Best Ways to Reach your Audience

So you want to captivate your readers?  That’s a great plan, but you need readers first!  It’s easier said than done, of course.  What’s the best way to reach your audience?

Know yourself! Understanding who you are and what your blog represents will help you immensely.  It will help you market yourself to the proper audience.  Ask a friend or a family member to look at your blog and give their description of what it’s about.  It will give you a great idea of what you can focus on and what you can cut out.  You first want to make sure you represent what you aim to.

Get to know them!  As we have recommended before, think of yourself as a business.  Who is your customer/reader?  What are the demographics? What type of lifestyle do they live?  Knowing your reader is crucial in your success of finding them!  Do some research about your readers.  This can be easily done through Google Analytics.  Most commenters have an online presence, either through their own blog or social media.  You can also ask your readers a little bit about themselves in a post.  It will help your blog to be more tailored to who you’re speaking to and definitely more personable!

Reach out!  Don’t think that your readers will automatically come to you.  Unfortunately it doesn’t happen that way.  You have to make an effort to get their attention.  Get on twitter and find people with common interests.  Read other blogs similar to yours and make a connection.  Join Bloglovin’, Fashiolista, and Chictopia.  It’s a great source of fashion lovers and people who love blogs!  Lastly, don’t limit your efforts soley to the internet. Parties, work, and even your daily commute offers a chance to find new readers.  Lastly, look at bigger blogs that offer advertising space.  Usually it is pretty affordable (around $30-50 per month) and offers great exposure to like-minded readers.

Get tech!  Another way is to be technical about finding your readers.  Read up on SEO (search engine optimization) and learn how to best use keywords, terms, and titles to your advantage.  One part of this involves your online presence.  If you are a part of 5-10 groups, such a Twitter and Facebook, your blog name will rank higher in search engines, such as Google or Bing.  The more you are a part of, the more your name is out there and easy to be found.

The most important thing to do is to stay positive.  Finding your audience is not an overnight success.  It takes quite a while to develop your blog and capture your readers.  It takes even longer to establish a strong relationship with them.  Remember that it’s a journey meant to be enjoyed and not a task to cross off the list.  While you’re there, you’ll meet great people, loyal readers, and possibly some wonderful friends!

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