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The word “successful” can be rather subjective, but we’re pretty certain we can all spot a successful blogger when we see one. So what makes a blogger successful? Beyond that element of je ne sais quoi, what specific factors come into play and how can we harness these factors for our own blogs? We’d love to hear your thoughts!


Q1 What are the top 3 things you think of when you think of blogging success? Why? #BlogTrends

clarabellum #blogtrends A1. traffic, engagement, and partnerships (with other bloggers, brands, etc)
blackblondeone @BlogTrends A1 I think brand partnerships, meaningful reader relationships, and great content. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A1 Unique, quality content; social media engagement; a clean and minimal site. #blogtrends
MeglMy Q1 Engagement with readers, community with other bloggers and quality content. #blogtrends
sydnee_xo A1 frequent posts. Sponsorship/partnership. Lots of traffic #BlogTrends
smalltwnfashion Q1 readers, the ability to monetize, a clear theme, and frequent (and creative) material #blogtrends
KpSittingPretty A1: I think of personality, creativity, & consistency. These are 3 things that separate successful bloggers from the rest! #blogtrends
sydnee_xo A1 I would also say comments. It means more when you know people are commenting on what they read #BlogTrends
KoKoaMagazine A1. Communication, personality, and uniqueness is what I think of #blogtrends
shay1a A1: Consistent posting (whether it’s daily/once a week – just consistent!), commenter engagement, social media influence. #blogtrends
thecuriouspug A1: quality content, monetizing, and being well known. #blogtrends
rippednylon A1: agree with @gritandglamour Unique content & social media engagement, I won’t say minimal, but true-to-style design for sure! #blogtrends


Q2 When you think of the bloggers dubbed “top bloggers” what factors do you think contributed to their mainstream success? Why? #BlogTrends

KoKoaMagazine A2. I think some of them engaged more and some have forgotten where they came from #blogtrends
ScorchingStyle A2. This is where personality, kindness, originality and creativity come in. Disposable time, money, and luck don’t hurt! #Blogtrends
blackblondeone @BlogTrends A2 Style, personality, and a bit of aspiration. Everyone likes to dream a little. #blogtrends
shay1a A2: Sticking it out over the long run – continuing to post, gradually building a following. #blogtrends
CurlsandMo A2 Confidence 1st and foremost. In themselves and in what they can bring to readers and companies. Definitely fearless… #blogtrends
smalltwnfashion A2 Great pictures and creativity help – but it’s good writing that stands out to me @BlogTrends #blogtrends
KoKoaMagazine A2. Some bloggers just have that personality to get out there and talk to people they are not shy that helps with the success #blogtrends
gritandglamour A2 High quality photos, writing; a distinct personality; confidence; dedication to learning technology & new social apps. #blogtrends
smalltwnfashion A2 There are a lot of successful blogs that don’t include words at all (just pictures) and that disappoints me. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A2 Also, professionalism. Writing like an adult. Being reliable and selecting partnerships with brands very deliberately. #blogtrends
BlushingBlack A2: Originality, personality, consistency, great photos & content with info that people can use. #blogtrends


Q3 Do you think your economic status has anything to do with how successful you are as a blogger? Why or why not? #BlogTrends

clarabellum A3 i mean, some people can afford to buy a LOT of shoes. and if that’s what you make your blog about, then yeah money helps. #blogtrends
CurlsandMo A3 DEF not. I struggle but I’m resourceful. If you want something and you don’t have it, you don’t want it bad enough. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A3 Only when it comes to investing in technology. Aside from that, there is a niche for bloggers in all economic levels. #blogtrends
thecuriouspug A3: It couldn’t hurt to have a little disposable income to put towards your blog, whether in design or content. #blogtrends
KpSittingPretty A3: I think it can, but I think your creativity & ability to connect w/your audience plays a bigger role. #blogtrends
fivesixteenths A3: I don’t think my economic status has to do with my success. I’m an unemployed post grad trying to live within my means #BlogTrends
blackblondeone A3 It can. Maybe you’re a budget or a luxury blogger. Your income can really influence your content, but it doesn’t have to. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A3 Your computer and camera/video camera can make simple life GORGEOUS. But hardware, hosting, etc., do cost money. #blogtrends
shay1a A3: Maybe the more $$ you have the more you can attend conferences, promote, shop, etc. But broke people like me get to DIY. 🙂 #blogtrends
KoKoaMagazine A3. I think having money affords you better designs but at the end of the day it’s the content no 1 knows what u can afford #blogtrends
ScorchingStyle A3. No, if you’re smart, you take advantage of all opportunities w/o an investment. Money helps, but it won’t determine success. #Blogtrends
jstprfectbeauty a3: not having disposable income to spend on new products for review. i don’t have sponsors and i don’t get samples as a rule #blogtrends
KatiePetix A3 I think being able to afford designer clothes and amazing technology will take you so far, but only so far. #blogtrends
sydnee_xo A3 yes it does for sure. I’m a student and while I’d love to buy new products to review all the time I don’t have the funds #BlogTrends
OneWomansStyle A3 I only know of a few successful budget blogs.Seems people rather look and wish than to have something they can emulate. #blogtrends
styledelights A3. Economic status plays a big part. Even a budget blogger needs money for ‘new’ budget looks! But ‘just money’ is not enough! #blogtrends


Q4 How can you use your existing economic status and unique situation to relate to readers and be more success? #BlogTrends

clarabellum A4 i mean, i’m a perpetually-broke college kid, and so is my audience for the most part. we can relate / commiserate. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A4 By being yourself. Working a trend within your budget and shopping options. Then showing others how to do it. #blogtrends
KoKoaMagazine A4. My magazine is about real life not the rich and famous I am geared for people who live day to day trying to make it #blogtrends
KoKoaMagazine A4. I know how it is to live from paycheck to paycheck because I live it so I want to help others not to get discouraged #blogtrends
CurlsandMo A4 i’m a frugalista. lucky for me it’s “cool” now so it works. my readers love the thrifting & money saving tips so it’s great. #blogtrends
MeglMy A4 If you are true to yourself, that will come through in your writing. I want to relate to my readers & them to me. #blogtrends
smalltwnfashion A4 There are others like you out there – size, style, budget-wise. Be true to yourself – that’s the best way to be relatable #blogtrends
shay1a A4: If you stick with what you actually are, you will automatically be authentic and genuine, & you might find readers like you. #blogtrends
RhythmandRuffle A4 By staying true and transparent – truly loving what I do is most important; happy blogger = happy reader #blogtrends
ispasiyo q4 My mom always used to say, write about what you know. Your experiences, your situation. I makes you relateable. #blogtrends
fivesixteenths A4 If you bring a new outlook on something ppl will find you. Blog about budgeting ppl who budget wanna know.adds to success #BlogTrends
blackblondeone A4 Be honest about your situation! I have 6 figure student loans and I give tips on how to make it work! #blogtrends
ScorchingStyle A4. Show people how YOU work your budget. Use YOUR creativity, ingenuity, & determination. If you want it, others do, too! #Blogtrends
sydnee_xo A4 for me as a student it’s easy to relate bc most students are broke LOL. So I do what I can & try not to let it bother me #BlogTrends
jstprfectbeauty a4: honesty with my reader abt what i can/can’t afford; showing how to multipurpose products to produce on trend beauty looks #blogtrends
BlushingBlack A4: Create content relatable to every budget. Ppl don’t always want to hear about paying $500 for a bag! Switch it up! #blogtrends
styledelights A4. If a blogger doesn’t have an expensive outfit. reading(witty details) about an expensive outfit makes me want to come back! #blogtrends


Q5 How can we see more “real” or “everyday” people become successful bloggers? What makes you read/support a blog? #BlogTrends

OneWomansStyle A5 Solid, strong style advice seems to be the key for success when you are not blogging about luxe items. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A5 Real everyday people become big bloggers when real, everyday people support them, share their posts, etc. #blogtrends
KoKoaMagazine A5. I support blogs that engage and communicate with their readers. Blogging takes time if I give it I want to receive it #blogtrends
ScorchingStyle A5. Honesty & Be Nice. I don’t care how big you are, if you are rude or mean to your readers (be it 1 or 100) I will unfollow. #Blogtrends
smalltwnfashion A5 If their posts make me feel like we can be friends, I’ll visit their blog again. (Also if the clothes make me drool, tbh) #blogtrends
shay1a A5: To me consistency is really the key – I can’t get invested if posts are sporadic! #blogtrends
KpSittingPretty A5: By supporting the up & comers and not just those who have already “made it” #blogtrends
RhythmandRuffle A5 When readers go for original content and not a copy of what’s already been done. It’s on us to be original and persistent. #blogtrends
blackblondeone A5 I read blogs that are honest and funny. I also like to relate to other bloggers. #blogtrends
gritandglamour A5 If you’re not sharing your fave bloggers’ content in social spaces, you’re not helping “the little people” move up! #blogtrends
TheWorkette #blogtrends A5 real everyday people become successful when they are insistent, passionate, and supportive to others




















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