#BlogTrends – Authenticity & Branding – Sept 24

Blogging authentically and staying true to your brand is something we’ve all heard and read about in articles, from experts, at conferences, and even regularly in #BlogTrends twitter chat. It is oft-touted as one of the key elements to being successful in the blogging world. But how exactly do you define your voice and your brand? During this #BlogTrends chat we will be discussing the best ways to understand and define your blog’s brand, how to stay true to yourself and your brand (keeping your brand authentic), maintaining your voice in reviews and sponsored posts, and much, much more.


Q1 What is the best way to understand and define your blog’s brand? #blogtrends

BeeSince83 @Blog_Trends A1: I think it all starts with whatever your blog’s purpose is. What you represent drives your brand definition. #blogtrends
DigitalKaitlyn A1 I think I am still working on this, I personally try to turn my blog into a reflection of my lifestyle and go from there #blogtrends
HerGoodyBag A1 The best way to understand and define your blog’s brand is based on the goals you set for your blog/brand. #blogtrends
CreativelyYours A1. I think as your blog grows the brand develops and understanding it comes w/time and knowing your audience #BlogTrends
HouseOfJeffers Q1 I define it through a running theme. I try to inflect an edginess to my outfits, so I define it through that & my writing. #blogtrends
Blogathon2 A1 – to understand/define you must first figure out what your aim is, why you blog. Then put it into words #blogtrends
  blackblondeone A1 My best advice is just not to get too caught up in keeping any image. It should be organic and just happen. #blogtrends
justsitpretty A1: Know what you’re passionate about & find a way to provide that as a service. Most of all know your target audience. #blogtrends
BarelyPractical Q1 I define my brand based on the value I want to provide. For me it’s #fashion style and #fashiontech #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A1 Just like brands change their vision, it’s good to question yours occasionally. I just did this and it’s really motivated me #blogtrends
justsitpretty A1: When you are comfortable with you and remember to stay consistent, then you’re otw to understanding/defining your blog #blogtrends
HerGoodyBag A1 as your blog grows you can take your brand in to a different direction. You must have a vision though. #blogtrends
HerGoodyBag A1 If you do not define your blog’s brand then someone else will and you do not want to be put in a box. #blogtrends
vagabondstudio A1) I found my ‘brand’ by deciding what I wanted people to think of when they thought of my blog, and went with that. ? #blogtrends
KatiePetix A1 My brand is me! Sometimes if I’m feeling lost I have a close friend read a post and tell me if it sounds like “me” or not. #blogtrends
fivesixteenths A1 this was trial & error. You gotta be true to you but sometimes you dot know who that is yet. #blogtrends
CreativelyYours I never set out thinking “I have to brand myself” it happened organically…I protect and develop it, it’s important to me #BlogTrends


Q2 Being authentic is important. How do I ensure I live my brand? What does “living your brand” really mean? #blogtrends

Blogathon2 A2 Your brand is who you are, if you aren’t lying about it, should be no problem living it! #blogtrends
HerGoodyBag A2 Be real. Don’t try to live a lifestyle you aren’t comfortable with to impress people. #blogtrends
NIkkiPanache I just be myself. I show my humility in my life posts, and I’m not afraid to share my quirky, murky dreams. #blogtrends
justsitpretty A2: You can’t be someone you’re not, just as you can’t blog about something you don’t really love. Ppl will know you’re faking #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A2 “Living your brand” means not putting on a show – online and off. Faking it to making it doesn’t always hold true. #blogtrends
CreativelyYours A2. Practice what you preach. I am living everything that I share good & bad #BlogTrends
stylemethrifty Q2 I recently had to unplug & stop reading other blogs bc it was making me overthink my content. Just gotta be me! #blogtrends
RhythmandRuffle A2 I think living your brand is being yourself (your brand) on and off-line. What you see is what you get; no surprises. #blogtrends
vagabondstudio A2 – Living your brand means to be unique and not copy 1000 other bloggers. Put your own personality into your work. #blogtrends
alexshook A2 It’s also important to keep this in mind when working with other brands… I won’t work with brands that aren’t a good fit. #blogtrends
blackblondeone A2 I write how I talk so people won’t be surprised. I also try to maintain a friendly nature since I’m always smiling. #blogtrends
enh410 A2: authenticity is extremely important!! You are your brand..nothing is more authentic than being yourself! It will show! #BlogTrends
pulpsushi A2 I’m more mindful of my online presence bc I have a business so there may be things I don’t share on my blog #BlogTrends
TheBlogWorkshop A2 I think it’s also important to remember your brand extends to your social platforms; twitter, facebook, etc… be consistent #blogtrends


Q3 How do I post a review/sponsored post & maintain my voice & honesty with my readers? What if I make the sponsor mad? #blogtrends

clarabellum Q3 here’s what I think – if you hate the product, is your relationship with the sponsor really that important? #blogtrends
Blogathon2 A3 – be honest upfront that it’s sponsored (which you should be anyways FTC..) and talk about personal topics, not just an ad #blogtrends
RhythmandRuffle A3 Nice question, I would say stay true to your brand no matter what. It’s your brand on the line – not the other guy. #blogtrends
enh410 A3:I’m always honest in my reviews. I would rather be honest & not work with the co. again than to be dishonest w loyal readers #BlogTrends
HerGoodyBag a3 I’m not going to act like I love/like the product or service. I just don’t endorse the product #blogtrends
justsitpretty A3: Be 100% honest & remember to have integrity. Only promote something you truly support. Set trends responsibly. #blogtrends
theMaeGal A3. I have always been honest in my reviews (even if they aren’t all positive) and haven’t upset a sponsor yet. #blogtrends
DerbyCityNat A3 By being open and honest. I have reviewed products that didn’t work well for me but I explained why they didn’t #blogtrends +
HouseOfJeffers A3 I do what my mother told me: If I don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all. #blogtrends
blackblondeone A3 For one, I only review products if I truly love them. If it didn’t work out, I don’t feature it. Keep it positive. #blogtrends
KatiePetix A3 If you try the product/item and it just doesn’t jazz with you, let the company know rather than post a negative review. #blogtrends
enh410 A3: also, ALWAYS state what was received for the review and that “thoughts and opinions are my own” for credibility/legality #BlogTrends
HerGoodyBag I want to be positive, not the blogger who bashes people or brands. #blogtrends
TheBlogWorkshop A3 Don’t get blinded by the dollar, maintain your integrity and always keep the good of your brand/readers in mind #blogtrends
vagabondstudio A3 – I also turn down sponsors I love because their product doesn’t fit my blog. This tends to aggravate some companies. #blogtrends
TheGorgeousBlog A3. dislike does NOT equal bashing or “hating”. Challenge the writer in you to present differently. #blogtrends
DigitalKaitlyn Q4 How do I get readers to understand and relate to my voice, what I represent and overall brand? #blogtrends


Q4 How do I get readers to understand and relate to my voice, what I represent and overall brand? #blogtrends

clarabellum Q4 having a useful “about” page is a good first step. also check every post to make sure your voice is loud and clear! #blogtrends
TeamRamp1885 Be clear, consistent and true to your voice. At the end of the day you are representing you and your rep and your quality. #blogtrends
stylemethrifty A4 Consistency!!.. with your content, photos, timing, passion, etc #blogtrends
enh410 A4: it’s all about interaction! Make your readers engage with you & make them feel “at home” on your blog. Be real,be relatable #BlogTrends
DigitalKaitlyn A4 I make my blog posts relatable by speaking in a conversational way. I also try to make content accessible and easy to follow #blogtrends
gritandglamour A4 you brand is built through your site, your tweets, the products you endorse, how you interact. #blogtrends
blackblondeone A4 It’s important to establish your subject: highend fashion or budget wardrobe? fashion theory or just trends? #blogtrends
HerGoodyBag A4 It goes back to being authentic. Be personable as well. Show that you are human! We connect when people are relatable #blogtrends
TheBlogWorkshop A4 The setup of your site, content, mission, etc should all consistently convey the overall representation of your brand #blogtrends
justsitpretty A4: Practice writing/conveying your msg & reach out to other bloggers, people in social media, locals, &anyone who will listen #blogtrends
RhythmandRuffle A4 Add different mediums to your blog: video, text, photography, etc – to enhance the experience and make it a real destination. #blogtrends
TeamRamp1885 A4: and if you are quirky, bring on ur quirkiness. Sense of humour, being real and of course show how much you love what you do. #blogtrends
TheBlogWorkshop A4 It’s important to understand how your audiences communicates, process information,etc then you can relate to them effectively #blogtrends
gritandglamour A4 Be selective about the brands you push or allow to advertise. People begin to associate you with the brands you love. #blogtrends


Q5 How else should I incorporate my brand into my blog? (policies, marketing, etc) #blogtrends

Blogathon2 A5- decide on your brand image, then use it throughout social media accounts, everywhere online. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A5 Create a spec sheet that clearly explains your policies as it relates to content. #blogtrends
KatiePetix A5 on the branding/marketing front, keep a consistent look so you are easily identifiable #blogtrends
Tay_GLAMOUR Q5: just always stay true to yourself, your own thoughts, and be orignial, you can never go wrong with that! #BlogTrends 
HouseOfJeffers A5 Marketing yourself should hopefully come easy. After all, you know who you are and what you represent as a brand. #blogtrends
enh410 A5: def have policies for pr opportunities, product/company features & your own rules you abide by on your blog! #BlogTrends
jstprfectbeauty a5: consistency across all platforms–sometimes difficult but essential to creating your brand. #blogtrends
jstprfectbeauty a5: keeping the message the same w/business cards and other marketing materials, blog backgrounds, etc will tie everything tog #blogtrends









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