#BlogTrends – Finding Inspiration – Oct 15

Regardless of how frequently or infrequently we post, even the best of us loose motivation with our blogs. So what should we do when we hit that seemingly inevitable wall? In this #BlogTrends chat we’ll discuss why we get to this point in the first place and how to overcome blogging obstacles and find new inspiration. Is it okay to take a break? Is it okay to branch out off topic? Should I shift my focus entirely? All this and more this week’s #BlogTrends chat!


Q1 What are some of the reasons you loose motivation with your blog? #blogtrends

BlueBowGrl A1: When people don’t seem to read or participate in cool aspects of my blog… #blogtrends
msfemminista A1: I’m lacking so much motivation for my blog right now. I honestly just feel so burnt out after 2 1/2 years. #blogtrends
jstprfectbeauty a1: quite frankly, i sometimes have too many ideas in my head and i can’t pick one to write about! #blogtrends
gritandglamour A1 Life gets in the way…sometimes I have no energy left. Also, lately it all seems soooo commercial. Kinda tired of that. #blogtrends
msfemminista A1: Also I realize that blogging took up all of my free time and I feel like I’m missing out on other hobbies. #blogtrends
TheRachelG A1. Short of time and no energy left after a day of work #blogtrends
pinkisfunny A1. A few reasons why I lose motivation is lack of time and sometimes I can’t find anything great to share. #blogtrends
nouvelle A1 I tend to lose sight of my blog when I’m bogged down with work or stressed. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A1 The weather plays an impact. If I can’t take pics outside, it limits what I like to feature. #blogtrends
KatiePetix A1 I also loose motivation if I don’t have much interaction on the blog. Makes me feel like no one is reading! #blogtrends
pulpsushi A1 Sometimes I just get burnt out – working FT, running an Etsy shop, updating a blog, and still trying to have a life #blogtrends
theskinnyblonde A1: Life gets in the way. I find distraction can end up being a great motivator, though. I start craving blogging again & voila. #blogtrends
justsitpretty A1: Loosing motivation sometimes happens when you’re not being as successful as quickly as you’d like. #blogtrends
DollhouseMB A1 when I receive hardly any comments & shares sometimes that get me down & not spending so much time on my own all for my blog #blogtrends
gritandglamour A1 Limited technical abilities also make me lose interest. I want to do so much & I don’t have the skills or $3K to throw at it. #blogtrends
TyrasLilSis A1. Oddly enough,seeing others pump posts daily also discourages me(weird, right?) it sometimes makes me feel really behind… #blogtrends


Q2 How do you avoid or overcome the things that get in the way of blogging motivation? #blogtrends

warwornfashion A2 I remember why it is I even started blogging. My purpose, once I remind myself, always serves as inspiration #blogtrends
gritandglamour A2 I don’t force myself to blog everyday, or even on a schedule. I do it when I want. That way I don’t get burned out. #blogtrends
BlueBowGrl A2: I stick it to the non motivation man and just start writing, then I tend to love it again! #blogtrends
jstprfectbeauty a2: a lot of times, just sitting down and writing SOMETHING, even something bad, can get you going again! #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A2 I always tell myself that it’s a commitment to myself and my readers. Dont want to leave people hanging. #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm #A2 The best way to do that is to return to what made you want to blog in the first place and to preserve your happiness #BlogTrends
DollhouseMB A2 always have a article schedule in place helps keep focus & dedicate certain days, to your love of your blog 🙂 #blogtrends
pulpsushi A2 I allow myself to take a couple of days off (I already don’t blog on wknds) but I still visit other blogs & comment #blogtrends
briantmarquis A2: something random. When I feel like I’ve cooked everything under the sun, I start throwing random ingredients/foods together #blogtrends
pinkisfunny A2. I try to write a note about things I find motivating enough to blog about and see where my inspiration takes me from there. #blogtrends
ScottieKey A2 Usually by remembering my goals and dreams and always remembering the alternative to not achieving them. (starvation) #blogtrends
QueeninHeels @Blog_Trends A2. I focus on better thoughts (if I am down about readership) , look for inspiration in new places, take time off #blogtrends
alexshook A2 I meet a blogger friend for dinner and we take some pictures and Instagram, haha. #blogtrends
jstprfectbeauty a2: taking a breather and focusing on something totally unrelated can help also! gives your subconscious a chance to percolate #blogtrends
enh410 A2: I set goals, write to-do lists & have a special blog notebook for ideas that will come to mind! #BlogTrends
KatiePetix A2 Often times for me, publicly stating that i’m overwhelmed or need a break gives me just the kick I need. #blogtrends
enh410 @Blog_Trends A2: I also don’t blog if im not in the mood. My blog is mine & my outlet so I don’t write if it feels forced/not me #BlogTrends
jomariemalcolm #A2 It’s also good to ask bloggers with similar interests and get insight into how to overcome it. You’ll learn something new! #BlogTrends
TheBlogWorkshop A2. I tend to have s space set aside for blogging and do it when I can be in solitude. LESS distractions #blogtrends


Q3 What do you do to find new inspiration when you are loosing interest in blogging? #blogtrends

msfemminista A3: I look for inspiration from other places such as art, magazines, books. Taking a step away from the computer can help! #blogtrends
BlueBowGrl A3: I find new music artists, I ask other people and when I get an idea I just go for it! Nike was smart #blogtrends
enh410 A3: I try to think of things others AREN’T doing! It will motivate me to work harder with my blog #BlogTrends
whatarabelladid A3 I love sites like #Altsummit ‘s blog / Pinterest / Design sponge for visual inspiration #blogtrends
gritandglamour A3 I read magazines, play in other social spaces, take a break. I always come back with ideas when I don’t force them. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A3 Shopping! Sometimes going out and looking around will spark outfit ideas or themes. #blogtrends
pinkisfunny A3. Go out, have some fun, take pictures and you’ll have something to blog about when you get home. #blogtrends
warwornfashion A3 For me, new designers, new products, and rising issues are my inspirations. Innovation and need #blogtrends
acc_stylish A3: I turn to some of my favorite blogs. I find that their success inspires me to want to push myself. #blogtrends
ToriPundit Q3 I read other blogs and just start googling. If I learn about something new, I may want to get more involved in it! #BlogTrends
enh410 A3 I think of the loyal readers I have & how good it feels to know they come back to read my blog every day & care what I say! #BlogTrends
_AmandaBella @Blog_Trends A3: Go through some favorite bloggers older posts, flip through a mag, YouTube. Curious to hear what others do! #BlogTrends
HouseOfJeffers A3 People watching. I love seeing how others interpret style, and it often motivates me to think outside my comfort zone. #blogtrends
oldgypsysoul A3 cut out what is boring me from schedule and keep notebook of daily inspirations to write about. #blogtrends
WokeUpPretty @Blog_Trends A3 I just look around! Find cool things to do outside or products I hadn’t thought about reviewing before at home. #BlogTrends
gritandglamour A3 When you’re stumped, make a “top 10” list, write a helpful post. They are the most shared too! #blogtrends
ScottieKey A3 Shop! And I find a lot of motivation/inspiration from my classmates in the Fashion Department @ school. #blogtrends
elembee_ A3 I look at the things I want to do outside of blogging… then blog about them! #blogtrends
nouvelle A3 I go out. Observe. Read. Look at beautiful & ugly images. Take long walks. Listen to music. Watch new & fave films. Anything! #blogtrends
covetedclassics A3: Have some fun! Clear your mind. Do yoga. There are lots of things you can do to refresh and motivate yourself to write. #blogtrends
TheBlogWorkshop A3. I think it’s important to interact with your readers, do things new in your niche, and take time away to think of new ideas. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A3 I look at blogs in other genres, like home decor. There’s some great blog design that inspires me, as well as the posts. #blogtrends


Q4 is it ok to take a break from blogging? How do you get motivated after a break to blog again? #blogtrends

QueeninHeels @Blog_Trends Q4 It is definitely good to take a break if you need one just don’t stay away too long. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A4 OMG, this is the most important lesson: YES, taking breaks from blogging is OK and encouraged! Otherwise you WILL burn out! #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A4 Yes! Yes, we are bloggers, but we’re human. Sometimes you have to take a step back to let the spark reignite! #blogtrends
acc_stylish A4: It is ok to take a break. The key is to come back with the best of yourself. Sometimes you need to step outside yourself. #blogtrends
alexshook Q4 Never taken more than a week off, but I think it’s totally okay to need a break. I miss bloggers’ posts when they do though! #blogtrends
DollhouseMB A4 I think its good to take a break I did and help me look at things differently and assess what I originally wanted to achieve #blogtrends
gritandglamour A4 Even the biggest bloggers take breaks. Both @SterlingStyle and @thecoveted have taken breaks recently. #blogtrends
KatiePetix A4 sometimes taking a break is essential for your sanity! Just make sure your readers know & try setting up guest bloggers #blogtrends
DelphinaLuxe A4 Blog absence can hurt traffic significantly, but if you feel a vacation is needed for blog rejuvenation then it’s worth it. #blogtrends
NostalgicMind A4 I get motivated by new experiences, whether it’s a travel excursion or a certain event I might attend that sparks my interest #blogtrends
pinkisfunny A4. It is most definately okay to take a break. If you blog for fun, going back would not be hard at all. #blogtrends
TheBlogWorkshop A4. Taking a break from blogging depends on your type of blog and audience expectations. continued… #blogtrends
TheBlogWorkshop A4. I wouldn’t suggest taking a break from blogging without having scheduled posts. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A4 A break might mean not posting, but still reading/commenting/Instagramming/pinning. You’re still there, but it’s less stress. #blogtrends
ShrimpSalad A4 To prevent burnout in the first place, don’t pigeon-hole yourself into one niche too much. Write about what “gets” you! #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A4 You can’t fake the funk. People WILL see through forced posts. #blogtrends


Q5 When is your favorite time of the day to blog? When do you find you can pump out a great post worth reading? #blogtrends

StreeterUltd A5: Totally depends on the day but most of the time I have more heart in my posts written later in the day or evening. #blogtrends
ShrimpSalad A5 I’m a big-time night owl. I’ll blog into the wee hours, but don’t you dare try to get me out of bed to post! ;D #blogtrends
justsitpretty A5: The moment I wake up or the moment I’m doing something I don’t want to do. That’s when all of my ideas flow. #blogtrends
Cinchedwaist Sunday morning is always best to crank a couple of posts out! #blogtrends
DanielleASB A5: My fav time of the day to blog generally is when the house is quiet (late night) and closer to the weekend. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A5 My best time is in the morning, with a cup of coffee. Which is why I post less now. Working! #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A5 I enjoy blogging on the weekends. I have the most time then to take my time with my posts. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A5 To be fair to my hubby, I don’t blog on weekends. That’s our time. Once I get started, I could be on for hours. #blogtrends
KatiePetix A5 SO much more productive in the a.m. After a day of work, trying to blog turns into farting around online avoiding blogging. #blogtrends
alexshook A5 Late late night. I think I must have been an owl in a past life. I always do my best work in the early hours of the morning. #blogtrends
DigitalKaitlyn A5 I hate to wake up to an alarm, but if I can nautally wake up around 9am and have some coffee I can get into blogging… #blogtrends
DollhouseMB A5 and also I like to blog when I am super excited about something and that can be any time of the day #blogtrends
TheBlogWorkshop A5. I love to blog at night or after I’ve had a good cup of tea at 11am, LOL #blogtrends



















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