#BlogTrends – 2013 Blogging Trends – Jan 21


As we move into a new year we are focusing on some of the new ways our blogs are being utilized and how we can continue to grow and expand. While the basics of blogging (building community and sharing knowledge and experiences) will most likely never change, trends in style and technology are ever evolving. Join us to discuss some of the new technology, trends and blogging techniques that you think we will be seeing in the months to come.


Q1 How has your blog grown or changed since you first started? Has this been a good thing? Why? #BlogTrends

jstprfectbeauty a1: my blog started as more of personal log and morphed into a beauty blog. i think it’s a good thing… #blogtrends
Walkingwithcake A1 I have regular readers and feel part of a blogging community now. For me, it’s a great thing. #blogtrends
CM_Writer @BlogTrends A1: It went from completely personal about my friendships with guys to include more about all aspects of my life #blogtrends
QueeninHeels @BlogTrends 1. Changed – yes. I am always changing as a person so the blog is as well. #blogtrends
thecuriouspug A1 My blog’s definitely grown to be more personal and I take better photos. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A1 My blog definitely is more “me” now than in the beginning. I wanted to translate my personality on my blog. Now it does #blogtrends
BButterflyBlog My blog has become more diversified since I started, rather than just being beauty it’s moved towards lifestyle aswell #blogtrends
acc_stylish A1 Lately I get more comments on my posts which is great! It’s grown into something more confident and continues to grow. #blogtrends
KatiePetix A1 my blog went from a primarily imAges to much more text over the years. I also rely heavily on social media now. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A1 Learning to treat my blog like a business has completely changed how I approach running it. #blogtrends
DigitalKaitlyn My blog has kind of gone nowhere lately, I am consumed with pregnancy and mommyhood at the moment but it’s been a great outlet #blogtrends
thecuriouspug A1 i’ve also gotten better at scheduling posts up to a few months ahead. thanks to google calendar #blogtrends
BButterflyBlog A1 I used to think that posting everyday was essential to blogging, i’ve since realised that quality is better than quantity #blogtrends
MeglMy A1 I definitely feel like my blog is much more organized (or organized chaos) than it was when I started. Has more direction. #blogtrends


Q2 What are some of the must try blogging tools for 2013? #BlogTrends

BButterflyBlog A2 it depends what you already use; if you don’t already then Google Analytics is a good one to have #blogtrends
Walkingwithcake A2 I still need to try an editorial calendar. #blogtrends
clarabellum A2: http://t.co/DWS5PW1f! for pinterest analytics. super useful. #blogtrends
acc_stylish A2 Google analytics is good you just have to understand what you’re looking at…still working on it. 🙂 #blogtrends
KatiePetix A2 I hope to be using @Qwiki a lot more for tutorials on the @BlogTrends site! #blogtrends
jstprfectbeauty a2: blogging tools? my calendar! it’s now organized–i now need to “work the plan…consistently!” #blogtrends
abeautyscArlet A2. If you are really into numbers, Klout is a way to keep up with your score on social media. #blogtrends
jstprfectbeauty a2 also on my list: a new camera–preferably a DSLR and perhaps an updated laptop? #blogtrends
CM_Writer A2: I like polyvore for #fashion posts. But I really don’t know. Still learning #blogtrends
sydnee_xo #BlogTrends A2 social media in general, FB page is great bc your page can like others and connect more
abeautyscArlet A2. Stumbleupon is also a good way to get your blog noticed. #blogtrends
Walkingwithcake A2: I have a Google+ page for my blog, and #BlogTrends now has a Google + community where you can share posts.


Q3 Are blog formats changing or staying the same? Are your posts getting longer or sorter? Why? #BlogTrends

HouseOfJeffers A3 My content is getting longer. Not sure if readers enjoy it, but I like creating more of a picture w words sometimes. #blogtrends
thelifeofclare @BlogTrends A3 there is less writing, which is more focused and more photos. #blogtrends
QueeninHeels @BlogTrends 3. When I get back to regularly posting on the blog. I will have both long and short formats. Balance. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A3 I dont think there’s one set post formula. It all depends on the topic and images. #blogtrends
clarabellum #blogtrends A3 my blog posts are definitely getting longer, but i think that’s because I have more to say – I’m more passionate about topics
abeautyscArlet A3. I change my format to see what my readers respond to the most. My blog post are becoming longer. #blogtrends
KatiePetix A3 I’ve tried many different blog platforms over the years, but always go back to good ol’ blogger. #blogtrends
MeglMy A3 It really depends on the topic, if I include photos they are definitely shorter. #blogtrends
CM_Writer Q3: My posts are getting much shorter. Had to think about the blog from the perspective of the reader. I’m longwinded LOL #blogtrends
MeglMy A3 I don’t think there is one formula that works. It’s whatever works for that particular post/blog. #blogtrends
artblt Q3 Depends on the subject matter. We offer in depth coverage for events. Shorter posts for other things. #blogtrends


 Q4 How has blogging grown this past year and how are you hoping to monetize your blogging efforts this year? #BlogTrends

EcoDesignGirl @BlogTrends Q4 I’m currently putting the finishing touches on a media kit to encourage mutually beneficial sponsorships 🙂 #blogtrends
Walkingwithcake A4 I use affiliate links, but have yet to earn anything from them. I go back and forth between whether or not I should monetize. #blogtrends
CM_Writer A4: I worked w/a couple of brands last year. I hope to work with more this year. I want to work w/brands that I use regularly #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A4 Blogging for me becomes more creative each year. It challenged my goals and pushes me to be unique in my voice and brand. #blogtrends
BButterflyBlog A4 i’m not too bothered about monetizing my blog, I wouldn’t turn down offers of sponsorship but i’m not actively seeking it #blogtrends
abeautyscArlet A4. There are more resources fro bloggers and you can monetize with advertisers and affiliates. #blogtrends
clarabellum A4 looking forward to working with more brands now that my traffic has grown. also, selling ads with @passionfruitads! #blogtrends
sydnee_xo A4 my traffic has grown & I’m hoping to approach companies even just for PR stuff not just money. Hoping to grow myAdsense #BlogTrends
jstprfectbeauty a4: on some level i’m still a little afraid to monetize my blog–guess i feel like i’ll be “locked in” to something… #blogtrends
MeglMy A4 Monetizing my blog isn’t something I’m really focused on or really even thought much about. #blogtrends
HouseOfJeffers A4 I want to focus on building on the relationships I have, and to expand in the types of opportunities I might be able to have. #blogtrends
acc_stylish At this point I am just having fun expressing myself through my blog. Monetize would be great but not my main focus. #blogtrends
sydnee_xo A4 I’ve made a bit of money on Adsense but not enough to cash in. Definitely want to be productive with that ESP as a student #BlogTrends
iamthecoolnerd A4 increased ad sales, guest blogging and creating an affiliate program are among my blog goals #blogtrends
TheLipglossLily A4: Monetizing my blog isn’t something I plan on doing this year at least. #blogtrends
BButterflyBlog A4 I’m part of Glam Media but I’ll always make sure that my blog remains mine, nobody likes a sell-out #blogtrends


Q5 How do you see relationships between brands and bloggers growing or changing this year? Why? #BlogTrends


sydnee_xo A5 I wish brands would acknowledge smaller blogs. I have the same issue on YouTube it’s like we don’t exist sometimes #blogtrends


acc_stylish A5 I think more brands are looking for bloggers to post about their items. It’s real people giving honest opinions. #blogtrends


ladygoodmanblog @BlogTrends A5:Growing. Brands are noticing the influence of (top tier and niche) bloggers in their blogs and social media.#blogtrends


abeautyscArlet A5.I think brands will be reaching out to bloggers in 2013. Bloggers have a way of getting the word out with an unbiased opinion.#blogtrends



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