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We all struggle now and again with coming up with blog post ideas. Fear not! We at Blog Trends are here to help! It’s officially spring and I know I have a ton of spring cleaning to do in my life, why not help your audience by sharing your Spring Cleaning experiences? This topic is great because you can take it in so many directions; it’s really perfect for just about any blogging niche. So without further ado, here are some Blog Post Ideas for Spring Cleaning:

Beauty Bloggers – Clean out your makeup drawers.

  • Different organizational concepts (sort by color, sort by type of product, sort by evening vs daywear, etc.)
  • Different tools for organizing (makeup bags, drawer dividers, makeup cases, palettes, brush rolls, etc.)
  • Lifespans of different types of cosmetics (how long can you keep mascara? when should you toss sunscreen?, etc.)

Fashion Bloggers – Clean out your closets.

  • Different organizational concepts (sort by color, sort by type of garment, sort by casual vs workwear, etc.)
  • Different tools for organizing (folding vs hanging, favorite type/brand of hanger, best closet systems: elfa vs california closets vs other brands, etc.)
  • Wrangling miscellaneous stuff (best organizational tools for: scarves, shoes, jewelry, etc.)
  • Storing winter clothing (best storage tools for: coats, boots, hats/scarves/gloves, different products to repel moths, etc.)
  • What to donate, what to sell, what to trash (making tough decisions, learning to let go, different methods: treat your closet like a store/would you buy what is hanging in your closet? If no, let it go. Have you worn this garment in the last 6 months (non-seasonal)? If no, let it go. Does it fit? If no, let it go., etc.)

Food Bloggers – Clean out your pantry & fridge.

  • Lifespans of different types of ingredients (How long can I keep this flour? Does sugar go bad? The low-down on expiration dates, what can you freeze to extend lifespan? What must be used right away?, etc.)
  • Different tools for organizing (storage: plastic vs glass vs ceramic etc, the lowdown on new BPA/plastic studies, best freezer bags, is it safe to use vintage kitchen goods?, cutest storage stuff on the market, etc.)
  • How to clean specific kitchen appliances (best oven cleaners, eco-friendly oven cleaners, how to clean a coffee maker, microwave, food processor, toaster, etc.)
  • Best tools for cleaning (sponges, brushes, cloths, types of soap, best smelling, cutest, which tools are safe for which surfaces, etc.)

Mommy Bloggers – Clean out clothes and toy closets.

  • Teaching kids the concept of letting go (donating toys to other kids, making room for new things, the importance of experiences vs material objects, etc.)
  • When to fix/mend vs when to trash (being realistic with yourself – are you really going to mend those pants/fix that toy? If no, let it go., How to mend kids clothes, how to fix kids toys, Including your kids in fixing things, teaching kids how to sew, etc.)
  • Including kids in spring cleaning (how to make it fun, how to make it a family experience, what products are safe for kids to use, what should kids be responsible for, implementing chore charts, etc.)

Home Decor Bloggers – Sprucing up your living space.

  • DIY’s (make your old furnishings new again: refinishing wood surfaces, painting floors/walls/furniture, making seat covers, making slip covers for couches/chairs, etc.)
  • Cleaning surfaces (eco-friendly cleaning products, best smelling cleaning products, best products for cleaning hardwood floors, carpets, upholstery, glass, etc.)
  • When to go pro (where to draw the line between do it yourself and take it to a pro, best reupholsters in your town, best carpet cleaners in your town, hiring a cleaning service, etc.)

Tech Bloggers – Clean up your computer.

  • Clean up your desktop (what applications and files should be on your desktop, how to eliminate desktop clutter, etc.)
  • Best practices for file storage (pros & cons of external hard drives, best external hard drive, backing up your files: making it routine, incorporating it into your schedule, organizational ideas for storing files: best practices for naming files & folders, etc.)
  • Best new products for keeping your computer clean (new/best applications, new/best concepts, new/best products to keep your computer’s exterior/keyboard/screen/etc. clean, etc.)

Did we miss your niche?

Spring cleaning can really be applied to just about any niche, if I missed your niche let me know in the comments below! I am happy to help you brainstorm Spring Cleaning Post Ideas for you and your niche. Got other Spring Cleaning Post Ideas not mentioned here? We’d love for you to share! Go ahead and post them below in the comments. Also, consider this a great opportunity for a post series. You could easily draw this out into a 2 or 3 part series! And as always, feel free to tweet at me @katiepetix or @blogtrends, we love talking to you!




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