#BlogTrends – Giveaways – Apr 9

Everyone loves a giveaway and a chance to win but how do you actually organize a giveaway for your readers? Is there any special rules or policies? How are giveaways beneficial to you and your blog? Learn more about how to host a beneficial giveaway for your readers, a brand, and yourself!

Q1 How are doing giveaways on my blog beneficial? Is my blog ready for giveaways? #BlogTrends

@bellebellebeau: @Blog_Trends A1: drives traffic, shows enthusiasm for products, builds goodwill #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A1 I’ve never done one but it seems like a great way to reward your readers, gain some new ones, and promote a favorite brand #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @blog_trends A1 1. Increased traffic. 2. New audience. 3. You get to do something awesome for your readers!#blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A1 Giveaways can dramatically increase traffic, and most companies love doing them. But the traffic spike is usually temporary. #blogtrends

@ashia: A1 I think giveaways help to mobilize your blog audience. I’d love to learn how to do them better, though. #blogtrends

@KimberleeVDW: A1 Giveaways can help you gain new followers, get traffic & build relationships w/ brands. I would develop a good following b4 #BlogTrends

@Glam__Slam: @Blog_Trends A1: think can be good for both blogger &brand.get more eyes in front of brand and same for blogger.#blogtrends

@OhCHICFancyHuh: A1: great way to thank your readers for support and they are FUN! 🙂 #BlogTrends

@FlourishCafe: @Blog_Trends A1: Giveaways can help you get in touch w/ your target audience: offer something that really appeals to your niche #blogtrends

@vafashiongirl: @Blog_Trends A1. I have only done 1 but the amount of traffic I gained was well worth it! #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @blog_trends A1 You want to make sure you have enough readers. A giveaway for a handful can be ineffective.#blogtrends

@RobLayer: @Blog_Trends A1 Giveaways are a good way to generate interest and create repeat visitors, increases the chance of going viral#blogtrends

@PinQueenCity: A1 I have only done small giveaways, but it’s always fun to see where the traffic comes from when I do them!#blogtrends

@KimberleeVDW: A1 You do have to be weary abou those who will follow & leave once it’s done. I wish I could not award them but loyal readers #blogtrends

@nouvelle: A1 Giveaways increasing traffic & it helps build a relationship w/ a reader. I giveaway products I think someone would use.#blogtrends

@RobLayer: @Blog_Trends A1 however it can be overdone, you don’t want to be the site that just gives stuff away all the time#blogtrends

@SoDreWrites: A1: It is a great way to increase traffic and thank readers for supporting. I would start once your following grows.#blogtrends

@nouvelle: A1 I look at giveaways as “spreading the wealth” w/ my readers. However, they should be only fun & good products. No junk.#blogtrends

@gritandglamour: @rachelmaleady If a company is offering something your readers will like, any time is good. But giveaways are a lot of work. #blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A1: doing giveaways are a great way to show your appreciation as well as to gauge what your supports are interested in.#blogtrends

@smalltwnfashion: A1 My first giveaway was a hat I knit as a TY to my readers. It wasn’t about getting new followers. I just wanted to say thanks. #blogtrends

@atlanticstyle: @ItGirlAllure I think once you feel your blog is established & has regular content, it’s never too early. #blogtrends#blogtrends

Q2 How do I organize giveaways? Should I contact brands about providing me with an item to giveaway? #BlogTrends

@blackblondeone: @blog_trends You can contact brands, but make sure you want it to be a partnership. Don’t do it for freebies. It looks bad. #blogtrends

@KimberleeVDW: A2 You could purchase products you love or approach a company about giving you a product. #blogtrends

@smalltwnfashion: A2 I loved a necklace from Etsy so much, I asked the seller if she’d give one away. She agreed & even got extra orders out of it #blogtrends

@vafashiongirl: @Blog_Trends A2: Wouldn’t hurt to approach a brand that fits your blog! Could start a new working relationship#blogtrends

@makemeupinhd: @KimberleeVDW I’ve purchased a few items already. Not sure if I have enough traffic flow to ask a brand to donate ??#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: @Blog_Trends Q2 I pitch brands for collaborations, and not always outright ask for a giveaway esp. w/new encounters#blogtrends

@vafashiongirl: Yes! RT@blackblondeone: @blog_trends Sometimes you can also giveaway “swag” you received or a gift Whatever fits your brand. #blogtrends

@OhCHICFancyHuh: A2: I’m still building my blog so I don’t mind paying for an item to giveaway. But working with a brand would be fantastic #BLogTrends

@FlyyCoast2Coast: Q2: we contacted our giveaway designer & expressed an interest in profiling her line THEN inquired about a giveaway.#blogtrends

@MarieDenee: A2 I my giveaways via Rafflecopter and work with brands I really like and prizes that I’d really like #blogtrends

@RobLayer: @Blog_Trends A2 approach brands that pop up in your blog a lot, you’ll be able to show them the value you bring #blogtrends

@smalltwnfashion: A2 I would never give something away without trying it first – whoever it’s from. #blogtrends

@atlanticstyle: A2 You can pitch a giveaway to a brand but best to develop a relationship 1st. #blogtrends

@AleyshaProctor: A2 – I’d be careful about soliciting for products. I’m told if you solicit, then you have to pay taxes on the items.#blogtrends

@nouvelle: A2 Most of my giveaways include items from events/gift bags I received that I think people would use… #blogtrends

@atlanticstyle: A2 You can also ask artists/designers to collaborate on a giveaway to help gain exposure for them well. #blogtrends#blogtrends

@starcrossedsmil: @blog_trends A2 It’s important to be organized w/ giveaways and set clear rules and deadlines- you don’t want to confuse people! #blogtrends

@Mattieologie: A2) Kill 2 birds w/1 stone via giveaway. Leverage relationship w/brand & show ur influence + show readers your appreciation. #BlogTrends

Q3 What are some beneficial things I should require my readers to do in order to enter my giveaway?#BlogTrends

@MarieDenee: A3 I always love the readers sharing a funny story/experience/ or why to win! Great convo #BlogTrends

@OneWomansStyleE: Q3 ask them to follow you (FB, Pinterest, Twitter) and of course to leave a comment #blogtrends

@browsingb: @Blog_Trends Q3 I had them like my fb page and comment and an extra entry for following on twitter #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A3 I say keep it simple, require a comment and maybe for them to follow you & the brand on Twitter/FB #blogtrends

@ashia: A3 I like doing a scavenger hunt for a giveaway and have my readers search my site for the answer to a question. #blogtrends

@_Jeremiah_: @Blog_Trends A3: require some short of feedback or review on alternate social media sites mentioning your site/blog. Cross promo #Blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A3 I’d ask for a comment w/email addy + a follow in one of your social spaces, nothing more. #blogtrends

@RobLayer: @Blog_Trends A3 important to get something out of it, making them follow one of you social outlets is easiest and effective#blogtrends

@BlitzAndGlam: A3) I think requiring readers to answer a question that can provide you with beneficial info for future posts is a good one.#blogtrends

@smalltwnfashion: A3 I kept my Etsy giveaway simple: go to seller’s store, pick something out & comment on it. Drove traffic to her & easy for me. #blogtrends

@DelectablyChic: A3: For my giveaways, ppl must answer an easy question. Additional chances if they follow and tweet. #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A3 When I see a list of 5 things to do to be in the running, I bail. Who has time for all that?! #blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: Q3: I always like when you’re asked to say how you’d use a product, or why you love it. #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A3 Another great way to enter + ensure exposure: ask people to share the post then post a link to the share in your comments. #blogtrends

@Mattieologie: A3) The moment the reader feels you’re taking more than giving in a giveaway, you might as well stick a fork in it. It’s done.#blogtrends

@lindseywolff: A3: confession: I hate the contests the ask you to tweet something they typed up for you#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: @Blog_Trends A3 Call me old fashioned, but I only enter contests that take me less than 2 minutes to participate in.#blogtrends

@GlitzGlamBudget: A3: I LOVE rafflecopter for giveaways because it makes it easy to enter and super easy to monitor/pick winners!#blogtrends

Q4 What types of disclosures, policies, or rules should be in place to ensure an ethical giveaway? #BlogTrends

@chicstripes: A4: full disclosure on who contacted who, if it was sponsored or if it’s your own item #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @blog_trends A4 Be honest about how to win & how the winner will be chosen. #noshade #blogtrends

@OneWomansStyleE: A4 that the post is sponsored, the rules for the giveaway including if its just for people in the continental USA.#blogtrends

@MarieDenee: A4 In my disclosure policy I list what I use, and then (thanks to Rafflecopter) I have a terms of use and full monty linked#BlogTrends

@lindseywolff: @Blog_Trends A4: what they need to do to win, when & how you choose a winner, and if it isn’t sponsored giveaway#blogtrends

@starcrossedsmil: @kimberleevdw Agreed & please don’t forget to announce the winner! Seriously, your readers who entered definitely want to know! #blogtrends

@sugaRushtv: a4 “18 years or +” is 1 that always helps keep the law off your rump.Who wants 2 serve 5 & have to register,bc u gifted a minor #blogtrends

@ashia: A4 I’ve declined to do giveaways for companies that didn’t want me to disclose everything. It’s unethical. #blogtrends

@KimberleeVDW: A4 I make it a rule to be following in some form. You should decide who is shipping the product, is it international & deadline #blogtrends

@nouvelle: A4 I am clear & direct on how to enter the contest & how the winner is chosen (randomly). Also, entrants can email me anytime #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: @Blog_Trends A4 I send a contract to spell out what’s expected of them and what I promise to deliver. No surprises#blogtrends

@styledelights: A4. Make sure to disclose the countries giveaway is valid for. Don’t hide it to gain more followers! #haveseenit@Blog_Trends #blogtrends

@FlourishCafe: @Blog_Trends A4: If you want to mention your giveaway on Facebook, they have a TON of rules. Not worth it to me, personally #blogtrends

@jstprfectbeauty: @KatiePetix @blog_trends A4: definitely note if product is BRAND NEW or GENTLY USED i.e.: opened for swatching!#blogtrends

@AleyshaProctor: A4 – I probably don’t do enough along these lines, but I’m very clear in explaining how the winner will be selected.#blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: Q4: where the product came from, if you’re brand spnsored, why you chose to go with them etc. #blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: Q4: ALWAYS disclose if there are any changes to what was initially promised. nothing sucks more than nt getting wat ur promised. #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: @Blog_Trends Honesty is everything. full disclosure re sponsorship, company involvement, prize value, start/end & fulfillment #Blogtrends

@RobLayer: @Blog_Trends A4 you have to be extremely detailed with every aspect of the contest, had a few gnarly run ins at the day job#blogtrends

@blackblondeone: As said before, announce the winner! It’s exciting for them and gives you some credibility.#blogtrends

@bellebellebeau: A4: make sure to check state laws on contest/sweepstakes to make sure you are in line #blogtrends

Q5 Is it OK to extend a giveaway on my blog if there was not enough participation? How do I announce an extension?#BlogTrends

@lindseywolff: @Blog_Trends A5: step carefully when extending a contest. It can really piss off some followers who acted on it right away#blogtrends

@lindseywolff: @Blog_Trends A5: I say just let it ride and end if there were no takers #blogtrends

@sugaRushtv: a5 its ok to extend.but put a positive spin on situation. no1 wants to feel guilted in2 entering. its a contest not a pity party#blogtrends

@bellebellebeau: A5: I can’t stand when people extend giveaways. If only 1 enters, that’s it=they win.Try hashtaging #giveaway to spread the word #blogtrends

@ashia: A5 I’d be curious how or if anyone has ever extended a giveaway. I’m always afraid to. #blogtrends

@atlanticstyle: A5 I think it’d be ok- but you’d need to announce via a new post & include an update to the original giveaway post#blogtrends

@KimberleeVDW: A5 I did that once so I would say its ok to extend a giveaway. I would re-post the original, announce on social media platforms #blogtrends

@AleyshaProctor: A5- if there are no participants, then I’ll extend the deadline. If I only get 1 (on time) then they win. #blogtrends

@GlitzGlamBudget: @bellebellebeau I agree dont extend giveaway DD Award the 1 that entered, u can always do another giveaway next time #blogtrends

@SassyDianaMarie: A5 I don’t think it is a bad thing to do… can disappoint those waiting for announcement of winner but also bring more fans in! #blogtrends

@starcrossedsmil: A5 Ooo, that’s a touchy issue. Perhaps that’s a sign that you weren’t ready for a giveaway or needed to promote it differently #blogtrends

@OhCHICFancyHuh: A5 : I wouldnt want to extend a giveaway. It’s kinda sketchy #BlogTrends


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