#BlogTrends – Developing Relevance & Authenticity – May 14

One of the things that stood out to me during this past Lucky FABB conference was the topic of relevance and authenticity. Many of the larger brands talked about these things being the deciding factors when selecting bloggers to work with. Most of us know who we are and what we love but it can be a bit tricky to translate that into a blog post sometimes. Learn how to establish relevancy, a strong web presence, and true authenticity.

Q1 I am new(er) to blogging, how can I make my voice more credible and grow my fan base? #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A1 I am working on finding what suits my personality best still. Once you have that then I would say build some trust w/ readers #blogtrends

@QueeninHeels: @Blog_Trends A1 Just be yourself. What is more credible than that? #blogtrends

@backngroovemom: @Blog_Trends A1 – do NOT try to be someone else. ever. #blogtrends

@SmartSavvyStyle: A1: Be yourself! But also define yourself! What do you want to accomplish? Write a mission statement for your blog.#blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A1: Best things u can do is comment on blogs, introduce yourself on twitter & cnect w/your readers by replying to their comments #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A1 I would suggest mixing opinion with factoids. It’s a nice way of showing that you know what you’re talking about#blogtrends

@CreativelyYours: A1. Be consistent&be present in social media. Speak truthfully in your own voice&the following will come #BlogTrends

@LushtoBlush: A1 always be honest, esp when promoting a product or service. It is always nice to use sources to back you up as well.#BlogTrends

@danielle_framed: A1 Be yourself & post about what you want to post about. Don’t try to fit into a niche or be like another blogger.#blogtrends

@discountthief: a1: engage meaningfully on other blogs. don’t leave ‘love your blog’ & link kind of comments. #fail #blogtrends

@KimberleeVDW: A1 Write about what you know, get involved in groups, read as much on the topic you want to write & use facts!#BlogTrends

@BlitzAndGlam: @Blog_Trends A1) Be original and consistent. Utilize social media. Let your personality shine through. #BlogTrends

@gritandglamour: A1 Know your style, your focus, and stick to it. Don’t accept advertising, etc., from brands that don’t fit your style.#blogtrends

@starcrossedsmil: A1 I think the best way to grow your fanbase is to engage with other people, whether that is through comments, twitter, FB… #blogtrends

@clarabellum: A1 get up all in the internet’s business. you have to give yourself a microphone, but you also have to be authentic#blogtrends

@olive_arrow: A1 Let your personality shine through. Blog about what you know and what you like. Comment on what interests you#blogtrends

@clarabellum: A1 don’t try to imitate the “blogger voice” that you see other places. use your OWN voice, yall!! #beU #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A1 I always say, write like you actually speak. That’s the easiest way to be sure the authentic you translates!#blogtrends

@ScorchingStyle: A1. Speak to your readers as your friends. Don’t use cutesy phrases or overuse !!!! ’cause you lose all credibility instantly.#blogtrends

@artblt: @Blog_Trends Talk how u talk. We’re southerners, so twang comes through n writing i.e. “honey,” “honey child,” etc. B honest.#blogtrends

@netvignette: A1: always respond when you do get comments! visit their blogs and return the favor! their followers may become yours!#blogtrends

Q2 What do people mean when they say be authentic? How do I write authentically? #BlogTrends

@CreativelyYours: A2. Don’t try to copy anyone’s style…just be you and share your honest thoughts tastefully #BlogTrends

@gritandglamour: A2 Being authentic is being original. Liking what you like, positioning your unique opinion. And standing up for yourself.#blogtrends

@_Jeremiah_: @Blog_Trends A2 Authentic writing = Confidence in your voice and content. Stick with what you know you can talk about well #blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A2: Writing authentically means writing how you feel not what you think others want to hear. Having your own voice/opinion #blogtrends

@olive_arrow: Q2 I say authenticity comes from honesty. If you’re a peppy person be peppy, if you’re sarcastic be sarcastic. #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A2 Authentic to me means not selling my blog or myself short. Having a set of values I can back up w/actions.#blogtrends

@KimberleeVDW: A2 Develop your own writing style. You’re unique so no one else can offer your perspective. Express your personality 🙂#blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A2 The authentic you comes through on your blog via your vocab, imagery, personal style & your responses to comments. #blogtrends

@stylemethrifty: A2: Talk to your readers the way you’d talk a good friend. Honesty (and humor!) go far. #blogtrends

@aamarotico: Q2: Don’t “speak” SEO alone. Over-tagging/using an overwhelming amount of keywords is off-putting! (celeb, hot, spring fashion!) #blogtrends

@ScorchingStyle: A2. It is hard to be “real” b/c we are all shopping the same season & colors, but you can add your own touches & make it unique. #Blogtrends

@thestylesafari: A2 challenging yourself to post original content will help you write authentically and find your voice #BlogTrends

@gritandglamour: A2 On authenticity: Avoid covering what mainstream media does. People aren’t coming to your blog for news. They come for YOU. #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A2 Being able to say no, and staying true to the way you’d want to represent yourself/blog is my definition of authentic#blogtrends

@ScorchingStyle: A2. Blogging is a bit “incestous.” We all read the same blogs so we can spot who the copycats are right away.#blogtrends

@jstprfectbeauty: q2: if i’m having trouble writing a certain post, it usually means that i’m trying to write abt something that just isn’t “me” #blogtrends

Q3 I want to be the expert in my niche, where do I start and how do I stand out from other bloggers in my niche?#BlogTrends

@REVEenfrancais: A3 Don’t worry too much about how many other bloggers there are out there in your niche. Stay focused and consistent! #blogtrends

@discountthief: a3: the best way to stand out is to do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. innovate. #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A3 To stand out you need to have a strong voice, it’s important to take time to develop your voice right first however#blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A3: If you want to be an expert you have to research. Find exactly where you fit in with your passion and run with it.#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A3 Having a niche can be as simple as having a theme or even a new spin on an already popular niche #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A3 Want to be top dog? Plan on consistent posts with high quality images. Half of being at the top is being easy on the eyes. #blogtrends

@SoDreWrites: @Blog_Trends A3 Figure out what sets you apart from others in your niche and expound upon that. #blogtrends

@ScorchingStyle: A3. Embrace technology. Early adapters considered experts once the new thing is mainstream. FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. #Blogtrends

@pinkletandc: A3: to stand out, you must be unique. becoming an expert is a tough goal, but focus on what you find interesting-that shows #blogtrends

@sugaRushtv: a3 show youre an expert by refraining from repeating “im an expert”. show it in the quality of ur writing,reviews,etc.#blogtrends

@SmartSavvyStyle: A3 research! educate yourself about the niche. also, network! surround yourself with the best to inspire you to be your best! #blogtrends

@KimberleeVDW: A3 Stand out by being original. Absorb information like a sponge, go to events/panels, read and perhaps take a class#blogtrends

@ashia: A3 If you want to be an expert, choose your topic and make it your own. #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A3 Reoccuring themes or features can carve out a niche. I wouldn’t overkill it, but similarity w/in posts helps#blogtrends

@pinkisfunny: A3. All experts were once beginners. Compare your blog to others in your niche & decide what works best for you.#blogtrends

@BlitzAndGlam: @Blog_Trends A3) Perfect your craft. Study your niche. Provide high quality original content. #blogtrends

@discountthief: a3: 1 blogger i luv doesnt use a high dollar camera but she’s a regular guest on a natl talk show. her topic is relevant!#blogtrends

@ScorchingStyle: A3. Be the solution to a problem. It shows foresight and thought-process. Both great qualities of experts. #Blogtrends

@Hera_Nyx: A3 Perfect your craft. You don’t have to do it all. Quality over Quantity still applies! #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A3 Content isn’t always a niche. So is your style, photos, layout of your blog… #blogtrends

@Hera_Nyx: A3 don’t be afraid to explore blogs that are out of your preference…you never know what kind of inspiration is there.#blogtrends

@EmilyKateDC: @Blog_Trends Q3: I think it’s the same as in any field – you study and practice and learn as much as you can.#blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A3 Whatever you do, NEVER borrow ideas from top bloggers in your niche without permission or a citation and a link back! #blogtrends

Q4 I work full time, how do I stay active and grow my presence on Twitter and other social networks? #BlogTrends

@discountthief: A4: automate some, but not all. makes it even more important to engage w/relevancy..not just self promote #blogtrends

@REVEenfrancais: A4 Can totally relate to this, I work + am a full time student. During the week I usually tweet/check mail from my phone! #blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A4: Schedule your tweets and pop in and go “live” when you can. Take photos and save to share later for instagram#blogtrends

@ashia: A4 You have to schedule time everyday to engage. If you can’t be on for long, make that time meaningful. #blogtrends

@BlushingBlack: Q4 Integration is KEY! Link ur pins, fb posts, schedule tweets & posts ahead of time, & do whatever you have to to stay on top! #blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A4: You should reply to tweets as much as possible and choose which social media sites you want to focus on – no more than 3. #blogtrends

@KatiePetix: A4 Be careful not to do any “blog work” at your real work unless it’s been ok’d by your boss. It’s not worth losing your job!#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A4 I plan ahead – set up posts, check on social media off hours. Can’t jeapordize my job bc my blog doesn’t pay my bills#blogtrends

@SheLikesRuffles: A4: Hootsuite is a great tool to schedule posts (Twitter and FB): please DON’T link all accounts to post simultaneously!#blogtrends

@BlushingBlack: Q4 also choose which SM platforms to use. U don’t have to use them all. Whichever ones you can manage & stay abreast, use those #blogtrends

@SheLikesRuffles: A4: From what I see, lunch time is the busiest time for Twitter on weekdays, so use your lunch to interact!#blogtrends

@discountthief: a4: if it’s too much to juggle, you need to scale back. no need to be everywhere if youre ineffective & cant engage#blogtrends

@dressedandfed: A4: Jump on at ‘prime times.’ Research on the best times to tweet, post, etc. It will help save u time and be more effective! #blogtrends.

@justsitpretty: A4: Also share the blogger love! Tweet other bloggers posts & show support! Let ppl know you’re active in the social media world #blogtrends

@thestylesafari: A4 you can’t do it all. Pick 1 or 2 that define you and do it well. If you’re visual, maybe focus on Instagram and Pinterest#blogtrends

Q5 What does it mean to be a brand? How do I be more branded & still be authentic? #BlogTrends

@ashia: A5 Being a brand is about creating a consistent digital identity and message across all forms of media. #blogtrends

@SheLikesRuffles: A5 I think staying true to yourself and viewing your blog as a business (essentially) can help to keep things in perspective #blogtrends

@SheLikesRuffles: A5 You can still be “branded” and have fun. You just have to align yourself in a certain way and stay consistent.#blogtrends

@Oh_Ashe: A5 Being a brand means presenting & cultivating an authentic version of yourself online. The 2 work hand in hand for a blogger. #blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A5: You are your brand. Branding means that someone should recognize/i.d. you by a voice, your name, idea, etc.#blogtrends

@AleyshaProctor: Q5 Branding is all about consistency. It’s an image that you create, and be consistent with your message and marketing.#blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A5: Your brand should be easily recognizable, it should be simple enough to share, and creative enough to stand out.#blogtrends

@styledelights A5 Brand means a point of view that only that blog has. Selling more stuff on the blog doesn’t make it a Brand #blogtrends

@ElembeeEtc: A5 Your brand is what makes you unique. Be consistent in everything — not just content, but how you present it visually.#blogtrends

@KatiePetix: A5 one important thing about being a brand is consistency. readers should immediately know that post is yours. #blogtrends


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