#BlogTrends – Events, Events, Events – July 31

With a whirlwind of events coming up, including blogging conferences and fashion weeks, we’re all about events!  We want to hear what you think about the cost, which to attend, and if you should even go.  Join us to discuss some of these issues and more!

Q1 There are so many events to attend! How do I pick which one(s) will be worth it for me? #BlogTrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: Q1 I have attended the #IFBCon a couple of times, I got a lot out of it the first time, second time not so much, felt repetitive #blogtrends

@warwornfashion: A1: The crowd, the venue, and sponsors dictate how exciting or promising an event will be. It’s gr8 when others want to go too! #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A1 I’ve limited the # of events I attend now. I only attend the ones where I believe I can make a serious connection.#blogtrends

@SheLikesRuffles: A1: I think it depends on a few factors – location, type of conference/what kinds of sessions, cost of travel, etc.#blogtrends

@HerGoodyBag: A1 I look at the focus of the event. If it does not fit my niche I respectfully decline to attend #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A1 I try to pick events that are relevant to me & my blog. I don’t attend events “just because”. #blogtrends

@RhythmandRuffle: A1 I would choose the event you’re most excited about – the one that has the most value and networking opportunities for you #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @Obvi_Obsessed This is important. Don’t always go just to show up. I love seeing friends, but I gotta control my time.#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A1 I have to choose my battles when it comes to events. I work FT – cant make every event but do make time for larger functions #blogtrends

@KatiePetix: A1 people found my blog from watching the #IFBcon livestream where I asked questions at panel. Pretty cool way to get exposure. #blogtrends

@FoxyRevolution: A1 For, relevant to my blog 2. content of speakers and 3. what type of attendees might attend eg. potential customers#BlogTrends

@gritandglamour: A1 If you can’t decide, pick an event where you will at least meet up with blog buddies. Meeting in person is awesome!#blogtrends

@HerGoodyBag: A1 Always do research on the conference or event prior to purchasing a ticket or sending in your RSVP. I learned hard way#blogtrends

Q2 To pay or not to pay. Conferences are expensive. How do I gauge whether or not to splurge? What are some free options? #BlogTrends

@ShaiUnfiltered: A2: as I mentioned earlier, I volunteered at a couple of conferences to get free admission. #BlogTrends

@HerGoodyBag: A2 It all depends on your financial situation. With live streams and following hashtags it is a lot easier #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: Do follow tweets & live streams. Full videos are not usually provided after. You get all the best sound bites from Twitter!#blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @Blog_Trends A2 Stream it, follow tweets, read blog follow ups. If you’re on a budget, like me, go for the savings.#blogtrends

@pinkisfunny: A2. I’d be willing to pay the price of a back row seat in a concert, about $25 maybe. Otherwise, FREE webinars it is!#blogtrends

@HerGoodyBag: @Blog_Trends to get the full experience a blogger should attend at least one conference. If you can’t afford it ask for sponsors #blogtrends

@warwornfashion: A2: I refuse to pay unless if the speaker is beyond relevant to my life. My “conferences” are actual networking events#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A2 Paying is a small sacrifice. Think of it as an investment in your blog. #blogtrends

@nouvelle: A2 Don’t. Over. Spend. If it’s in your budget, go for it. If your blog is new, I would hold off on the big gun conferences.#blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A2 Only time I paid was when I had moneys and when I first started out. Now I know what to expect. #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A2 At least 1 conf is worth it. Making real life connections with bloggers or brands is invaluable. #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: @LO_TS last year conferences were about $50, this year they seem to be extending to multi-days and are $100-$500#blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A2 If you’re trying to turn blogging into a real revenue generator, remember that conf travel/expenses are deductible.#blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A2 Honestly I have learned more through #blogtrends and self-teaching rather than conferences. It’s all the #powerofyou

@CTBloggers: Smaller conferences can be much more worth it in the long run bec you can get to know people since there are less there#blogtrends

@warwornfashion: Eventbrite is also king when it comes to all these mixers… free events for the blogger on a budget#blogtrends

@ohmyTy: @Blog_Trends A2 Im volunteering for a big conference coming up. To save money and making some inside connections#BlogTrends

Q3 I want to attend more events, but I don’t know how. What’s the best way to get connected and invited? #blogtrends

@HerGoodyBag: A3 Be social. Interact with PR reps, cover events for fellow bloggers or local publications#blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A3 Connect online! Reach out! Develop relationships with people who will believe in you and help you. #blogtrends

@observantturtle: A3: Interact with other blogs! Search for others in your area and reach out. They’ll most likely want to get to know you!#blogtrends

@HerGoodyBag: A3 Also when you attend an event do an event recap on your blog, or use social media and send your coverage to the PR company #blogtrends

@julieedmonson: @Blog_Trends A3 Reach out on Twitter/FB pages. Get to know your local agency reps at smaller events. Keep in touch.#blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A3 When all else fails, organize your own mini events with bloggers you can learn from! #blogtrends

@ShaiUnfiltered: A3: Work your connections, ask other bloggers if they are attending, if they know of a brand looking for an ambassador#BlogTrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A3 Reach out to event organizers, participate w/in the community – even if it’s just leaving comments or talking thru Twitter. #blogtrends

@TyrasLilSis: A3Network,network,network! Interact online,in person, wherever!You have to communicate w/ppl for them to know you’re interested @#blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A3: Getting connected can be as easy as sending an email or saying hi on twitter. Build friendships & the rest will follow#blogtrends

@jomariemalcolm: A3 Get to genuinely know the persons who hold the key to that door of opportunity and start crafting your brand portfolio #BlogTrends

@blackblondeone: @Blog_Trends Keep a google alert on for blogging conferences, check @eventbrite, get on media lists. #blogtrends

@styledelights: a3. Blogger networks, http://t.co/VuqF2o0f, PR firms department store websites are good sources to begin with#blogtrends @Blog_Trends

@nouvelle: @Blog_Trends Be gracious & genuine. Network & make friends, PR reps, bloggers, brands contact you. The more social you are…#blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @ShaiUnfiltered Yes, work connections BEFORE event, especially if you’re shy. It will give you a conf buddy for the day.#blogtrends

@RhythmandRuffle: A3 Network & attend events you’re really excited about. Get permission to cover them and maybe do a give-away on the blog! #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A3 I never see the harm in asking for an invite. It shows you take your blog seriously and want to better it anyway you can. #blogtrends

@HerGoodyBag: A3 most companies want any type of publicity or media coverage so requesting invites will never hurt #blogtrends

Q4 Fashion week(s) are coming up soon. Should I apply for a press pass? How can I cover events if I am not in a major city?#blogtrends

@warwornfashion: A4: You could or you could just refer to PR at venues and shows to ensure an invite or at least a press release#blogtrends

@Her_Castle: A4 For us, our blog got a major push in applying for a press pass. we got invites, but being press allows for new PR connections #blogtrends

@HerGoodyBag: A4 Applying for a press pass gives you more access to designers but isn’t always necessary. #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A4 Can’t make it? Ask the PR co. for photos to feature a recap. Discuss fav collections, put a creative spin on your coverage #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A4 More brands are live streaming shows…cover looks live on Twitter. Be the first to pin new collection photos on Pinterest! #blogtrends

@LoveBrownSugar: A4 Fashion week is great & all but think about why ur going. You can see the shows via livestream, the events are more important #blogtrends

@CTBloggers: We ask to be put on the media list for events we want to cover. Tell them why you are a good fit & what you & your site offers #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @HouseOfJeffers I believe in the high powers of the twittersphere. I’ve made countless connections through here!#blogtrends

@VintageVandal: I hardly go to events & have still made a name for myself, u don’t have to attend everything.#blogtrends

@Her_Castle: A4. A LOT of networking happens in the front lobby of Fashion events. Its important to go and just BE there. #blogtrends

@Nigel_Isaiah: A4. If you have designers that follow you on twitter don’t be afraid to DM them and ask for their PR contact Information#BlogTrends

@TyrasLilSis: Well, @yuliz’s book taught me tricks to getting in NYFW w/out credentials. You can just reach out to PR directly! Get that book! #blogtrends

@jomariemalcolm: A4 It’s also very attractive if your blog has a highly interactive following on popular social media networks who can share etc #BlogTrends

@styledelights: a4. Start by writing pre event write ups/preview articles for a brand u love and then ask for a show invite! #blogtrends@Blog_Trends

Q5 What etiquette should I be aware of when attending events? Should I follow up afterward? #blogtrends

@Her_Castle: A5. Don’t drink too much. Bad behavior travels fast. ALWAYS follow-up with a thank you or link to your article! #blogtrends

@MissMerli: A5 Its always important to follow up even if sometimes you don’t get responses you’d be suprised at the opportunities as result#Blogtrends

@warwornfashion: A5: Be friendly and leave any egos or ill-sentiments at the door. Also, 2 drink maximum, please #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A5 Anyone and everyone is watching. Be careful of what you do, how you act, how you treat others. #bigbrother#blogtrends

@HerGoodyBag: A5 Always look for the person who sent you the invite to introduce yourself directly if you have never met before.#blogtrends

@ArieRich: #blogtrends A5. Enjoy yourself, network, learn about the product or brand. Gather as much info to come back and share with it readers.

@CityMeetCountry: Q5 Always ask to take photos, introduce yourself & do follow up with hand written notes #blogtrends

@ArieRich: #blogtrends A5. Do not go to an event for the free drinks, food or goody bags. And then go home and not blog about it.

@gritandglamour: A5 Follow up only with people you had a genuine connection with. If they won’t remember a conversation with you, don’t bother. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A5 For goodness sake, be polite. Thank the host/sponsor/pr in a timely manner. #blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A5: Following up is always crucial whether the outcome of the event was good or bad. It says a lot about you. #blogtrends

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