#BlogTrends – LinkedIn Tips & Tools – Apr 30

Join us for a chat with LinkedIn’s Krista Canfield and discuss how to promote your blog, find freelance opportunities, and network with other bloggers on LinkedIn. First, let’s learn a little bit about LinkedIn and Krista’s role within the organization.

With over 150 million members worldwide, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. As LinkedIn’s Senior Manager of Corporate Communications, Krista develops, implements and oversees global consumer PR efforts. Krista is also responsible for creating and managing LinkedIn’s journalist training program, which helps journalists understand how they can leverage LinkedIn as a reporting tool. Krista has trained journalists at top publications like CNN, Fortune, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, etc. how to use LinkedIn to uncover story ideas, sources and scoops. Over 9,000 journalists are members of LinkedIn’s official LinkedIn for Journalists group. Krista is a graduate of Syracuse University and began her career in broadcast television.

Q1 Is LinkedIn only for finding full time jobs or can I also find freelance writing/blogging/creative opportunities? How? #BlogTrends

@KristaCanfield: @Blog_trends @LinkedIn is definitely not just for jobs. We see writers using it for uncovering scoops, sources and story ideas. #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @Blog_Trends Here are some specific tips & tricks for journalists that want to get more out of @LinkedIn #blogtrendshttp://t.co/baFIyPZY

@HerSparkle: Q1 Linkedin is for much more than looking for a job.lots of great discussions.Smaller biz are now members – great for networking #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @blog_trends I would love how to learn about freelance work, as if I’m not busy enough! #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A1 I’ve been approached for both freelance and perm work via @LinkedIn. #blogtrends

@rachelmaleady: @blog_trends A1: I got an interview from applying on LinkedIn. I’d be interested in hearing more about freelance writing jobs. #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @Blog_Trends LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search is an easy way to search our 150 million members by title, location, etc.#blogtrends

@WowYouWoreThat: I find that apart from LinkedIn, just start emailing newspapers. It’s amazing how many will take you on freelance#blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @Blog_Trends if you want freelance gigs follow @LinkedIn Company Pages. Here’s CNBC’s for examplehttps://t.co/3Tj8CDe3 #blogtrends

@Brittany_TYD @blackblondeone Looks like @linkedIn is a great place to branch our as a journalist/writer #blogtrends

@GoSimplySavvy: Q1) @linkedIn is a b2b networking resource connecting interest w/ people or groups from all over. I share related blog post too. #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @ashia As an ex. here’s a scoop @NYT got from following Apple’s @LinkedIn Company Page http://t.co/v5x0AE8t#blogtrends

@Nigel_Isaiah: #blogtrends it’s also easy to get freelance work with smaller online magazine! I started contributing writing by reaching out on twitter

Q2 Is LinkedIn a good platform for a blogger to connect with brands that may be potential sponsors/partners?Where do I start? #BlogTrends

@KristaCanfield: @atlanticstyle @HouseOfJeffers Include keywords you WANT to be found for (case studies, bylines, etc) in ur @LinkedInProfile #blogtrends

@TheTinyTieRant: u can also choose to get email digests of group updates & activities on @linked in #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A2 I have my blog listed in my profile but am considering making a separate profile for it. #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @DelectablyChic @Blog_Trends Adjust your settings. You can tweak your @LinkedIn Group digests etc info:http://t.co/HHfyT9tH #blogtrends

@HerSparkle: Q2. Linkedin is a key networking tool for bloggers.Your brand image should be polished… a MUST to be there for any biz#blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @nouvelle u can 50 @LinkedIn Groups at a time. Hunt around. Join bigger n smaller groups. Def join @LinkedIn for Journos! #blogtrends

@_AmandaBella: @Blog_Trends A2 I’d think so- the odd’s of interaction w actual employers seems higher than Twitter where many posts are preset #BlogTrends

@GoSimplySavvy: Q2) I select blog post that I share on @linkedIn and have received followers, new friends, and potential clients too.#blogtrends

@NaomiSchoenfeld: Here’s a link to the @LinkedIn for #Journalists group http://t.co/t1oZQ4pz #BlogTrends

@QueeninHeels: I have listed my event planning and my blog (brand) as companies I own/run all currently under where I work I am CEO of both. #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @SassyDianaMarie Don’t use buzzwords in your @linkedin profile! Use words you want to be found for. #blogtrendshttp://t.co/EJyJoHLp

Q3 What are the best ways to connect with bloggers and promote myself and my blog on LinkedIn? #BlogTrends@KristaCanfield

@KayTeeinVA: @SassyDianaMarie @linkedin Every time I do something diff/new – I update resume and update @linkedin -avg update 4 me evry 6 wks #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: Lots of ?s tonight about building a @LinkedIn Profile that helps you be found on #blogtrends. USE @LINKEDIN SKILLShttps://t.co/fj46AzU4

@KristaCanfield: Have you added “freelance writing” as a @LinkedIn Skill on your profile? #blogtrends Go do it now!https://t.co/VRwAxf5O

@KristaCanfield: What about “ghostwriting?” That’s probably another @Linkedin Skill a lot of you have. #blogtrends Add it to herehttps://t.co/g2KAvbPm

@ashia: @AmberlyDAnna I’ve started calling myself Content Creator rather than Blogger. #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @KayTeeinVA That’s the beauty of a @LinkedIn Profile… you can go above and beyond the one page resume!#blogtrends

@GoSimplySavvy: Q3) I saw a tip where connecting w/ followers or bloggers means following them on @linkedin too – support brings support #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A3 I find some bloggers only like to add you if you’ve met them before. But connecting more would be fab. #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @Blog_Trends Customize your invitations and your messages. Read the person’s @LinkedIn Profile before you reach out.#blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @Blog_Trends You may find nuggets like that the person went to the same school as your bro or that they have a neat career path #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @Blog_Trends be authentic when reaching out to bloggers and media outlets. DONT send cut and paste messages #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: For those who use tumblr, tweet deck and Klout you can set it as a skill #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: I can’t stop searching on @LinkedIn, I think it’s going to be an all-nighter. #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @blackblondeone @LinkedIn Advanced People Search is the best. I’ve found shoe designers, onomastic experts, you name it! #blogtrends

@NYConmymind: Even good ole Fashion Blogging and using the iphone and internet are skills #blogtrends Anything you do alot is on there. #blogtrends

Q4 What are some of the most valuable tools that LinkedIn offers to bloggers & other creative people? #BlogTrends

@KristaCanfield: @Blog_Trends Make sure you join the @LinkedIn for Journalists Group once you create ur profile newbies! #blogtrendshttps://t.co/JrWVb6pv

@KristaCanfield: @NYConmymind Oh, I added “shoes” as an @LinkedIn Skill on my @Linkedin Profile. 🙂 #blogtrends https://t.co/sgjpPCck

@GoSimplySavvy: Share your blog on @linkedIn but don’t forget to share @linkedin on your blog’s social media iconshttp://t.co/GUm77TpW #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @NYConmymind Did you know you can create your @LinkedIn Profile in more than one language? #blogtrends Deets here http://t.co/oY3IEEHx

@KristaCanfield: @AmberlyDAnna Don’t be overwhelmed. There’s a lot of cool stuff on @LinkedIn. I do a 30min phone session 1-2 times per month #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: If you’re a professional journalist you can sign up for the 5/24 @LinkedIn for Journalists session here:http://t.co/wA7cWnF1 #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: Also, think outside the box when joining @LinkedIn Groups. Lots of cool groups for moms on @LinkedIn #blogtrendshttps://t.co/HJInnvXS

@CDN20something: @Blog_Trends favouriting so many tweets to explore further when I get home! This topic came at SUCH an appropriate time. #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @TyrasLilSis Did you check out this @LinkedIn tips sheet specifically for journalists? #blogtrends http://t.co/baFIyPZY

@GoSimplySavvy: Q4) @linkedIn is a great resource for finding local pros and bloggers – it’s good to connect locally too. #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield @LinkedIn yes..I use all the groups for networking for my side business..it works and I have made many contacts #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @DigitalKaitlyn You can also add your creative portfolio to your @LinkedIn Profile #blogtrendshttp://t.co/LMASTklv

@SassyDianaMarie: I feel so much more informed now about the importance and possible benefits of utilizing my @linkedin profile/account. TY!! #blogtrends

Q5 Does LinkedIn offer any networking opportunities/events/job fairs? Are these good ways to make connections?#BlogTrends

@KayTeeinVA: @Blog_Trends For me YES – I just participated in a local chamber of commerce conf and small bus conf for women – via@linkedin #blogtrends

@TeamRamp1885: @Blog_Trends Yes bc unlike FB, LinkedIN expects you 2 network. Good way is asking 4 intro thru ur contact. Been on it 4 years #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: We do have groups like the newly launched @Citi “Connect Professional Women’s Network”: https://t.co/KhqGTTZy#blogtrends

@KayTeeinVA: @KatiePetix @KristaCanfield use @linkedin to join your local chamber of commerce and other business groups-they are out there #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @Blog_Trends Be honest & authentic. Tell other professionals how YOU can help them. Don’t be a gimme gimme networker! #blogtrends

@thetinytierant: just found out that u can choose wat tweets appear on ur @LinkedIn; was worried pers tweets would go thru! #blogtrends

@TheTinyTieRant: @sassydianamarie i think invitations to connect are just that– to connect! 🙂 requests made tonight should be a starting point #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: @SassyDianaMarie There’ll always be a gray area but the majority of your @LinkedIn network should be people you know and trust. #blogtrends

@KristaCanfield: If you have more than 1 position listed on ur @LinkedIn Profile u r 12 times more likely 2 be viewed 4 opps#blogtrends



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