#BlogTrends – Building Your Blog’s Community – Nov 5

Part of the joy of being a blogger is the ability and opportunity to connect with people all over the world. Our readers and fellow bloggers can offer a lot of valuable feedback and motivation for our blogs so it is important that we spend time working on building those relationships. In this chat, we will revisit the topic of building our blog’s communities and the tools that help us do that.


Q1 Why is it important to build a community around my blog? How important is social media in this process? #BlogTrends

TheAdoredLife @Blog_Trends There are days where your friends just don’t understand blogging issues and a simple tweet from a friend is amazing #blogtrends


blackblondeone @Blog_Trends A1 Blogging is all about communities. Without gaining meaningful connections, it wouldn’t be the same! #blogtrends


WokeUpPretty @Blog_Trends A1. In this day and age, social media is imperative to get more readers and also to learn more from others. #BlogTrends


blackblondeone A1 Social media is helpful in the initial connection, but I love emailing readers to thank them and truly find a commonality. #blogtrends


Her_Castle A1. I think the community is important for a blog, but I also think it sort of grows on it’s own. #blogtrends


gritandglamour A1 Building a community is makes blogging so much more meaningful. It gives you the chance to inspire, be inspired, and connect. #blogtrends


KurleeBelle A1. To get the conversation going. Make your subscribers feel involved. Understand what content your subbies prefer. #blogtrends


nouvelle A1 Community is essential to crafting a writing style, topics/posts, and sustainability for a blog. #blogtrends


blackblondeone A1 If someone asked me the best perk of blogging, forget NYFW. I love that I’ve made friends! #blogtrends


BarelyPractical A1 community is the reason why I blog. It’s no fun to talk to an empty room. Social media is essential for this. #blogtrends


OneWomansStyle A1 I agree with @shay1a I am a member of several communities now and that’s where I am drawing my inspiration. #blogtrends


clarabellum A1 Community is like having a table at the lunch room. It’s just a nice feeling. I feel like my commenters are friends 🙂 #blogtrends


pulpsushi A1 It’s easier to find more like-minded people through my blog, I don’t really have time to “go out” and make friends anymore #blogtrends


TheBlogWorkshop A1. Q1 I think it’s important to allow your readers to have one main place they can connect on a bigger level than just comments #BlogTrends


KpSittingPretty A1: Building a community around your blog helps it to grow & you to grow. Social media allows ppl to get to know you as a person #blogtrends


gritandglamour A1 Also, if you want to work with brands, they’re looking for reader/community engagement, and not just on your blog. #blogtrends


Q2 What are the best tools and methods to start building my blog’s community? #BlogTrends

thecuriouspug A2: Adding Disqus to the commenting system has made leaving comments feel more like a conversation. I love it. #blogtrends


OneWomansStyle A2 some of the communities have their own social media sites, but facebook has been the best “venue” for me by far. #blogtrends
clarabellum A2 I try to ask a question every time I post on my facebook page – I feel like that’s where most of my reader engagement happens #blogtrends
DigitalKaitlyn A2 honestly I feel like finding what value my blog brings to my readers and developing my voice is most important to community #blogtrends
gritandglamour A2 The #1 best way to start building your community is to respond to comments on your blog & visit other blogs & comment #blogtrends
KurleeBelle A2, GREAT Giveaways always encourage readers to engage and check out the blog regularly. @Blog_Trends #blogtrends
WokeUpPretty @Blog_Trends A2. I think Twitter is an essential for a blog. It’s a great way to advertise posts and connect with others. #BlogTrends
nouvelle A2 Engage with your readers. Ask questions. Respond to email. Reach out to them. Read other blogs. Be interactive. #blogtrends
pulpsushi A2 When I discovered that I can reply to comments via email, it made me want to respond to comments more #blogtrends
shay1a @Blog_Trends A2: I also engage genuinely with readers/commenters. Their stories, feedback & advice keep me going & give ideas! #blogtrends
gritandglamour A2 It’s not all about you! Share posts by others on Twitter and Facebook. Follow back if you like what someone is doing! #blogtrends
KatiePetix A2 Respond to readers as you would a friend, there’s no easier way to gain a loyal reader than to talk to them as a peer! #blogtrends
blackblondeone A2 I’m a huge believer in putting the real you out there. Be honest in your communication. If you say y’all, write y’all. #blogtrends
KatiePetix A2 Also, click through your commenters profiles to see if they have a blog, and if so find something to comment on genuinely. #blogtrends
BarelyPractical A2 I’ve like to pair twitter with live meetups or events if possible. Helps to solidify relationships. #blogtrends


Q3 How do I get my community to interact with me and my blog? How do I get more commenters? #BlogTrends

KurleeBelle A3. I end every blog with a question in BOLD. #blogtrends @Blog_Trends
OneWomansStyle A3 I try to leave a question at the end of my posts so people don’t just leave “fabulous outfit” on my posts. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A3 The more you comment and share, the more comments/shares you receive. After 6 years blogging, this much I know is true. #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm Q3 Social Media thrives on personalities so the best way to connect with your audience is to be as real as possible #BlogTrends
KatiePetix A3 the more vocal I am on others blogs and social media platforms, the more vocal people are on mine. Reciprocation! #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm #A3 A daily reminder of your blog link, mandate and creative ways to mention what you do is always best #BlogTrends
KurleeBelle A3. Controversy is KING when it comes to getting blog comments. @Blog_Trends #blogtrends
pulpsushi A3 Sometimes all it takes is leaving comments on your regular blog reads and they may start returning the favor #blogtrends
LisaMackay A3 I try to ask questions, but I get the most comments when I ask for ADVICE! #blogtrends
alexshook A3 Be an active member of the blogging community in general! #blogtrends
blackblondeone A3 I started a weekly discussion post. No fashion or beauty. Just life and my real commentary. Readers seem to respond well. #blogtrends
blackblondeone A3 I think it’s important to know the blogger and not the facade of the blogger. #blogtrends
OneWomansStyle A3 I also try to intersperse (is that a word) real world situations with my outfit posts. I just want to be a little different. #blogtrends
pulpsushi A3 the truth is I don’t mind if I don’t get comments in a post. Sometimes I read a post but I’ll just have nothing to say #blogtrends
blackblondeone A3 On another note, I get loads of comments on outfit posts rather than my essay type posts. #blogtrends
KpSittingPretty A3: Go to forums that relate to your blog. Carry the conversation from there to your blog. That definitely increases interaction #blogtrends
LisaMackay A3 be consistent and timely in responding to people, if you let replies lag, it kills the conversation #blogtrends
gritandglamour Haters do make you relevant, but not everyone has thick skin. Think about what you post & whether you can handle the static. #blogtrends


Q4 How do I manage and keep up with my community when it grows? #BlogTrends

gritandglamour A4 THAT is the toughest part. You want a gazillion followers and comments; let me tell you the grass isn’t always greener… #blogtrends
KpSittingPretty A4: Create a schedule/schedule your interaction on your editorial calendar. Balance is key in blogging. #blogtrends
WokeUpPretty @Blog_Trends A4. If you get a lot of the same questions/comments, address them in a place where everyone can see. #BlogTrends
gritandglamour A4 I’ve had to scale back my comments on other blogs, but I try to keep the connection via Twitter and Instagram. #blogtrends
blackblondeone A4 Block out your time. Don’t fiddle around online shopping when you’re supposed to be doing blogging. #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm #A4 It’s important to make yourself accessible and show appreciation for the growing community by acknowledging their presence. #BlogTrends
pulpsushi A4 I must say Hootsuite is AWESOME for scheduling tweets in advance 🙂 #blogtrends
BarelyPractical A4 hootsuite has been helping to keep track of twitter. I’ve been starting to make lists. No perfect answers though. #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm A4. Ensure that no matter how big you get you always give your audience that personal touch so they feel special #BlogTrends
KatiePetix A4 it’s all about scheduling. allot some time to do it and stick to it! You’d be surprised how much you can accomplish. #blogtrends
blackblondeone A4 I like to randomly tweet followers/readers to see how they’re doing. Don’t let too much time pass! #blogtrends
blackblondeone A4 I have a routine: Write post(s), Hootsuite schedule tweets, Read blogs & comment. Then repeat. #blogtrends
chymereanais @Blog_Trends A4: time management and editorial calendars are vital management tools, as well as personalized automated emails. #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm A4. When people mention you, ensure you carry on a conversation as well and not just ignore it #BlogTrends
jomariemalcolm A4 It’s also easier to live by the philosophy make as much time for your audience as you would want them to make for you #BlogTrends


Q5 Other than Twitter, what are some ways to stay connected to my community and become part of other blogger’s communities? #BlogTrends

OneWomansStyle A5 two of the communities I belong to have meetups or have blog assignments where we meetup. Trust me it helps to meet in person #blogtrends
KpSittingPretty A5: In the same city, go to lunch. Host a blogger get together. Offer to collab with another blogger. Endless possibilities #blogtrends
alexshook A5 Meet in person if you can! Blogger meetups are fun! #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm A5 Mailing lists are good but sometimes are greeted with resistance. Making a post strictly for communication is good #BlogTrends
shay1a A5: Comment & read consistently! I try to add all my readers blogs to my RSS reader & check in on them as often as time allows. #BlogTrends
BarelyPractical A5 Instagram, Facebook, and trying to find local blogger meetups #blogtrends
LisaMackay A5 iFacebook can be great for keeping up with people, the combo of content fills out a personality #blogtrends
gritandglamour A5 I still think Instagram is tremendous for staying connected & getting to know others. Plus, you can like & comment! #blogtrends
FoxyRevolution A5 Agree with much of what’s been said, offline face-to-face is golden! Networking, events, seminars, meet-ups #blogtrends
pulpsushi A5 I follow some bloggers on Instagram too but Twitter is my primary tool (& blog comments) @wokeuppretty: @Blog_Trends #BlogTrends
blackblondeone A5 Well…I just started on @poshmarkapp selling my clothing/accessories. It’s been a great way to meet new readers! #blogtrends
blackblondeone A5 Help a blogger out! If you get pitches that don’t work for you, recommend another blogger that might have a good fit. #karma #blogtrends
DigitalKaitlyn I am trying to create a local blogger community here in the #Berkshires in #WesternMA, it’s slow going but coming together #blogtrends














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