#BlogTrends – Blogging Through The Holidays – Nov 12

As the holidays approach and our real life calendars fill up faster than our editorial ones we can easily get overwhelmed. In this chat, we talk about some great ways to keep your blog going through the Holidays when you are spending more time with family and less time with your computer. We discuss sharing our religious views, maintaining a normal posting schedule, what is appropriate to share on social media and lots more!


Q1 Should bloggers be expected to keep to normal posting schedules during the holidays? Why or why not? #BlogTrends

MissMegasaurus A1: If you normally do 5 posts, I’d expect at least 2-3. We understand you’re busy, but we still want to know what’s going on! #blogtrends
ALK_FeelingGood @Blog_Trends I think we should keep some sort of schedule during the holidays. Post your holiday outfits, party snapshots, etc! #blogtrends
MissMegasaurus A1: Keep an editorial calendar and schedule your posts. Use Sunday to get ahead of schedule. It definitely helps! #blogtrends
blackblondeone A1 Not necessarily. Just be upfront about your schedule and when you’ll be posting. Readers understand. #blogtrends
KpSittingPretty A1: I think a blogger is only expected to keep up quality content, how much of it you post is up to you, but keep it consistent #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm A1 It’s all a matter of long term planning. Since the holidays are a fixed time, as a blogger we have time to decide #BlogTrends
Her_Castle A1 I think it’s up to the blogger! For us, we try, but the week off the holiday is basically lite blogging Schd. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A1 Holidays are a great opportunity for theme posts, but holidays bring commitments outside of your blog. #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm A1 This means that we would prep our readers with enough content and interaction to hold them over until after the holidays #BlogTrends
pulpsushi A1 Most of my posts are scheduled but during the holidays I might not have time to prep as many. Readers understand if it’s less #blogtrends
alexshook A1 I think you shouldn’t completely fall off the grid without saying anything, but you don’t have to keep to normal posting. #blogtrends
MissMegasaurus A1: I have two “stand-in” templates. I use them when I don’t have time for a long post but still want to check in. #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm A1 Plus it’s the best time to put your best foot forward so your readers will have more time to appreciate your content #BlogTrends
honeebeegifts @Blog_Trends Q1 I’d say try to stay as consistent as possible. This could be the best time to get new followers #blogtrends
BarelyPractical A1 i think your readers might appreciate you even more during the holidays. Gift ideas, what to wear to parties, etc. #blogtrends
starcrossedsmil A1 Not necessarily. People understand that you’re busy and they’re busy themselves! #blogtrends
champagnepicnic A1: The upside to keeping up during the holidays is that most readers are bored & will visit your site if you have new content #blogtrends


Q2 Do you plan to maintain your social media accounts during the holidays? #BlogTrends

nouvelle A2 For sure. However, I largely use twitter because so many of my friends are on it, so it’s a bit more personal than my blog. #blogtrends
starcrossedsmil A2 I do plan to maintain my social media accounts during the holidays. Doesn’t mean it will actually happen though- ha! #blogtrends
MissMegasaurus A2: Social media saves my sanity! Taking a break on Twitter or Facebook gets me through the day. #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm Q2 Social Media accounts DEPEND on consistency as it’s the direct interface with your readers so it should be maintained #BlogTrends
BarelyPractical A2 yes! It’s easier for me to keep up with others in small bits versus an entire blog post. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A2 Social media during holidays gives you many opportunities to chime in in shopping, ideas and themes. So yes! #blogtrends
pulpsushi A2 Yes, I check it on my iPhone several times a day. It’s as routine for me as brushing my teeth and having morning coffee 🙂 #blogtrends
KurleeBelle @Blog_Trends A2.Social media is how I stay connected with my readers so most definitely. A good way to share archive posts #blogtrends
SatswithMaggy A2: I try not to take social media too seriously. It is important, but it’s easy to get sucked in and start feeling pressure #blogtrends
alexshook A2 Yes, I’m usually more connected there than my blog! #blogtrends
stylemethrifty A2 Def! Everyone needs a break from family bonding events. That’s what twitter is for, right? #blogtrends
clarabellum A2 it’s not too hard to send out a few tweets between holiday stuff, plus instagram and christmas were MADE for each other #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A2 Amping social media usage during the holidays is huge for brands. So why not follow suite as a blogger?! #blogtrends
applebluetweets A2: Social media is like micro blogging. Its a great way to maintain a connection w/ your readers w/out the stress of blogging. #blogtrends
KpSittingPretty A2: I think it is totally ok to take a complete break from your blog & social media for mental sanity and quality time w/fam. #blogtrends
TaimataR Q2 I usually do but this year there will be a no phone rule during holiday family events to ensure quality time with loved ones. #blogtrends


Q3 Should bloggers mention their religious beliefs on their blog? Why or why not? #BlogTrends

MissMegasaurus A3: I think it’s fine to talk about your religion, but understand you may have mixed feelings from your audience. #Blogtrends
jessiekay77 A3 I don’t, because I know I am a minority in the blogs I follow, and don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable #blogtrends
pixelhazard A3: I don’t see a problem with discussing your faith if its relevant to your post or blogging ethos #blogtrends
KpSittingPretty A3: If your religious beliefs are a big part of who you are then feel free to talk about it. Be yourself unapologetically. #blogtrends
ALK_FeelingGood A3: I’ve been struggling with this one. It shouldn’t be hidden, but I’m afraid I’ll lose readers. #blogtrends
shay1a A3: If it’s relevant, I don’t see why not! I share other beliefs and values of mine, so that wouldn’t be any different to me. #blogtrends
applebluetweets A3: Share as you feel led while remaining respectful of others. Kindness speaks volumes. #blogtrends
TheBlogWorkshop A3 I think it depends on the nature of the blog and it’s really up to the blogger if they want to share that. Same with politics #BlogTrends
jessiekay77 A3 many of the bloggers I follow are openly religous and I don’t have a problem with it, but it makes me feel a little left out. #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm #A3 That way you foster a sense of understanding amongst diversity and your readers get to share about themselves #BlogTrends
DigitalKaitlyn A3 I have no problem hearing beliefs and traditions as long as there is respect and awareness that not everyone will share them #blogtrends
GlitterNPixels #blogtrends A3 I wouldn’t go overboard, but I like to think that people are tolerant and understand that people have different beliefs
champagnepicnic A3 I personally leave all religious beliefs & political views off my blog. I don’t want to spark any debates it’s a happy place! #blogtrends
blackblondeone A3 I’ve thrown it in when appropriate. Generally it doesn’t mix with fashion and beauty. #blogtrends
MsJasmine_O @MsJasmine_O: A3. There’s nothing wrong with sharing your religious beliefs on your blog. Ur blog is an expression of yourself. #blogtrends
blackblondeone A3 I’m also a very passionate person. Like lately with the elections, I can’t NOT write about it. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A3 If your religious beliefs are relevant to a blog post, then why not? It’s YOUR blog. #blogtrends
clarabellum A3 if it’s important to you! the thing is, if you put your faith out there, you have to be prepared to deal w potential haters #blogtrends


Q4 Do you feature holiday themes and seasonal posts or do you avoid it? #BlogTrends

cammipham A4 Of course i would feature holiday posts they are always so fun to write #blogtrends
gritandglamour A4 I have in the past…I do think gift guides, tips, and recipes are interesting and helpful, and I look for them on blogs. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A4 Sure do! Gives me a reason to be a little cheesy and fun! #blogtrends
WowYouWoreThat I typically don’t do a holiday post, but feature SEASONAL posts. So “How to Wear Scarves” for example Much more secular that way #blogtrends
applebluetweets A4: If you’re into it, do it. Throw in a few seasonal posts for variety but don’t overdo it unless you have a specific theme. #blogtrends
jessiekay77 A4 This will be my first year blogging for the holidays, so we’ll see. I’m excited though, to blog about the holidays! #blogtrends
EcoDesignGirl A.4 I adore doing holiday themed posts feat. #ethical #organic #fairtrade fashion + design. Love the challenge to be unique 🙂 #BlogTrends
starcrossedsmil A4 Yes- I like to do gift guides (helps me figure out my christmas shopping!) and share life updates as usual. #blogtrends
jomariemalcolm A4 But I personally enjoy seeing how persons get so creative with their holiday packaging etc 😀 #BlogTrends
DigitalKaitlyn A4 I looooove the holidays so I incorporate fun things I find or other posts, it’s a big part of who I am #blogtrends
MissMegasaurus A4: But again, only if it is relevant to what your blog stands for. Don’t throw in random posts just because. #blogtrends
pulpsushi A4 Yes, they’re fun! I’ve been all about holiday food and decorating – like my Pumpkin Spice blog post =D #blogtrends http://t.co/uruzxU1m
shay1a A4: Going to do themed posts this year! We do holiday things–cutting down a tree, stocking stuffing, etc. & I like sharing. #blogtrends
HowDoIWearThis Q4 first time for this one, but Im not HUGE on all thing holidays so ill have just a touch of holiday or unconventional holiday #blogtrends
Her_Castle A4. Yes, we post Christmas theme posts. We still get major hits on some surprisingly. We mix w/ general posts #blogtrends
blackblondeone A4 I will say that I love when bloggers add the “snow” to their blogs. It’s adorbs. #blogtrends


Q5 What’s the best strategy for maintaining a blogging(work)/life balance? #BlogTrends

MissMegasaurus A5: Know when to go offline. Everyone needs a break. Friday nights & Saturday mornings are my time. Sundays I focus on the blog. #blogtrends
champagnepicnic A5 become a planner, even if you aren’t one. You will never survive if you don’t plan and manage your time #blogtrends
Coily_Locks A5 #blogtrends a schedule. I love to type a few then set them up to post at intervals.
KurleeBelle @Blog_Trends A5. Editorial calendar and sticking to it. Take time during the day to write down ideas and then time to write. #blogtrends
ALK_FeelingGood A5: Stay organized! Use an editorial calendar, list of post ideas/outfits. I spend a while each day catching up, planning etc. #blogtrends
MissMegasaurus A5: I email myself or write down blog ideas all the time. Write them in draft or in Word and take your time. There’s no rush. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A5 Not staying up all night to blog/comment! Set limits, like no blogging on the weekends or after 8pm. #blogtrends
shay1a A5: Get ahead! My editorial calendar plug-in has made such a difference to me. I draft ideas and fill them in as I have time. #blogtrends
honeebeegifts A5 It’s an “ebb and flow” kind of thing It’s a hard balance 2 maintain work/life but doing so gives creativity/love 2 all areas #blogtrends
pulpsushi A5 Schedule days off. I post on average 5 days/week, 1 post a day and I’m totally happy with that routine #blogtrends
gritandglamour A5 Resist the urge to Instagram and tweet in “mixed company,” aka non-bloggers. Others find it so rude, and it is! #blogtrends
01b0o A5 keeping a calendar, make your publishing dates public so you want to commit to it more. “I will post every..” theme-days #blogtrends
TaimataR Q5: I tend to work on my blog during my commute or on wkend mornings. All other time is devoted to friends and fam #blogtrends


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