#BlogTrends – Blogging Through the Summer – June 11th

For many of us summer is what we spend all winter wishing for and when it finally shows up the last thing we want to do is lock ourselves inside with a computer. As much as we love our blogs it can get to be a lot of work balanced with picnics, holidays, and fun in the sun. Join us tonight to talk about how to successfully keep your blog updated and not miss out on any of your summer plans!

Q1 Do you cut back on posts during the summer time? Why or why not? #BlogTrends

@travelinglinds: @Blog_Trends A1: no I tend to write more in the summer because I have it off from teaching and more time!#blogtrends

@SheLikesRuffles: A1: I don’t really cut back on posts in the summer time. I really tend to cut back on holidays though…#blogtrends

@KatiePetix: A1 I don’t. for me personally I actually have MORE time to blog in the summer! #blogtrends

@nouvelle: A1 Actually, I think I post *more* during the summer because I’m off from work so I have more time for my creative projects. #blogtrends

@CustomizedWalls: A1. Hmm..No. I am trying to be better at it this year. So no lax in summer. People luv summer reads#blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: A1: It depends on what I’m up to that summer. Sometimes I post more, sometimes less, but it’s really up to my personal whims. #blogtrends

@netvignette: A1: I just cut back based on other commitments. When I have a mag issue about 2 come out, my blog suffers#BlogTrends

@DabbleInChic: A1 I have been more inspired during the summer, so cutting back is not happening! It’s #EventSeason so that helps with topics #blogtrends

@smalltwnfashion: A1 The only thing that changes is I’m trying to feature more casual outfits. I like summer casual clothes so much!#blogtrends

@CityMeetCountry: A1. Summer is a great time for new & fresh inspiration, take advantage of posting during seasons w/ themes#blogtrends

@kdesignthoughts: A1 : no lapse in summer! I READ blogs too and its a bummer when 2 weeks go by with out update. #stayconsistant #blogtrends

Q2 Will posting less in the summer cost me readers? Will I appear less credible? #BlogTrends

@kimberrleigh: A2 I’ve gone on hiatuses before (not solely in summer) and kept loyal followers, so I don’t think you’ll lose numbers#blogtrends

@SheLikesRuffles: A2: I think in general, creating a content calendar & sticking to it as much as possible is best, regardless of season! #blogtrends

@BohoVanity: @Blog_Trends A2 I don’t think so- as long as you are honest with your readers and keep them updated it should be okay #blogtrends

@smalltwnfashion: A2 As a reader I want to see consistency. But I understand that bloggers need a break. And there’s always other blogs to read! #blogtrends

@netvignette: A2: I think so- I think a blogger should try to be as consistent as possible. We document life & life doesn’t stop in summer. #BlogTrends

@ashia: A2 A posting schedule should be maintained. If the summer means less posts, keep your overall schedule light.#blogtrends

@jeffmarias2001: @Blog_Trends Depends, the sayings are “Content is King” but then there is “Quality over Quantity”. #blogtrends

@BlitzAndGlam: @Blog_Trends Taking a summer hiatus though? You might lose readers. We have short attention spans. Here today, gone tomorrow. #blogtrends

@KatiePetix: A2 without explanation any irregularities in posting can risk losing some readership. best to stay consistent!#blogtrends

@SheLikesRuffles: A2: If you’re a part of a publishing network there can be guidelines as to how often you need to post: you can’t disappear! #blogtrends

@CustomizedWalls: A2 I would think so. People come to depend on you…check you often..when you are not there for too long, they prob will move on #blogtrends

@jstprfectbeauty: A2: i don’t think your credibility will suffer in a huge way if you continue to offer great content #blogtrends

@nouvelle: A2 Yes & no. As someone who reads blogs, you get used to daily/frequent updates. However, if I like a blog – I do come back. #blogtrends

@smalltwnfashion: A2 If you’ve been on vacation or just won’t be posting as much, it’s ok to say that. I love seeing vacation/summer fun photos! #blogtrends

@Her_Castle: A2 I think it depends on what kind of content you create. Our blog is time sensitive 50% of the time, so we gotta keep up #blogtrends

@KatiePetix: A2 if you need a break, it’s OK! Schedule posts in advance, ask blogger buds to guest, or let your readers know you’re on hiatus #blogtrends

Q3 What are some alternative ways to stay connected to my readers without posting daily? #BlogTrends

@nycstylecannoli: @Blog_Trends twitter, instagram, facebook and pinterest work well #blogtrends

@netvignette: A3: Social networking definitely- I think Instagram is probably one of the best because it’s almost like tumblr in a way#BlogTrends

@justsitpretty: A3: You can always stay connected through instagram, facebook and of course twitter! #blogtrends. Take them on a journey thru your life!

@QueeninHeels: @Blog_Trends If I am not posting on the blog I am active on Twitter and Facebook page. And need I mention Pinterest? #blogtrends

@elizonthego: A3 Twitter checkins, email check ins, visiting their sights and saying hello. Buying me coffee. #blogtrends love those on instagram too.

@travelinglinds: A3: I use Pinterist daily/hourly to pin, which keeps my name floating around on twitter- more traffic just from that#blogtrends #blogtrends

@WowYouWoreThat: I make sure I tweet all day, and answer questions/tweets to me by my followers!nKeeps them engaged and feeling like they mattern#blogtrends

@CustomizedWalls: A3 How about connecting with them on twitter, instagram, gplus, fb etc. They get ur humor and fun when u can’t blog #blogtrends

@FlourishCafe: Q3: One alt. way to blog in summer esp while travelling is car vlogging. We loved making a road trip vlog:http://t.co/75Zn84VL #blogtrends

Q4 I know guest posts are a great way to keep my blog updated but how many guest posts should I allow monthly? Why? #BlogTrends

@LiveLifeInStyle: A4 I’ve actually only done guest blog posts once when I needed a blogger break. It was great! I want to do it more often #BlogTrends

@smalltwnfashion: A4 Your posts should be in the majority – unless you have a collaboration-type blog. #blogtrends

@ElembeeEtc: A4 I do a weekly series with guests but always design the layout — less work for me, but I can still put my touch on it. #blogtrends

@Brittany_TYD: @Blog_Trends A4: I offer sponsors the option of doing a guest post. I will only schedule one a week.Some weeks there aren’t any. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @blog_trends I have 12 this month because I’ll be gone. I wanted to stick to my daily schedule. #blogtrends

@WowYouWoreThat: Guests posts are amazing.nAnd I’d say if you have a themed site, the sky is the limit in terms of how many you can have.n#blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: A4: I think 2 or 3 a month might be plenty. you want a new angle for your readers, but you don’t want to dilute your own brand. #blogtrends

@netvignette: When I first started, I had guest bloggers all the time. Now I limit to like 2-3 a month. I need readers to know who *I* am. #BlogTrends

@KatiePetix: A4 If youre going to have an excess of guest bloggers I would try to schedule some of your own posts in between to break it up. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @blog_trends A4 Honestly I think it’s ok because I feel like I’ve been kind of lackluster, so I like the infusion on new topics. #blogtrends

@travelinglinds: I love guest posts, but unless I’m paying them, I prefer to write my own stuff #blogtrends

@WowYouWoreThat: If you lay out a SOLID editorial guideline, your contributors SHOULD sound like you, and you dont need to limit contributionsn#blogtrends

@KatiePetix: A4 Also, you can write intros to your guest posts so that your voice is still present #blogtrends

@ashia: A4 I would suggest keeping an 80/20 or 70/30 ratio of guest posts to your own blog posts. #blogtrends

Q5 What are your best tips for keeping your blog updated and still enjoying time away from the computer & outdoors? #BlogTrends

@ElembeeEtc: A5 Plan, plan, plan. Creating an editorial calendar and having regular columns works wonders! #blogtrends

@travelinglinds: A5: BUFFER!!!!!!!! Setting up tweets and posts is amazing, keeps me SANE #blogtrends

@ashia: A5 Schedule! Schedule! Schedule! Choose a slow day and write several posts then schedule them to get away but not disappear. #blogtrends

@smalltwnfashion: A5 Keep a stockpile of general topics/posts ready to go. I write whenever I have inspiration – save those posts for a sunny day. #blogtrends

@ElembeeEtc: A5 I also have a private Tumblr to store and tag images I might want to use in future posts — like my personal image database! #blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: A5: I try to come up with a few ideas in advance, so that I can take a break, but not have to face writers block when I get back #blogtrends

@Her_Castle: A5 scheduling posts! Some sunday nights we write enough for a few days. LUV scheduling tools! #blogtrends

@PromiscuousLola: A5: Yu can have a pool of topics you want to cover, so you aren’t fighting for ideas when you DO have time to blog. #blogtrends

@mimimuffins: A5.I like to make more than one post and save one as a draft so when in am too busy I can post that one that day#blogtrends

@CustomizedWalls: I don’t schedule much. I like to keep it flowing…lots of convo, humor and fun! 🙂 I should would prob save time!#blogtrends

@KatiePetix: A5 editorial calendar, guest bloggers, & scheduling. set aside some specific time to plan ahead each week.#blogtrends

@ClosetFix: A5: I’ve committed to schedule which forces me to prioritize accordingly. Once my expectations are set it makes it a tad easier #blogtrends

@Brittany_TYD: @Blog_Trends A5: I make a “list” of the post topics I want to write about in my google calendar, then schedule posts in advance. #blogtrends

@smalltwnfashion: A5 I have over 100 drafts in my blog hopper. Some will never be published but it’s nice to have them just in case.#blogtrends


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    Love that you do a blog summary on the blog trends convo for those that miss it!

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