#BlogTrends – Doing It All – Apr 16

Managing a blog is hard work. Add in a job, kids, pets, exercise, school, or a social life. Then it gets really hard. As most of us at #BlogTrends know, it’s a fine line to walk and a difficult balance to keep. Join us as we discuss how to keep a healthy work/life balance between blogging, your full-time gig, and your lifestyle.

Q1 Has blogging ever gotten in the way of your real life? Are your friends and family supportive of your blogging lifestyle?#BlogTrends

@creativelyyours: @Blog_Trends A1.  Yes! I had to set boundries. They’e supportive as long as I keep the set  boundries #blogtrends

@thegorgeousblog: Q1. No, it’ never gotten in the way and everyone is SUPER supportive.  #Blogtrends

@backngroovemom: @Blog_Trends A1: my family is more used to the always haring factor, but that does not mean they understand #blogtrends

@sassydianamarie: I’m just now back to blogging since taking break for 2 new kiddos… family not so *aware* and friends wonder how i make time #blogtrends

@pinkletandc: A1: I recently started waking up earlier to get some blog things done before work.  This has helped the madness!Leaves more time #blogtrends

ashia: A1 No, my life has gotten in the way of blogging. I don’t devote as much time to my blog as I’d like. #blogtrends

@nyconmymind: A1 Given the fact that my best friend @dtmfr takes my photos and gives me advice Id say he is supportive. #blogtrends

@houseofjeffers: @Blog_Trends A1: My family supports my blog 100% – esp. my hubby He takes my photos & kicks me in the ass when needed #blogtrends

@theskinnyblonde: A1: It takes some practice to balance everything. Some people are supportive, others aren’t. Can’t let it bother me! #blogtrends

@nouvelle: A1 And yes, my family/friends are supportive but I don’t consider it a lifestyle. Just a fun hobby. :] #blogtrends

@starcrossedsmil: A1 I wouldn’t say that blogging has gotten in the way of real life. For a long time most of my friends didn’t know about my blog #blogtrends

@sassydianamarie: A1 I have to be careful and strike a fair balance with family time because I can and do get carried away 🙂  #blogtrends

@digitalkaitlyn: A1 I’ve blogged since I was about 12, so it kind of is my life, I need to live a bit more so I have something 2 write about #blogtrends

@queeninheels: @Blog_Trends A1. My family is supportive of me. Being a single mom of 2 my children are my biggest cheerleaders #blogtrends

@browsingb: @Blog_Trends My husband encouraged me to starting blogging and I blog in between down time with the kids, nap time is productive #blogtrends

@discountthief: a1: fam/friends are super supportive. i treat it like a job & manage it as such. can be a juggling act at times #blogtrends

@styleblacklabel: A1: My husband is supportive for the most part but it doesn’t mean he understands. #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A1 Struggled to find balance initially;  was a sore subject w/Hubby when I was posting multiple times/week. Was always on my PC. #blogtrends

@backngroovemom: @nouvelle I agree – I never stage anything, but my mom always asks now ‘are you going to post this?’ when she is involved #blogtrends

@her_castle: A1 Our friends & fan fully support our blogging & it doesn’t get in the way of other life things for us either. #blogtrends

@lindseywolff: @Blog_Trends A1: @Blog_Trends well my man hunk, @RobLayer, and I started http://t.co/ePch6U7q together. It’s a passion we share #blogtrends

@creativelyyours: A1. It’s easy for me to become consumed,  so while  there is support I  have to be  sure  I’m managing my time #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @pinkletandc I do the same thing! Up early and sleeping later! Weekends are also devoted to blogging! #blogtrends

@flourishcafe: @Blog_Trends A1: My family is part of my blog. Like, we did a weekly adventure challenge that involved all of us! Helps balance! #blogtrends

@gabeflowers: @Blog_Trends A1 It hasn’t gotten in the way of life just yet. My hubby is supportive & has learned to deal w/ my “blogging time” #blogtrends

@theowlgurl: @Blog_Trends Q1 Unfortunately none of my family members knows about my blog, only my husband who’s been really supportive #blogtrends

@styledelights: A1Blogging gives me more structure. As a Stay-at-home-mom I find it helpful to treat my blog as job and not be in sweats all day #blogtrends

@katiepetix: A1 SocialMedia aspect of blogging can be difficult at times for my husband. I make sure to ask if he minds before I use my phone #BlogTrends

@nyconmymind: A1 whats crazy though is that my boss actually supports my blogging and having to leave early to make events  #blogtrends

katiepetix: A1 To balance it all out, my husband and I have phone free dates so we can just focus on eachother. #BlogTrends

Q2 What are your best tips on maintaining a schedule between working and blogging?#BlogTrends

@ashia: A2 Scheduling posts has been a great help for me to write multiple posts at once and space them out on my blog. #blogtrends

@sassydianamarie: A2)PRIORITIZE! Can’t stress enough.. there is always a *list* but if you prioritize it and help focus on a few at a time=easier! #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A2 I don’t blog on the weekends. That’s my time with my family. But I do Instagram. 😉 #blogtrends

@terry_mcfly: Q2 The best tip is to maintain an editorial calender and keep events on the same one as ur regular calender #BLogTrends

@houseofjeffers: @Blog_Trends A2 I spend nights after work blogging. I never want my blog to be a conflict of interest at my job. #blogtrends

@allthingsnaomi: I am fortunate enough to have a boss and a lot of downtime during the day so I can blog while being paid for my other job.  #blogtrends

@browsingb: @Blog_Trends A2: Im a SAHM so I balance my blogging around my kids. I keep my phone with me at all times  #blogtrends

@nyconmymind: A2: Set some time aside for blogging. Stick to a schedule. but dont be hard on yourself if you cant maintain it. Life happens #blogtrends

@elembeeetc: A2 I always find better balance when I plan ahead. Easier said than done though! Working on an editorial calendar to help. #BlogTrends

@_jeremiah_: A2: Find a schedule that works best for your level of blog producing. Take time to try and find your personal flow. #Blogtrends

@discountthief: a2: treat it like a job even if your doing it part time; schedule/block time 4 tasks #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A2 A lot of bloggers think they should post daily. about 3x a week, max is ideal. Gives people time to catch up and comment. #blogtrends

@creativelyyours: @Blog_Trends A2. Keep a editorial calendar,rank priorities leave room for adjustments&have fun #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @Blog_Trends A2 Make an hourly schedule. Block out time for tweeting, writing, taking photos. It may sound crazy but it works! #blogtrends

@lindseywolff: @Blog_Trends A2: write it down and hold yourself accountable! I never seem to stay on track with my mental schedule! #blogtrends

@her_castle: A2 we have a whiteboard where we weird the topics for the wk, events to attend, free time. We schedule everything! #blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A2: It’s important to have a schedule -sit down and schedule time to work, play, blog, and rest. See where those things overlap #blogtrends

@scorchingstyle: A2. An Editorial Calendar has been invaluable. I learned about it here, but I love it! #blogtrends

@rachelmaleady: @Blog_Trends A2: Try to schedule posts ahead of time. I usually write 2 or 3 at once if I have a free wknd (which isn’t often) #blogtrends

@terry_mcfly: @Blog_Trends A2 Treat your blogging the same as you would a paid job if you want to be successful at it #blogtrends

@theskinnyblonde: A2: I set a schedule. I write as much content ahead of time as possible. I block off time for it and don’t make excuses! #blogtrends

@hera_nyx: A2 i map everything out. due dates, post breakdown , plan of action etc. leave room for adjustments #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A2 Commit 1hour or whatever a day to your blog-related stuff. One day work on posts, another respond to comments & visit blogs. #blogtrends

@discountthief: a2: dont fall victim to the post every day mantra. causes burnout…fast. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @SassyDianaMarie Yes! Realize what’s really important & give yourself deadlines. Be tough and give yourself a reward when done. #blogtrends

@nouvelle: A2. Also, quality over quantity. I’d rather write 2 interesting posts a week than 5 bo-ring as hell posts. #blogtrends

@discountthief: a2: set goals that are realistic for YOUR lifestyle. remain flexible. #blogtrends

@hersparkle: A2. Getting a schedule that works for you is key.  I adjusted my ed calendar from 5X week to 4X…made all the difference #blogtrends

@gabeflowers: @allthingsnaomi Isn’t that the best feeling?! I recently started a job with tons of downtime, it’s perfect for staying ahead. #blogtrends

@discountthief: a2: invest in a voice recorder. dictate your thoughts when away from computer & transcribe later. LIFE. SAVER!! #blogtrends

@houseofjeffers: A2 Drafts are you friend. Even if you don’t have the post written solid, you can build on some ideas by storing them for later. #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A2 It’s important to know these answers: Why am I blogging? What is my goal? They dictate the time you really need to spend. #blogtrends

Q3 Do you ever disconnect or take a vacation from blogging? How often would you recommend doing this? #BlogTrends

@blackblondeone: A3 YES! Disconnecting is just what the doctor ordered. You have to rest and have time for inspiration to hit! #blogtrends

@houseofjeffers: @Blog_Trends A3 Take a vacay when you feel burnt out. Better to put up content you can stand by than filler copy. #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A3 I have a couple times, and most recently I’ve been posting less. I’m not M.I.A., but I don’t feel pressure.  #blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A3: I take time to vacation from blogging because I’ve learned that you can become disconnected from life if you don’t #blogtrends

@starcrossedsmil: A3 I’ve taken time off from blogging unexpectedly- that happens. If you know ahead of time, it’s nice to let your readers know #blogtrends

@creativelyyours: @Blog_Trends A3. I actually did a “Digital Detox” this past weekend…it was great! #blogtrends

@discountthief: a3: not extended breaks but i have a scheduled off day. even when not writing, the creativity doesn’t stop #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A3 Take breaks when you need them—readers will be there for you. Better to break then shut down the blog. Have seen it happen. #blogtrends

@jstprfectbeauty: #blogtrends i have taken some unscheduled vacays due to health; however i think scheduling a break every now and then is good  #blogtrends

@flourishcafe: @Blog_Trends A3: During the holidays. Readers are busy then, too. Encourage them to subscribe so they’ll know when you’re back! #blogtrends

@starcrossedsmil: A3 Sometimes you’re just not feeling it and it’s ok to take a break! Promise, the world won’t end 🙂 #blogtrends

@katiepetix: A3 My hubby and I travel as much as possible! I usually rely on my blogger bff’s to help me out with guest posts while I’m gone. #BlogTrends

@backngroovemom: @Blog_Trends A3 have disconnected & actually found it rejuvenating. around the holidays and natural school breaks work for me #blogtrends

@styleblacklabel: A3: I do. You need your sanity and my work came before my blog and that is my  priority. #blogtrends

@_amandabella: @Blog_Trends A3: I’ve gone full wks where I was 2busy w work/life& couldn’t generate a post if I tried. Try not2, but it happens #BlogTrends

@_jeremiah_: A3: it is important to take a creative break. Being a producer of content without taking a break will take a tole on quality. #Blogtrends

@hithapalepu: @Blog_Trends A3. I just did, and it helped me refocus the vision of my blog and brand, and therefore the content I post. #blogtrends

@nouvelle: A3 I think I’m more productive/creative when taking blogging breaks & come back refreshed. #blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A3: It’s important to take a vacation too b/c a healthy blogger makes a healthy reader. Lead by example, you’re an influencer #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A3 If you’re going to events, blogging, reading blogs, etc, you get so busy & don’t focus on what’s in front of you. #takeiteasy #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A3 Remember that if you take a break from posting, you can still stay engaged on Twitter and Instagram. That’s what I do. #blogtrends

@styledelights: A3.I have said it before, blogging is a ‘love-to’-do’ thing not a ‘have-to-do’ thing! That helps gain perspective #blogtrends

Q4 How do you manage to attend events & maintain a social media personality while working? #BlogTrends

@scorchingstyle: A4. I take time off for conferences and Twitter or Instagram are easy on the go.  They take just a few seconds and you’re done. #Blogtrends

@ashia: A4 This is something I struggle with. I want to attend events but don’t want my blog to become a fashion event blog. #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A4 @hootsuite, people! Couldn’t live without it. Schedule tweets and feed to Twitter and Facebook in one place. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: A4 Plan, plan, plan. Use that google cal. Have directions, times, and contacts printed before events so you can just go! #blogtrends

@katiepetix: A4 You can’t go to every event, once you accept that you can easily work events into YOUR schedule instead of the other way. #BlogTrends

@allthingsnaomi: Q4 I’m lucky my boss is very understanding and supportive. He knows I need my fashion fix or Ill quit. #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A4 I have taken personal time to attend events, so it’s limited. Have missed some fun stuff, but I get to things as I’m able. #blogtrends

@styleblacklabel: A4: I check in while there maybe take and tweet a few photos but then put away the phone. Be social, actually social as well. #blogtrends

@starcrossedsmil: A4 Schedule some tweets before work, post to FB after work. I also use Instapaper for things I want to save to read or pin later #blogtrends

@discountthief: a4: instead of going to lots of small events, hit up 1 major one during the year #blogtrends

@thegorgeousblog: Q4 I believe in engagement both online & in person.  It can be hard 2 balance for some.  If so, put down the phone and TALK.  #Blogtrends

@houseofjeffers: @Blog_Trends A4 I choose events wisely. At the end if the day, I can’t compromise my job/finances for everything blog related #blogtrends

@discountthief: a4: my smartphone was a biz investment. got it strictly so i could stay connected w/social media on the go #blogtrends

@discountthief: a4: dont go overboard w/social media. no need to join everything if you don’t have the time to engage & maintain it #blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A4: You can also schedule time daily to interact with your social media followers daily especially if you have to work. #blogtrends

@allthingsnaomi: A4 It can be overwhelming when you work full time but you have to decide what your goals are and act accordingly. #blogtrends

Q5 How do you keep track of & combine your daily personal & blogging schedule?#BlogTrends

@nyconmymind: A5 my Iphone calendar also I have things written down on a white board, near my blogging area. #blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A5: B/c I have a schedule for my blogging, daily life goes on as normal for me and I am able to see other blog opportunities #blogtrends

@hersparkle: Q5: I just started using @WorkFlowy to track all tasks. Simple and I can load everything in there. I even keep my edi cal there. #blogtrends

@katiepetix: A5 Looove calendars! I have a planner where I keep all my personal and blog related dates together. Take it with me everywhere! #BlogTrends

@digitalkaitlyn: A5 I have been using google calendars for everything, I can set up a personal calendar and a calendar for each blog #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A5 Work and family first, blogging second. All captured old-school in my Filofax. I like to write things down on paper. #blogtrends

@_amandabella: @KatiePetix I love using a daily planner for work/personal, I need to get better at incorporating blog plans as well. #BlogTrends

@glitzglambudget: @Blog_Trends A5 I do it the old fashion way  = writing everything down. I love seeing a handwritten schedule & checking it off #blogtrends

@queeninheels: @Blog_Trends A5  I Look at blogging as owning any business. I set schedules, use calenders, write lists and wing through it.  #blogtrends

@discountthief: a5: i’m trying to utilize technology more. love my digital desktop post it notes! #blogtrends

@sassydianamarie: A5: I’m a notepad junkie both on the computer and off… accordion folder to harness all/as well as sort and iCal! #blogtrends

@houseofjeffers: A5 My iPhone is my co-pilot. #blogtrends

@styledelights: A5.I use spread sheet and color code for ‘done’,to-do, in-the-middle-of tasks for blog. same for personal calender #blogtrends @Blog_Trends

@flourishcafe: @Blog_Trends A5: I also like using http://t.co/ELZEJJFG to send me reminders and such 🙂 #blogtrends

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