#BlogTrends – Blogging Through the Holidays – Oct 31

The holidays can add an extra challenge to new and growing blogs so we decided to ask you what you think about blogging through the holidays. Here is what you had to say:

Q1 Should bloggers be expected to keep to normal posting schedules during the holidays? #BlogTrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A1 I think a schedule is important so instead of abandoning it for a month, trying spacing out posts if feeling overloaded #blogtrends

@OhCHICFancyHuh: Q1 I think it’s about going with the flow. If you feel you need to post do it . If you feel you need to be with family do it #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: A1: I think if you cover breaking news or news that is time sensitive – its important to break exclusives (holidays or not). #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: @OhCHICFancyHuh I agree, it’s about knowing your limit. But it’s best to not leave readers hanging, let them know what to expect #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: If you can’t adhere to your normal schedule, tell your readers. Maybe use Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook to stay connected. #BlogTrends

@blackblondeone: @BlogTrendsChat i say yes. a business runs all year long! #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: If you’re excited about what you do, you’ll do it all year long! Passion has no days off! #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: #blogtrends its easy to have post lined up as well.

@gritandglamour: Remember that most bloggers cut back at the holidays. People are posting less AND reading less. We’re all busy!#BlogTrends

Q2 Do you plan to maintain your social media accounts during the holidays? #BlogTrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A2 I am a SoMe addict so I always am posting photos at the very least which are all linked to my blog to show im still alive! #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A2 Plus, with my iPhone it is easy to post a tweet, photo, or post to any other app friendly platform #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: @BlogTrendsChat Yes! Social media accounts are even easier to maintain when I can’t comment on blogs. Love Twitter & Instagram! #BlogTrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: Social media is so ingrained into the daily lives of bloggers that it’s virtually impossible to take a sabbatical#blogtrends

@BlogTrendsChat: Side question: What is your favorite means for social media updating – iphone, blackberry, desktop, ipad, other?#blogtrends

@OhCHICFancyHuh: @BlogTrendsChat My trusty dusty blackberry! #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: I’m borderline obsessed with the productivity produced by using my iPhone! #blogtrends

Q3 Should bloggers mention their religious beliefs on their blog? #BlogTrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A3 I think mentioning your beliefs is fine but people don’t typically liked to be preached to. Just be prepared for all feedback #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: Unless you blog about religion, I don’t think so #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: I don’t like to discuss topics not related to fashion or blogging. That’s not what my audience is interested in.#blogtrends

@prettyandfun: A3: I don’t have a problem with bloggers discussing their faith/what they believe in, as long as its not preachy#blogtrends

@gritandglamour: @blogtrendschat If it’s relevant, fine. Like if you’re discussing cuisine, a table setting, or an outfit. Otherwise, I wouldn’t. #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: Its ok to mention holidays you’re celebrating (Christmas, Kwanzaa, etc) but it shouldnt be a focus if that’s not your blog focus #blogtrends

@novanights: @BlogTrendsChat Q3 I see no problem with it because your reader wants to know who you are and we all have our different beliefs #blogtrends

Q4 Do you feature holiday themes and seasonal posts or do you avoid it? #BlogTrends

@prettyandfun: A4: I do feature holiday/seasonal posts just because that’s what I’m doing at the time. #blogtrends

@prettyandfun: A4: My blog is a reflection of me, so if I’m doing holiday-related things, they’ll be featured. #blogtrends

@Fashionalities: @BlogTrendsChat a4 mainly wish lists focuses and gift ideas…but, not really more than that. #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: A4 I am a big cheese-ball when it comes to holidays so i love to be festive. I agree with Cait, my blog is a reflection of me #blogtrends

@prettyandfun: @DigitalKaitlyn I think it’s really all about being authentic. If you enjoy a holiday, share that with your readers.#blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: A4: I do a lil more during the holidays considering that fashion & tech toys are usually on the top of everyone’s gift wish list #blogtrends

@DigitalKaitlyn: Festive avatars for your blog and social media can incorporate the holidays without to much work #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: @blogtrendschat Tying holidays into posts is easy…fashion, food, decorating, travel, relationships, shopping…all game! #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: Holiday blog topics: Gift guides, parties, entertaining, philanthropic efforts, resolutions, gift wrapping, stationary.#blogtrends

Q5 What’s the best strategy for maintaining a blogging(work)/life balance? #BlogTrends

@prettyandfun: A5: Make sure blogging remains fun – don’t stress if you miss a post when you’re having a busy week. #blogtrends

@DIVASANDDORKS: Plan, Schedule & fugetaboutit! > RT @BlogTrendsChat: Q5 What’s the best strategy for maintaining a blogging(work)/life balance? #BlogTrends

@BlogTrendsChat: @blackblondeone just did a great post about creating an editorial calendar – http://t.co/tY0ThLRL #blogtrends

@novanights: @blogtrendschat Q5 not letting your blog(work) completely consume who you are and making sure you have a life apart from it #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: Short, scheduled bursts! RT @blogtrendschat: What’s the best strategy for maintaining a blogging(work)/life balance? #BlogTrends

@prettyandfun: @Dawnavette I’ve been trying to get 3+ posts done/scheduled over the weekend, then have time to do the rest during the wk #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: @blogtrendschat Blogging is “always on.” Manage the amount of time in which you interact. Weekends should be for family. #blogtrends

@Fashionalities: @BlogTrendsChat a5. As a 1st time mom,it’s really hard.But I’ve been working hard to keep up my blog…it’s a work in progress. #blogtrends

@prettyandfun: @DigitalKaitlyn @Dawnavette I was a die hard w/ ed cals & they just stressed me out – felt tied to those specific topics/posts #blogtrends

@prettyandfun: A5: Also remember there are no set of specific rules to how many times you need to post a week. It’s YOUR blog.#blogtrends

@BlogTrendsChat: What a great Halloween chat,thank you so much @gritandglamour @prettyandfun @Dawnavette @novanightsand every1 else for joining! #blogtrends


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