is often overlooked…crucial for SEO. #blogtrends

@HerSparkle: All, there is an awesome resource for bloggers that has tons of free info. http://t.co/eVLgwpXv They are amazing a recos for WP #blogtrends

@lindseywolff: @BlogTrendsChat it sounds like we all need an SEO 101. I would love to hear from a big blogger. @designsponge?@designlovefest #blogtrends

@julieedmonson: @fashionalities When using a search engine to find a site, it’s the description that displays below. Helps the spiders find you. #blogtrends

@SmartSavvyStyle: @BlogTrendsChat I occasionally do basic google searches on blogging tips. I’ve read that using phrases can be helpful.#blogtrends

Q4 How do you optimize your blog through themes? Do you have good navigation? #blogtrends

@Fashionalities: A4. Came up with themes for the new year, but haven’t implemented them yet…think it would be great for my blog.#blogtrends

@theowlgurl: @BlogTrendsChat I really need to get a better layout or create one so I can have a great naviation bar :/ #blogtrends

@OneWomansStyleE: @BlogTrendsChat there is a similar vid based training site calle grovo. It’s free. #blogtrends

@TheModSocial: A4 My theme is really simple and all the focus is on content. I hate when there tons of buttons and links that are random#blogtrends

@chevstripesblog: @BlogTrendsChat A4 The generic theme has got to go! If you don’t know a lot about coding find easily customizable themes. #blogtrends

@lindseywolff: #blogtrends our theme is fairly simple because our blog is pretty one-dimensional right now. We are in the process of adding more channels

@StyleOnTheCouch: @BlogTrendsChat I don’t like too many columns, and this is also where you need to be wary of advertising ‘cluttering’ your look #blogtrends

@chevstripesblog: @BlogTrendsChat A4 Keep your design, layout, and any custom nav buttons clean so readers can find things easily.#blogtrends

@Glam__Slam: A4: However, I also look at others blogs,especially successful bloggers for theme/design ideas.Learned a lot that way.#blogtrends

@Naturalistaglam: A4: Mine is a work in progress lol. I look at my blog as if I was a 1st time visitor to improve navigation #blogtrends

@lindseywolff: #blogtrends one of my favorite aspects of our layout is the categories plug-in. I like how you can get to what you want to read quickly.

Q5 How do you optimize your blog through your writing? #blogtrends

@TheModSocial: A5 Check your most popular posts and write more on those topics. Your rankings for those keywords should improve even more. #blogtrends

@StyleOnTheCouch: @BlogTrendsChat writing about what you love develops natural themes through content. So for me ‘little black dress’, ‘lingerie’ #blogtrends

@discountthief: a5: the best way i can optimize is to write stuff that ppl can relate to & want to share..no secret formulas over here#blogtrends

@RobLayer: @BlogTrendsChat be yourself, don’t force it, people will come back for something genuine, use keywords in the Title#blogtrends

@DerekTac: @BlogTrendsChat A5) I put my keywords in the first sentence of my blog articles for improved SEO results #blogtrends

@lindseywolff: A5: we optimize through the variety of content that comes from all of our contributors different styles and topics they cover#blogtrends


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