#BlogTrends – Do’s and Don’ts of Working With Brands – Jul 9

Join us for another #BlogTrends chat as we chat with iFabbo‘s Sinead Norenius about the do’s and don’ts when dealing with brands! Blog Trends has been working on some other special projects with the fantastic ladies at iFabbo, more will be announced shortly! We discuss what information to provide to brands, what to expect from partnerships, and ettiqette when dealing with “courtesy of” items!

Q1 What information should I provide to brands when working together? #BlogTrends

@selftanqueen: Knowing ur stats & how u intend to grow & develop as a publisher. Some brands can help w/those goals #BlogTrends

@nouvelle: A1 If possible, a press kit. Blog stats, image/mission statement, a well educated query letter/intro. #blogtrends

@theskinnyblonde: A1 Honesty is ALWAYS the best policy.Don’t elaborate your stats to impress brands. Work TOGETHER to reach your goals.#blogtrends #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: Q1 I include my state/age demographics and anything that I feel will add to my marketability. I cater my emails to each brand. #blogtrends

@HerGoodyBag: Definitely your demographics/target audience. You do not want to work with a brand that does not cater to your readers#blogtrends

@shay1a: #blogtrends A1 – I think disclosure is really important so brands are aware of how transparent you’d like to be.

@stylemethrifty: Web Stats, audience, promotion plan. With lots of sincerity and enthusiasm mixed in! #BlogTrends

@nouvelle: @MsCherrieAmore You blog/brand logo, stats/visits, an objective/mission statement, demographic knowledge on your readers#blogtrends

theskinnyblonde: A1 Media kits are strong tools but not always necessary. If you have one, make sure it shows both stats and personality. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A1 Know your brand, know your stats, know your limits. Remember that it’s a partnership and both sides need to benefit. #blogtrends

@michellelaralin: @Blog_Trends Your general analytics, visitor demographics, and a set of mutually beneficial rules and guidelines#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: Q1 I aim to have my emails not only represent technical info about my blog, but act as a reflection of me, too.#blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: A1: The most important thing is demonstrable proof of your worth as a brand. Show them their ROI will be worth it with you. #blogtrends

@julieedmonson: A1 You should also include what you WON’T do-define boundaries that expresses your power w/o being negative & hard to work with. #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A1 I think people forget to reach out to local brands sometimes.Especially if you are smaller/newer blog local is a great start#blogtrends

Q2 What is fair to expect from a partnership with a brand? What shouldn’t I ask for? #BlogTrends

@HouseOfJeffers: Q2 I think outright asking for something is a turn off. Instead, pitch ideas w/o outright asking for something.#blogtrends

@ifabbo: Don’t keep asking 4 free product! Prod & samples r expensive & brands had certain allocations 2 go around #BeFair #BlogTrends

@PromiscuousLola: A2: I think payment in a mutually agreed upon form, and a non-parasitic relationship. You should benefit too.#blogtrends

@theskinnyblonde: A2 It’s become increasingly common for bloggers to request payment for post. You have options & the sky’s the limit.#blogtrends

@kacie_phillips: @selftanqueen @Blog_Trends I agree with having the brand promote your post/blog. I see their advertisement as quite a reward. #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A2 Bloggers forget they should be getting exposure for working w/brands too. Ensure promotion of your post is part of the deal. #blogtrends

@ITGirlOnline: A2: the only thing I expect is professionalism, consideration, and communication. #blogtrends

@julieedmonson: A2 Depends on your reach. Small blogs? Don’t sell yourself short but be realistic – exposure & fair compensation.#blogtrends

@RobLayer: @Blog_Trends A2 Don’t ask what YOU can get out of it, work together to see what WE can get out of it #BlogTrends

@lindseywolff: @Blog_Trends Suggest & let the brand offer what they are comfortable with. This creates a long-term partnership, not a one-off #blogtrends

@jomariemalcolm: Q2 In asking you must be prepared to support the brand genuinely and endorse the partnership for everyone to gain#BlogTrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A2 Giving away your services for free (constantly) sets the tone for the industry to think its acceptable not to pay you.#blogtrends

@CreativelyYours: Also, if you promise something, follow through on it, brands will want to be sure they made the right investment#blogtrends

@allthingsnaomi: RT @Her_Castle: Brands like ideas! Pitch an idea that benefits both & you can get the product/ compensation#blogtrends

Q3 Should I let a brand edit my post(s)? Why? #BlogTrends

@SheLikesRuffles: A3: absolutely not! If they want to work with you, they should be familiar with your voice! #BlogTrends

@CreativelyYours: A3. I say no, because it could compromise my editorial/ethical credibility #blogtrends

@jstprfectbeauty: a3: if you as the blogger and the brand are a really good fit, i wouldn’t think they would need to do much editing.#BlogTrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A3 I make it explicitly known that I have my own editorial guidelines and only I am the one who has final call over content #blogtrends

@SheLikesRuffles: A3: it isn’t just you that has to research a brand: they need to understand you as well and be confident in what you create #BlogTrends

@julieedmonson: A3 No way! Stay true to your voice. Work with the brand to copy edit but be leery of brands wanting to manipulate your work. #blogtrends

@ITGirlOnline: A3: Absolutely not. I take my blog very seriously as do my readers. Allowing a brand to edit my thoughts is scary…#blogtrends

@theskinnyblonde: A3 Psh, no! I’ll let a brand review a post ahead of time so they know what to expect but allow no content changes. My words. #blogtrends

@FashionableLena: A3. For product reviews or opinions, I say no. It keeps the blog authentic. n#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A3 However, if a brand has a suggestion/asks for clarity on something I might have written, I take that into consideration#blogtrends

@jennykaypollock: A3: I let them see it b4 so they can correct any errors in facts, not content. I want them to be ready to promote it.#blogtrends

@starcrossedsmil: A3 I feel VERY strongly about this- I write all of my posts. If they’re not going to let me say what I want to, I’m not doing it #blogtrends

@nouvelle: A3 Helllllllll no. At the same time, be professional. You can show it to them before it goes live. I’ve never been asked to.#blogtrends

@RhythmandRuffle: a3. It depends on what you both agreed to do. If you made no promises, then stay 100% true to your opinion.#blogtrends

@ohmyTy: @Blog_Trends A3 the most I have done is include specific product info. No editing. Otherwise it’s no longer my voice#BlogTrends

@lindseywolff: @Blog_Trends A3: No! That crosses the sponsorship/hard-sell boundary! However, it’s courteous to show them before posting #blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: A3: It’s okay if they ask you to change things directly related to the brand, like their history etc. but not your content.#blogtrends

@RobLayer: @Blog_Trends A3 you should have final say, one brand (not saying who) changes info every time, annoys the shit out of me#BlogTrends

@gritandglamour: A3: I’ve found that sharing editorial for approval before posting is usually a real pain and can cause problems.#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: RT @HerGoodyBag: I think if brands edit they might as well do the post themselves. #blogtrends

Q4 How can I be sure a brand sees my policies or guidelines? What if a brand doesn’t abide by them? #BlogTrends

@selftanqueen: A$ Make sure it is clearly stated in ur “About Me” section of ur website & put it in ur signature of ur email Make it obvious#BlogTrends

@SheLikesRuffles: A4: I have a disclosure/review policy statement posted on my site at all times! #BlogTrends

@profreshstyle: Dang #blogtrends I must of predicted the future from my prior post. This is quite perfect. My advice: Always be you, never sacrifice.

@ITGirlOnline: A4: Email it to them as a pdf. If they are non compliant then negotiate. If that doesn’t work, move on. #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A4 Have guidelines ready to go in a word doc. As for not respecting them, I approach it from a journalist integrity pov.#blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: A4: You can make sure to explicitly state your guidelines in all your correspondence. give them no excuses.#blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A4 I always ask brands to review my policies and confirm their acceptance of them via email. And then I DO enforce them. #blogtrends

@starcrossedsmil: A4 It’s important to be clear from the very beginning. If you have a page on your blog w/ your policies, u can direct them there #blogtrends

@julieedmonson: A4 Include them as a standard PDF/link attachment in all email correspondence. Refer to your disclosure policy @ the beginning. #blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: A4: If they violate, politely let them know, and try to work around. If that doesn’t work, terminate the relationship.#blogtrends

@nouvelle: A4 I won’t work with a brand if they abuse my services. At the same time, it’s easy to say. Not so much when it happens.#blogtrends

@Her_Castle: A4 I think having guidelines & such pre-typed is best. No making it up as you go along! #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A4 My policies are on a password-protected page, same page that has my rates. #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A4 anything your not comfortable doing – let them know upfront. Avoid those “surprise moments” earlier than later.#blogtrends

@lindseywolff: @Blog_Trends A4: It’s important that both blogger and brand are transparent and clear upfront about the sponsored post#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A4 Your blog is your business. You have to protect it and your brand at all costs. #blogtrends

Q5 What is a c/o item? Is it ok to accept c/o items without writing about them? Can I use them in giveaways?#BlogTrends

@selftanqueen: A5 – A C/O Item is a “Courtesy Of” item. Meaning the brand has provided it to u for free #BlogTrends

@selftanqueen: Yes u can accept C/O items, but let the brand know u won’t b writing about it or put it in ur policy section #BlogTrends

@HerGoodyBag: A5 It’s ok to accept c/o items without strings attached. Don’t gift me something and expect me to write about it.#blogtrends @Blog_Trends

@HouseOfJeffers: A5 C/O is an item given to you that you disclose you didn’t pay for. I wouldn’t take items you don’t intend to blog about#blogtrends

@nouvelle: A5 I have accepted items without writing about them because the quality in person was no bueno. #blogtrends

@ohmydalia: Write about it, give it away, keep it- whatever. Any exposure the c/o item gets is a great situation! #blogtrends#blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A5 I refuse to feature if the product doesn’t work w/ me. IE-Had a health drink make me sick & lotion broke me out in hives. #blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: A5: If there are stings attached, make sure you follow the guidelines specified. #blogtrends

@selftanqueen: @browsingb Brands will find u! Keep ur passion & keep writing about what u luv! #BlogTrends how I found some of my best @Beautisol advocates

@RobLayer: A5 if I send out c/o product I dont expect them to write about it but they should preach the good word to peeps #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: I worked with SHoedazzle for a bit and one pair of shoes was recalled for being dangerous & pair of flats the heel fell off#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A5 Just bc something was given to you doesn’t mean it’s fabulous. Don’t fake the funk & feature bogus blog posts. Not authentic #blogtrends

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