#BlogTrends – Marketing Yourself & Your Blog – Mar 26

We have talked about PR, marketing tools, and building up our blogs but one question remains, how do we market ourselves & our blogs successfully? Find some great tips below on how to successfully put yourself out there, create partnerships, and market yourself in an accurate way!

Q1 I have business cards, what else should I do to get started with market myself/blog? #BlogTrends

@blackblondeone: @blog_trends Make sure your website is branded. Have a specific image to represent yourself. Know who you are.#blogtrends

@RobLayer: @Blog_Trends A1. Get to know anyone and everyone, no matter how rad you may or may not be its all about who you know#BlogTrends

@TyrasLilSis: A1. Go out and attend events. Talk to people, let them SEE you and HEAR you, TELL them what you do! #blogtrends#Marketing

@AtomicBeaute: A1: Making established connections with bloggers as well as having face to face meet ups which can be hard sometimes#blogtrends

@discountthief: a1: make sure ur biz cards stand out & are memorable w/a call to action if possible #blogtrends

@KendallMilne: A1 Visit other blogs of interest & intro urself, tell all ur friends and fam, & engage companies & products u show on the blog#blogtrends

@TyrasLilSis: A1: Meet other bloggers and est. relationships w/them..REAL relationships..word of mouth in the blogging comm. is powerful#blogtrends

@court2032: Q1 finding twitter and FB chats in your niche is a great way to market yourself. Writing guest posts for other bloggers too!#BlogTrends

@HerSparkle: Q1: Start networking everywhere, share your vision. Have a strategy in mind so you know who you want to reach#blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: I think we all have clearly gotten the Twitter part down, beyond biz cards is a mission statement. Everything comes from this #blogtrends

@TyrasLilSis: A1. Show up…you don’t have to be everywhere doing anything, but make yourself avail for ppl to get to know YOU #Networking #Blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A1 Sync up your social networks—make sure new posts auto feed to FB, Twitter. RT posts of blogs you like—a great soft sell! #BlogTrends

@lindseywolff: @Blog_Trends A1: you hear it all the time but networking is key! Collaborations and endorsements from other bloggers really help #blogtrends

@TyrasLilSis: A1: Create a cute little tagline that is unique to you.Use it in tweets, at the end of posts, EVERYWHERE. people do notice#Blogtrends

@ashia: A1 Start attending events that you would cover with your blog and meet the event organizers. Ask them to add you to their lists.#blogtrends

@TyrasLilSis: A1: Think before you act. I’d suggest a strategy(ies) before leaping. Plan a few things out and see how they work#blogtrends #Marketing

@verybusymama: Q1: let networking be a natural thing, don’t force it. Biz cards good, look for meaningful connections #blogtrends#blogtrends

@SmartSavvyStyle: Follow people with similar interests but don’t discount those with other interests. You never know who you will connect with. #blogtrends

@fayemarieblogs: when using social networks don’t just tweet your latest posts. Interact with your followers#blogtrends #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: Q1: Don’t be afraid to create your own lane & market yourself as a prof in what you do. Attend trade shows & make connections #BlogTrends

@verybusymama: Pitch yourself to brands&companies you already like.Tell them exactly why you would be a good fit w/ them.#blogtrends #blogtrends

@bagaddictsanon: A1 Networking is key both online and offline! Don’t be a Shy blogger who hides behind the computer screen! Lol#blogtrends

@verybusymama: Don’t wait to be approached by PRs.Seek them out &introduce yourself. As a PR myself I like when bloggers come to me#blogtrends #blogtrends

Q2 How do I market myself at events other than handing out my business cards? #BlogTrends

@sugaRushtv: a2: sometimes I pitch ideas where both myself & the other person benefit,using my skills to better their site(video, production) #blogtrends

@PinQueenCity: A2 – be yourself and show your true personality at events…that is the best form of marketing yourself! #blogtrends

@MsSherryBlossom: @Blog_Trends A2: sparking up conversation! You all have a mutual interest. Ice is already broken! Start conversing#blogtrends

@ashia: A2 Come up with a concise description of your blog that you can easily share at events. #blogtrends

@CreativelyYours: A2. Mingle…Mingle…MINGLE #BlogTrends

@RobLayer: @Blog_Trends A2 don’t be that person that does a pitch and hands out cards like their candy #BlogTrends

@WhatAshleyWears: A2: Talk to people! Being likeable is probably the most important factor. Introduce yourself to multiple people in the room. #blogtrends

@MsSherryBlossom: @Blog_Trends Q2: take photos! Everyone loves snap shots of a great time. Go up snap a photo and go from there.#blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A1 Introduce yourself. Ask to take photos w/bloggers you meet/like, then link to their blogs when you post the experience #BlogTrends

@court2032: Q2 I know at events some people make up tshirts with their websites and logo. I always seem to remember those!#blogtrends

@BlushingBlack: A2 – Open your mouth and speak with confidence and conviction. If you dont believe it, why should they? #blogtrends

@verybusymama: Engage in REAL conversations,don’t just jump in &push your blog. Be yourself 1st, then blogger #blogtrends#blogtrends

@MsCherrieAmore: A2 You just have to make sure you’re memorable. Let your natural self shine though and dont let intimidation hinder you #blogtrends

@TyrasLilSis: Another great way: See someone who looks fab? Say, “can I take a photo of you for my blog?” It’s a wrap from there! haha#blogtrends

@MsSherryBlossom: @Blog_Trends A2: grab their business card and FOLLOW UP! The marketing doesn’t stop when the event ends#blogtrends

@fayemarieblogs: add a photo of yourself to business cards. Makes it much easier for people to remember you and your blog #blogtrends

@HerSparkle: Q2: Relax, be authentic. Remember, everyone has been once where you are now. Smile and have fun with mingling and meeting #blogtrends

@TyrasLilSis: See someone you look up to in the bloggersphere? Don’t be afraid to approach them, they LOVE it!#blogtrends

@KatiePetix: A2 – Read Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People!! #blogtrends

@styledelights: A2.Align ur marketing strategies wth your goals,otherwise you’d be doing random projects without long term success#blogtrends @Blog_Trends

@gritandglamour: A2 GREAT way to market yourself—ask a question during audience Q&A. Say your name & blog name, & ask a meaningful question. #BlogTrends

@lindseywolff: @BlogTrendsChat A2: confession: I judge people on their business cards so don’t skimp #blogtrends

@styledelights: A2. Pitch the ideas to the brends/bloggers you really relate to, they can see the passion come thru @Blog_Trends#blogtrends

@TyrasLilSis: Another easy way to break the ice? Just look FABULOUS! (as I know you all do), people are interested in what you’re wearing 😉 #blogtrends

@RobLayer: @Blog_Trends A2 it’s really easy, put yourself in their shoes, what would it take to wow/impress yourself? And be confident#BlogTrends

Q3 What are you best resources for networking or getting invited to events? #BlogTrends

@MsSherryBlossom: @Blog_Trends A3: funny 1 of the biggest things is to show up to 1 and you’ll be invited to others #blogtrends

@AtomicBeaute: A3: Contacting PR, increasing traffic to your blog, reaching out to other bloggers, even being friends with someone in PR#blogtrends

@MsSherryBlossom: @Blog_Trends A3: be known as the blogger that wants to get the information to the masses: recaps/reviews & not just swag bags #blogtrends

@MsSherryBlossom: @Blog_Trends A3: MENTOR! MENTOR! MENTOR! Have an amazingly supportive blogging mentor. They will bring you opps to grow u/blog #blogtrends

@MsCherrieAmore: A3 Twitter and other bloggers! Connect with like minded bloggers and be in the know of all the events #blogtrends

@styledelights: A3 I recently started ‘cold calling’ and it actually works! Make sure you know/have interest in the brand/event@Blog_Trends #blogtrends

@TheTinyTieRant: a3 this is a great way for one. sign up for emails from retailers– they are always having events @blog_trends#blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A3 Best resoursces for networking for invitations? Other bloggers you know; @_IFB; Twitter for engaging directly with brands. #BlogTrends

@NatalieandErika: A3: Reach out! Make friends! Bloggers R better in numbers! In DC we have @CapFABB 2 bring us all together at really fun events! #blogtrends

@CreativelyYours: A3.The integrity of content allows contact w/PR that leads to event invites They come after following steps talked about in A1&2 #Blogtrends

@RobLayer: @Blog_Trends A3 align yourself with other powerful brands, soon enough your network is full of talented individuals#BlogTrends

@StyleMaeve: @fayemarieblogs Yup, don’t be afraid to contact PR and ask for an invite to an event. Tell them about yourself and your blog.#blogtrends

@Her_Castle: A3 introducing myself 2 PR companies, getting to know ppl in the industries we cover. Events we go 2 lead us to new connections #blogtrends

@MsCherrieAmore: A3. Follow companies and other bloggers on twitter. Upcoming events are tweeted a lot on twitter #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A3 Don’t forget about the follow up from events. Let PR companies know you featured them! #blogtrends

@TheTinyTieRant: a3 look for listings in local papers/sites theres tons of free events u can go to to network #blogtrends

@verybusymama: Join collectives, often they look for bloggers in specific areas. You can host parties at home, etc. #blogtrends#blogtrends

@ECherrie368: I use my fav product lines/websites or local mags event section to stay up on upcoming events#blogtrends

@CreativelyYours: A3. Provide prompt coverage of events. Send to PR/Brand,they’ll know you can balance good times&work.The invites will be endless #Blogtrends

@verybusymama: Also remember, not all bloggers will be instant IRL friends, but we can all respectfully engage & work together#blogtrends #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: Just my general rule: be generous and be nice. You never know when it might come back to you! #blogtrends

@MsSherryBlossom: @Blog_Trends A3: be genuine! Be as excited for the start ups events and new PR companies as you are the big fish#blogtrends

@styledelights: Join a blogger network similar to ur interest to meet new bloggers. I joined @AllThingsChic and @_InFB (for Indian bloggers)#blogtrends

Q4 Should I be cold-calling or emailing PR companies? What is the best way to do this? #BlogTrends

@verybusymama: Q4: YES! pitch yourself to PR companies. Do your HW, check out their site & client list & ask about their blogger outreach#blogtrends

@discountthief: a4: reach out to brands you’re already loyal to vs. pitching blindly #blogtrends

@JulietObodo: @Blog_Trends Q4 Such a good question. I might have to outsource my ad sales. #BlogTrends

@RobLayer: @Blog_Trends A4 cold calls don’t work for me, I’d almost prefer a random cold tweet ha, do something different, be creative#BlogTrends

@styledelights: A4. Absolutely – but cold calling doesn’t mean shoot-in-the-dark.Research before you write/call to show ur interest@Blog_Trends #blogtrends

@danielle_framed: Answer 4: I think e-mailing is easier on both people! That way you can send a reply when you have time & include blog link #blogtrends

@AtomicBeaute: A4 I think email for sure. That way they can click on your link, locate your Twitter and other social media. It’s just faster!#blogtrends

@sugaRushtv: a4 before you cold call, do your research and tailor your “script” to the specific company you’re reaching out to.#blogtrends

@MsSherryBlossom: @Blog_Trends A4: emailing is awesome. You can add URL links/PDFs to posts and media kits. They can browse on their time #blogtrends

@vafashiongirl: @Blog_Trends A4 YES! Pitch and ask away! If u don’t ask u don’t know! #blogtrends http://t.co/XMvwVtGO

@lindseywolff: @Blog_Trends A4: be genuine on the phone and don’t go for hard sell. I stop listening to those people within seconds of talking #blogtrends

@GlitteryGlossy: Yes! Please dont lie about your stats, its the easiest thing to find on the web! #blogtrends

Q5 How do I pitch myself in a way that’s most attractive to brands & companies? #BlogTrends

@fayemarieblogs: PRs do look at blog designs so make yours the best that it can be (for your readers too)#blogtrends

@styledelights: I have seen blogs with low# of followers but more comments/community talk working with brands which needed ‘awareness campaign’ #blogtrends

@MsSherryBlossom: @Blog_Trends A3: PR world is SMALL! Micro! Do not! Do not! Bring I’ll repute to your brand/blog! BURN NO BRIDGES#blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @blog_trends Be yourself and a business. Don’t be a phony. Give facts and specifics, but have personality! #blogtrends

@tisasilver: @TyrasLilSis Control what you can (you & your presentation), pitch it and repeat. It will get easier over time.#blogtrends

@MsSherryBlossom: @Blog_Trends PR reps have numbers and deadlines to worry about sometimes things may not be so “nice” remain calm and respectful #blogtrends

@ashia: A5 Be specific on how you can help them. Know your stats and audience and how it would be valuable to a brand. #blogtrends

@verybusymama: email w/name,what you do,ur blog & links.Invite to look &polite”I look forward to your response”They ALWAYS get back#blogtrends #blogtrends

@Her_Castle: A5 personality is important with brands & creativity. If you can literally be you, show a strong sense if self, it’s a start#blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A5 View it as a partnership, a friendship. Just make sure it works for both sides. #blogtrends


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  1. Kaitlyn
    March 30, 2012 at 10:17 am (7 years ago)

    Thank you everyone for all of your amazing tips this week! I can’t wait to learn more during next week’s #BlogTrends chat! <3

  2. Queen in Heels
    March 31, 2012 at 12:18 pm (7 years ago)

    Great information. I will so be there for the next chat.

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    I will be implementing all of these tips to help my blog to stand out. I especially enjoyed the networking tips on how to optimize the awareness of my blog. Looking forward to the next chat.

  4. Atlanta Happy Hour
    September 19, 2012 at 12:22 pm (6 years ago)

    This is a great conversation with awesome tips, especially for new bloggers. One of the most important things stated many times in numerous ways was to have a cohesive brand message that is memorable. Thanks!


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