#BlogTrends – Blog Maintenance – July 16

We have chatted a lot about new designs, new pages, new categories, and well, new everything! This week we chat about maintaining all of those elements and keeping them up to date. Join us to learn how and when to update our media kits, policies, about pages and design!

Q1 I want to update the look of my blog, but don’t want to ruin my branding. How often can I change the look & what do I change? #BlogTrends

@HouseOfJeffers: Q1 Make subtle changes – switch up a banner, add/subtract widgets… Change is good but less is more #blogtrends

@jomariemalcolm: A1 The best way to change the aesthetics of your blog without tampering with your branding is through the use of a header image #BlogTrends

@blackblondeone: @Blog_Trends A1 When I switched from blogger to wordpress, I kept my colors, but lost everything else. #blogtrends

@HerGoodyBag: A1 I change the header once a year. I always try to keep it fresh. #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A1 Blogs are always changing…a widget here, a plugin there, but overhauling branding or design more than once a year.#blogtrends

@Thatgirlmag: @Blog_Trends A1 ask yourself what elements really define your brand, and keep those. the rest is up to your discretion!#BlogTrends

@starcrossedsmil: A1 I think I’ve done a major blog redesign about every 6-8 months, mostly because I’m never quite satsified with the design #blogtrends

@julieedmonson: @Blog_Trends A1. My rule of thumb is make subtle changes constantly to maximize usability. #blogtrends

@nouvelle: A1 Tweak your graphics, fonts, table widths/widgets and then see how you feel before doing a big overhaul.#blogtrends

gritandglamour: A1 If you change too much too often, you lose your “brand”…people don’t know what to expect. #blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A1: I always say create a practice blog, make your changes there and see how you like it over the course of a few days.#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A1 Make sure the changes you DO make are functional for readers but of course, representing your blog, too…#blogtrends

@julieedmonson: @blogtrends A1 Brand awareness is key. Don’t create more work for yourself by recreating the wheel every other month.#blogtrends

Q2 How often should I be updating the information in my media kit? What info will need updating most often?#BlogTrends

@observantturtle: A2 It depends on how often it changes. I’m growing much more rapidly than I did a few weeks ago. Once a week if you have time? #blogtrends

@julieedmonson: @Blog_Trends A2 Quarterly, if necessary. Keep traffic numbers current; FB/Twitter followers too. Any dynamic stats.#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A2 Update press, brands you’ve worke with, examples of most recent posts and some info about the technical stuff (traffic, #s) #blogtrends

@nouvelle: A2 In a perfect world, I would say once a month. In reality, every 2-3 months as your content & readership changes.#blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A2 if you have time, update your media kit as often as your numbers change. Or once a quarter if you don’t.#blogtrends

@julieedmonson: @BlogTrends A2 Make sure to timestamp your media kit too. Let brands know how current your stats are. #blogtrends

@msfemminista: A2 I actually don’t have a media kit. I tailor emails to each brand and sponsor instead. It’s been working well so far.#blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A2: Bio, products and services, and brand facts will be needed the most. #blogtrends

@pixelhazard: A2: whenever there’s a pronounced change, I suppose. I hate getting media kits from labels that don’t have seasonal info#blogtrends

@julieedmonson: @FoodfashinFlow Give your kit a personal touch; brand it like your blog. If it looks & feels like your blog, it’ll stand out.#blogtrends

Q3 If I love the design of my blog should I still update it to keep it fresh? Why? #BlogTrends

@pixelhazard: #blogtrends A3: update yes but revolutionise? Not if you love it

@observantturtle: A3 A blog is a reflection of yourself/your brand. If you aren’t having problems, I’d say don’t fix what isn’t broken!#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: Q3 If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A3 If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Keep it fresh with new plugin updates, archives, etc. No need to re-do if it’s already fab!#blogtrends

@justsitpretty: Q3: Even if you love your blog design, sometimes a little sprucing can be good, just as a little breath of fresh air!#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A3 However, you like it bc you might have a bias opinion toward it. I’d ask your readers what they like/dislike. Take a poll!#blogtrends

@HerGoodyBag: A3 I think it should be updated to keep it fresh. You can keep the layout but fonts, colors, and/or headers should change#BlogTrends

@justsitpretty: A3: You don’t need to redo your whole blog, but adding a few things or removing stuff that no longer serves u never hurt anyone #blogtrends

@BrillianceBlog: A3. I’m kind of in between. I want you to remember my blog. But I do like a bit of retouching and improvement.#blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A3 Plugins are the place to make updates. New ones for widgets and sharing are released daily. Work those in to keep things new! #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A3 I liked my orig design but felt it wasn’t professional enough. I rehauled w/the same layout but made it look less busy.#blogtrends

Q4 I often forget about the “About Me” and “Policies” page. How often should I alert myself to update them? #BlogTrends

@julieedmonson: @Blog_Trends A4 I revisit both at the end of each month. If something’s changed that’s worth noting, I’ll update.#blogtrends

@jstprfectbeauty: q4: about me page update: i just updated mine because the focus of my blog is beginning to shift slightly #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A4 A good about page is important, but your policies page is even more important if you want to work with brands.#blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A4 Updating the “About me” section give you some freedom to give others a fresh insight into who you are. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @Blog_Trends A4 Don’t be like me and forget to update when you get married! #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A4 It’s easy to forget about the technical pages on your site that dont require daily maintenance. Set a reminder in your phone #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @HouseOfJeffers A4 I set all of my reminders in google calendar and repeat them on a monthly/quarterly basis.#blogtrends

Q5 Should I be reassessing my mission every so often? If so, how often? If I don’t have a mission how should I determine mine? #BlogTrends

@observantturtle: A5 Definitely! I’d say every few months, remind yourself why you are blogging in the first place. Then, share it on your blog. #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A5 I wouldn’t change the mission too often. Having a focus is important for consistency. #blogtrends

@blackblondeone: @Blog_Trends A5 This is huge for me. When I started, I didn’t have a solid mission. Now I’m starting to really get serious. #blogtrends

@delachic: A5: when life changes, and so will your blog, therefore the mission changes…. #blogtrends

@gritandglamour: A5 Mission = goals. Am I having fun? Making money? Making friends? Your goals can change and your blog will change as they do. #blogtrends

@HouseOfJeffers: A5 I don’t have a written mission statement on my blog, but when writing/emailing brands, I can convey it. #blogtrends

@nouvelle: A5 Yes! Reassess!! I used to be very vague & like a detatched magazine. Now I’m like a personal style/literary diary.#blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A5: A mission can change, but overall should still aim to do what it originally stated it would do. #blogtrends

@BlushingBlack: A5 But your mission shouldn’t change. Have another targeted topic? Start another blog. #blogtrends

@justsitpretty: A5: If your mission is changing too much & straying from your niche, consider making a new blog or guest blog your new interest #blogtrends

@taylorbrione: RT @ValVerdeStyle: A5: without focus & a goal there is no direction…set little goals and milestones along the way#blogtrends

@shae101s: @Blog_Trends A5 absolutely! Every dream is a new mission, and u should try to conquer them all! as often as possible 😉#blogtrends


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